Top 17 best mobile co-op games on Android and iOS

Top 17 best mobile co-op games on Android and iOS

We're back today with the top 17 best mobile co-op games released on Android and iOS. Here at JeuMobi, we've picked out some of the great classics, as well as some not-to-be-missed nuggets. From two-player mobile games to online, freemium and premium mobile co-op games, there's something for everyone.

The 17 best mobile co-op games to try out on Android and iOS

If you're looking for a mobile co-op game to enjoy an evening out with friends or as a couple, you've come to the right place! JeuMobi has selected the best mobile co-op games on Android and iOS, from RPGs to sandboxes, strategy games and puzzles.

You'll find local or online mobile co-op games in this top list, to choose from according to your preferences. Immerse yourself in this list of the best titles to play together.


Gunfire Reborn, the best mobile co-op game

Gunfire Reborn Icon
Gunfire Reborn
  • Heroes with unique abilities
  • Online co-op for up to 4 players
  • Dynamic atmosphere and colourful AD
  • A wide variety of builds

Let's kick off our list of top mobile games with Gunfire Reborn. A little gem of action, shooting and roguelite, Gunfire Reborn features multiple heroes with unique abilities. You'll need to equip yourself with random weapons and armour to create original builds and survive procedural levels.

Whether playing solo or in a team of up to 4 players, Gunfire Reborn will win you over with its colourful DA and dynamic action game atmosphere. Explode your screen with your mates in this must-have mobile game.

The shooting feels great and the variety of builds is exhilarating, so there's plenty to keep you going for hours on end. I'd still advise you to play it with the controller for optimum gameplay. This title, one of the top 1 best mobile co-op games, is available for $5.99 on Playstore and an extra euro on Appstore.



Mysterium icon
  • An excellent adaptation of the board game of the same name
  • A focus on teamwork
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Online co-op

You might not think about it enough, but the collection of board games available on mobile phones is impressive. In fact, there are too many to recommend. In second place in our list of the best mobile games for co-op is Mysterium! This asymmetric co-op game sends you into a manor haunted by a ghost. All but one of the players in the game take on the role of psychics, who try to make contact with the ghost over the course of an evening, in order to free him. The last player plays the ghost directly. The ghost is haunted by his brutal death by murder and has to get the psychics to guess the circumstances of his death, including a culprit, a location and a weapon, in a slightly Cluedo vibe.

To do this, the ghost is not allowed to speak. He can only communicate with strange images reminiscent of Dixit cards, and it's up to the psychics to interpret them correctly. There's plenty of fun to be had, teamwork is at its best and you can really change the atmosphere of the game or the difficulty of the game when you change ghosts.

Mysterium, undoubtedly one of the highest quality mobile co-op games, is available for $3.50 on store shelves.


PewPew Live

pewpew live icon
PewPew Live
  • An exciting neon-based atmosphere
  • Game designed for LAN (local co-op)
  • 5 different game modes
  • Takes up no space on your phone

If you're sensitive, be sure to cover your eyes to avoid an epileptic seizure! PewPew Live, top 3 of the best mobile co-op games, promises neon wirframe graphics with a great atmosphere and shooting in all directions. Play solo or in co-op on your local network, climb the leaderboard and take out anything that crosses your path in 5 different game modes.

PewPew Live is clearly an action-packed experience, making it one of the best mobile co-op games around. And the game doesn't take up any space on your phone. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, it's a great way to pass the time, and you can use the controller to make PewPew Live even smoother. You don't have to bother with a story that serves no purpose. Here, you just shoot and you're done.


Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck icon
Goose Goose Duck
  • A game of betrayal that works well in online co-op
  • Multiple roles possible
  • Accessible to all players, even the most casual

For this top list, we've avoided competitive games. But we're going to make a small exception for mobile co-op games involving treachery, which work just as well with randoms as with your friends in an asymmetrical co-op formula. Such is the case with Goose Goose Duck. Enter a world of social deduction between little geese to unmask ugly ducks. And it's free!

