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gaming accessories for phones

Are you looking to improve your smartphone gaming experience? Good, you've come to the right place! Because many smartphone gamers are looking to enhance their gaming experience, we've written a comprehensive article on the best gaming accessories for smartphones.
Here, you will find only gaming equipment which we find relevant and believe brings real added value to the players. As true portable gaming consoles, smartphones are lacking in a number of areas: ergonomics/handling, storage capacity, battery power, and more. So let's fix that right away with this buying guide! ⤵️

Bluetooth controllers (wireless): essential gaming accessories for smartphones

What could be more frustrating than playing an FPS on a mobile phone without a controller? Let's face it, if you want to perform on a mobile game, you have to switch to a controller at some point. Not all smartphone games are suitable for this. However, for racing games, FPS, adventure games, actiongames, fighting games, and more, a controller is a real must. If you play online games in competitive mode, you'll need to be able to handle it well and even surpass your opponents.

Several styles of controllers are available on the market to turn your smartphone into a real portable console. But, be careful not to choose just anything as your gaming accessory. That's why this buying guide is based on 2 essential selection criteria:

✅ Criteria number 1: Wireless controllers that connect via Bluetooth. Practical and efficient.
✅ Criteria number 2: "Independent" controllers and not controllers that are attached to the phone on either side of the screen (which we find neither practical, ergonomic nor efficient).

Xbox Series X: the ultimate smartphone gaming accessory

The joystick Xbox Series X is the latest gaming controller from Microsoft. It really combines all the expected criteria. The regular features of standard  Xbox controllers are not at loss, since ergonomics remain identical to previous controllers. As a little extra, it is possible to buy an extra rechargeable kit, with a rechargeable battery and USB-C cable.

Xbox Series X Controller
Controller Xbox Series X
Gaming accessories Xbox Series X controller

✅ We like:

  • modernized design ;
  • non-slip surfaces on triggers;
  • new multi-directional cross ;
  • minimum latency for competitive games ;
  • ergonomics and handling.

Compatible: Xbox One, Xbos Series S, Xbox Series X; PC (Windows); Android; iOS.

8BitDo SN30 Pro+: best value for money/polyvalence

The 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is a reference in terms of versatility! It is compatible with multiple platforms! The setting is very intuitive and no synchronization problems have been found. The grip is very well thought out, perfectly ergonomic. It works on a USB-C rechargeable battery and allows you to play for a good twenty hours before it is recharged again (allow about 4 hours for a full charge). This is a controller that will please all types of mobile gamers (and not only)!

8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Controller
8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Controller
8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Controller

✅ We like:

  • improved vibration ;
  • 6-axis gyro sensor;
  • look Nintendo ;
  • very nice buttons;
  • handling and ergonomics.

Compatible: Nintendo Switch; PC (Windows); Android; Mac; Raspberry Pi.

SteelSeries Stratus Duo: a very good choice

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is a gamer controller that meets the needs of gamers brilliantly. Practical, robust and versatile, it is a great investment.

However, thelack of vibration is a bit of a shame and the price is perhaps a bit high compared to the Xbox Series X. It runs on a micro USB rechargeable battery and its battery allows for 20 hours of play time before needing to be recharged.

Gaming accessories Steelseries Stratus Duo controller
SteelSeries Stratus Duo Controller
Steelseries Stratus Duo Controller

✅ We like:

  • micro USB rechargeable battery;
  • strength ;
  • symmetrical joysticks ;
  • Battery display (4 LEDs on the front).

Compatible: Android; PC (Windows); Oculus Go; Samsung Gear VR.

💡 Please note: the Stratus is not compatible with iOS! So if you play on iPhone, iPad or Mac, we recommend the appropriate model, the SteelSeries Nimbus controller.

Useful gaming accessories for phone gaming

Let's now look at some very useful phone gaming accessories. Sinceautonomy and memory are often limited, I think it is essential to offer you something to increase the storage capacity of your smartphone and to extend your playing time with an external battery. In addition, for practicality, we have selected supports for joysticks and phones.
For each of these gaming equipments, we naturally want to offer you the best possible quality/price ratio, so as not to make the bill too high.
Your gaming phone has already required a certain financial investment.

Phone/handheld holder: for more comfortable play

To make your phone gaming sessions more convenient, you can opt for a stand. It's a kind of clip that attaches to your controller and grafts your smartphone onto it. Here too, you need to choose the right model, because the ergonomics are not always well thought out and this gaming accessory can be less practical than it seems.
Indeed, if your phone's lock buttons are located on the side, some clamps can press on them and thus turn off your mobile. Not very practical... On the other hand, the counterweight generated by the smartphone (if you have a large, heavy phone) can quickly tire your wrists. You should therefore choose a sturdy and tiltable stand.

The Jovitec Clip Controller is one of the best. It's inexpensive, fully compatible with the Xbox Series X and SteelSeries Stratus Duo and Nimbus controllers shown above. It is a robust gaming object and fits most smartphones.

Gaming accessories Jovitec clip controller
Jovitec Clip Controller

Even cheaper and very efficient, the Moulis Controller Holder! It too is compatible with the controllers mentioned above. It has a 160° angle to allow you to adapt the inclination of your screen. It is solid and fits all phones, even the largest (Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra, for example). A very good smartphone accessory!

Gaming accessories Moulis controller holder
Moulis Controller Holder

External battery: to extend your gaming session

If you play on your phone 100% at home, you can do without an external battery (although...). But once you're playing outside, most mobile games make your battery go up in smoke in a very short time (I couldn't part with my external battery when I released Pokémon Go...).
Anyway, even if you are at home, the wall socket may not be easily accessible or your cable is not long enough. So a portable battery is a great gaming accessory to have. When you're looking for an external battery, you should obviously look for the best battery life/price ratio. That's what we offer you!

Anker Power Core Essential external battery - gaming accessories

The most popular external battery is the Anker PowerCore Essential. With a high capacity of 20,000 mAh and PowerIQ technology, it allows you to charge your phone an average of 5 times and 20% faster!

You can charge 2 devices at the same time thanks to these 2 USB ports. We haven't found a better quality/price/performance ratio, which is why we are only offering this one!
Buy with your eyes closed!

MicroSD: for (almost) unlimited game storage

Only Android phones will be able to benefit from a storage extension! Indeed, the iPhone does not allow the addition of a MicroSD memory card. This will be very useful for Android game collectors with overflowing game libraries. With an SD card with a large storage capacity, there will be no more hesitation about downloading even the largest games!

There are several storage capacities available on SD cards, but keep in mind that there are 3 standards: microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC which define the maximum storage capacity allowed, respectively 2GB, 32GB and 2TB. Of course, the more gigabytes of storage you have, the more games you can accumulate without running out of space. There are several brands, the best of which are Samsung and Sandisk.

➡️ The Samsung Evo+ 256GB MicroSD card is excellent.
➡️ We also recommend the Sandisk Extreme