We could also have offered you other mobile games like Among Us, which enjoyed unprecedented hype during the lock-in, where you'll have to con your girlfriends in voice chat by turning their brains inside out with your best mythos. Multiply your roles from a roster of 50 possibilities, discover 9 maps, 6 game modes and an adorable AD for your private or public games. It's undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile co-op games, even today.

What's more, if you're not afraid of matchmaking with randoms, Knight's Edge is an excellent free-to-play option with Archero-style gameplay, but played as a trio in competition with another trio. Wild Rift is the JeuMobi team's choice for MOBAs, and there are plenty of excellent multiplayer games where you can form a team with your friends against other players from all over the world. In fact, if you like this kind of game, we've got a top list of the best mobile MOBAs for you!


Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat icon
Human Fall Flat
  • Improbable but funny physics
  • A well thought-out puzzle game
  • An adventure for up to 4 players in online co-op
  • WTF situation generator

With its unlikely physics and puzzling level design, Human Fall Flat is an ideal candidate for this top Android and iOS mobile games co-op. Become a white bubblegum man, or a colourful one if you want to customise it, and set off to conquer the original worlds of this platformer. From snowy peaks to futuristic puzzles, great adventures await you, solo or in co-op for up to 4 players.

There's no single way to progress through the levels. But you'll need to combine your skill, your sense of timing and your brain to reach the end of each environment. Unlock outfits and create WTF situations with your mates in Human Fall Flat, which is available for £6.50 on stores. The game is also part of the Apple Arcade subscription, and the next instalment, Human Fall Flat 2, is already in development.


8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool icon
8 Ball Pool
  • One of the most popular games of all time
  • Online co-op or 1V1 local co-op
  • A host of technical challenges

Surely one of the best-known mobile games in the world, and one of the best mobile co-op games, 8BallPool has left its mark on so many players. It's an easy choice for this top because even if you're not co-op with your friends, you can have private games and take them one by one at the pool table.

Practice, customise the cue and take on little technical challenges to dominate the mobile pool game with your mates. It's free and almost legendary in terms of smartphone gaming, one of the best mobile co-op games, so give it a go.


Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom icon
Underground Blossom
  • The game from the best-selling Rusty Lake licence
  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Point-n-click multiplayer

Head for the underground with Underground Blossom, the game from Rusty Lake. This opus in the successful puzzle game series brings the creepy atmosphere of hand-drawn locations to multiplayer. It's a unique game in a sea of copies. If you like atmospheric storytelling and puzzling, you'll love Underground Blossom and indeed the whole Rusty Lake series, which are some of the best mobile games and puzzlers around.

Visit Laura Vanderboom's memories in the depths of the metro that links her past, present and future in several timelines. In this point-and-click adventure, solve puzzles and trace the life of a new member of the mysterious Vanderboom family. The game is available immediately on Google Play and Appstore for €3.60.

In the same category, Tick Tock, A Tale for Two invites you to solve puzzles in multiplayer mode, for $3.40. Two of you on 2 screens, each of you will only see part of the puzzle, as in the We Were Here games, and you'll have to communicate to achieve the right result together.



Minecraft icon
  • A monument to video games
  • Survival or creative mode, solo or online co-op
  • A sandbox with almost limitless possibilities

Welcome to a world of voxels, where everything can be done with blocks. Do we really need to introduce Minecraft, this monument to video games and one of the best mobile co-op games? From single-player survival to unlimited creative mode and the hundreds of ultra-original servers you can explore, Minecraft is still our number one favourite. The worlds you visit are randomly generated or hand-crafted by other ambitious players who are terraforming their server. Everyone can play Minecraft in a different way, which makes it probably one of the greatest sandbox mobile co-op games. Explore biomes, hunt creatures, craft into the night, go on adventures or build a base or a crazy mini-game.

You can do almost anything with a bit of effort and ingenuity. You can try out the demo for free on Trial Minecraft , or pay $2.20 for access to the full original game.


Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel icon
Soul Knight Prequel
  • A Chibi universe to discover on your own or with friends in online co-op
  • A huge range of build options
  • Loot, loot and more loot

In 9th place among the best mobile games is Soul Knight Prequel. Despite a more than chaotic launch, Soul Knight Prequel has bounced back well and managed to carry on the Soul Knight torch with flying colours. This pixel-art action-RPG invites you into its chibi universe, alone or with your friends, in search of as much loot as possible.

Go on an adventure with your pet. Learn to create crazy synergies in your build and slaughter anything that crosses your path thanks to a host of hybrid classes and skills. Loot everything in your path to choose from over 900 pieces of equipment and create your perfect stuff. You can also chill out in the village and do some gardening, just to ease the tension after days of waiting for Soul Knight Prequel to come back online on Android and iOS.

It's free, it's beautiful and it's punchy, so we're in.


Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors icon
Vampire Survivors
  • A title that left its mark on the JV world
  • Local co-op for up to 4 players in landscape mode
  • Various gameplay options

There are some hits that leave their mark on the history of video games. Vampire Survivors is one of them. This bullet heaven roguelike is a combo of retro, visual explosion and controlled progression curve that will appeal to those who like a balanced challenge. And you can enjoy it both solo and in multiplayer for up to 4 players in landscape mode.

In the game, your character fires salvos of projectiles, each more deadly than the last, to bring down the hordes of enemies charging at him.

Your job is to position your hero correctly, avoid dying and collect power ups. Stay on your run as long as possible and keep your upgrades Rogue Legacy-style. Define your style of play by choosing your favourite weapon, such as a cross, the Bible, a magic wand or your best garlic clove.

Vampire Survivors, one of the best mobile co-op games around, boasts a host of interesting features and becomes as accessible as it is addictive when you have fun switching between portrait and landscape mode when it's most convenient. Survival has never been so tense, and it's even available offline, free of charge.


Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 icon
Bloons TD 6
  • Original and enhanced content from Bloons TD
  • Online co-op for up to 4 players in private or public games
  • Crazy challenges devised by players

We continue our list of the best mobile co-op games on Android and iOS with the excellent Bloons TD 6, which is also available in a Netflix edition at no extra cost for players who subscribe to the SVOD service.

This new edition shares the excellence of Bloons TD with its fundamental features. Choose your heroes and towers carefully to defend your path and complete the various levels. Develop your arsenal with the tree of knowledge and learn to master the subtleties of your firepower. You can play solo online or offline, or in co-op with up to 4 players in public or private games.

And to enjoy the game of Ninja kiwi, you get rid of ads and in-app purchases as this version only requires a standard Netflix subscription. Go and discover the original and improved content of Bloons TD 6 Netflix or the completely crazy challenges devised by players by testing out creations from the community on Android and iOS.

For strategy, there's also The Battle of Polytopia, a more traditional way of developing your civilisation that can also be played in multiplayer mode if you want to share it with your mates.


Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm icon
Juicy Realm
  • An original fruity post-apocalyptic world
  • A world to explore with friends
  • Really cute AD

Humans have just been downgraded. He has lost so many points on the food chain that plants and animals are all a danger to him. The creatures have merged and mutated together to take over the world. And you play a fighter sent to test the army's powerful new weapons against this threat. Now you're in hostile territory and must rely on your firepower to survive in this RPG.

Destroy fruit smoothies, unlock stuff and build your base to fend off the weird bugs.

But when the challenge gets too much, you don't have to face it alone. Invite your friends into the game and explore even more fruity regions. Juicy Realm, one of the best mobile co-op games, is a fun, dynamic and really cute adventure to share without moderation and available for $3.30 on stores.


Portal Knights

Portal Knights icon
Portal Knights
  • Minecraft meets RPG
  • A wealth of in-game possibilities
  • Local play for up to 3 mobile players

If you like Minecraft and RPGs, the perfect combination is Portal Knights, 13th in this top list of mobile games. Become a knight of the portal in this 3D co-op world. Destroy the world around you, crack your weapons and rebuild a base in the world of your choice. Each island is procedurally generated. Attack bosses and cute creatures, meet locals and put them in jail if you've got nothing better to do. It's the adventure of all possibilities.

You can share the adventure with 3 other mobile buddies by playing on the same local network. Play in the language of your choice with a controller or touchscreen to get the most out of Portal Knights' immersion for $5.50.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley icon
Stardew Valley
  • Hundreds of hours of content to discover
  • One of the best life simulators
  • Adorable AD
  • Online co-op via the dedicated mod

A little more surprising for our selection of the best co-op games is Stardew Valley. A farming simulator with a retro look, it lets you look after animals and fields, as well as going fishing, exploring the surrounding area or forming relationships with NPCs.

If you've already tried it out on your phone, you'll know that multiplayer isn't available on Android and iOS. But the good news is that your little corner of paradise can be shared. Just use the dedicated mod!

The game incorporates RPG components and a management system, making it a complete title with a long lifespan.

After phenomenal success for an independent game on PC and consoles, Stardew Valley arrived on mobile in 2019 at a price of €4.90 and is positioned as one of the best mobile co-op games.



Terraria icon
  • The essence of the open-world sandbox
  • A limitless world to discover in online co-op
  • A Minecraft-like side view

This title from 505 Games is the very essence of the open-world sandbox. All pixel art in side view, Terraria is a clever mix of survival, combat, exploration, crafting and construction in complete freedom. Its world is truly limitless, thanks to procedural generation. It brings together deep caverns, ruins, snowy plains, forests and thousands of unique environments.

Using certain items, you can even fly through its environments vertically in single-player or multiplayer. Build your own town to expand the game's scenery as you wish, or even mines in search of lost treasure.

In this ultra-original open world, you'll also need to collect resources, weapons and armour to go into battle and defeat the game's bosses. Terraria is obviously reminiscent of other mobile co-op games, especially Minecraft, with a side view that's superbly adapted to the mobile format, which I recommend you try out if you haven't yet given the game a go.

Terraria is available on Android and iOS for $5.50. And for even more open world games, check out our top open world mobile games!



Northgard icon
  • A good strategy game
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Co-op and FFA available

Valhalla is just around the corner. Listen to the foghorns and sharpen your weapons for battle in Northgard, a strategy game priced at $6 and ranked 16th in this top mobile games co-op list. We've also got a list of the best mobile strategy games for you!

In Northgard, choose your clan and lead it to glory in the lands of Northgard. You start with the story mode after the king's assassination.

Deploy all your forces in conquest, exploration and combat to survive the cold northern winter. You must manage your resources and build a colony using all your craftsmen in the various trades. There's no limit to the number of ways you can win, whether you're playing solo or in multiplayer mode with up to 6 players. If you're with friends, there's co-op and FFA on the programme if you've got 6 euros to spend.



Crashlands icon
  • A good time with friends guaranteed with the local co-op
  • A WTF story to discover
  • A good combat and craft system

Crashlands 2 announced for mobile and PC, and we're turning to the first opus to keep us waiting. Crashlands is guaranteed to be a good time. Crafting and combat are the order of the day in the wilderness.

Secrets, bosses, animals, construction, and the WTF story of a truck derailment that turns into a full-scale conflict. The planet Wonanope is full of surprises. And in all this wildlife, you can domesticate critters and craft over 500 objects.

Available for $7.50, Crashlands takes you on a journey of parallel stories and WTF deliveries.

But what exactly are mobile co-op games?

Cooperative mobile games, also known as mobile co-op games, feature a mode that allows several players to join in a single game. In most titles of this kind, the aim of the multiplayer (or co-op) mode is to help each other achieve an objective: defeating a boss, collecting resources, crafting items, and so on.

There are two versions of mobile games with friends. The first is local co-op mobile games, a multiplayer mode involving a degree of proximity between players. We recommend this type of multiplayer if you're looking for mobile games for two, to be played as a couple, for example. Online co-op mobile games simply require an internet connection and your own game. You can then play with friends, wherever they are in the world.

Mobile co-op games also come in a wide range of genres: survival games, RPGs, strategy games, puzzle games, etc. There really is something for everyone, and we've tried to give you as wide a selection as possible. What's more, if you're looking for a massively multiplayer RPG, you can take a look at our top mobile MMORPGs!

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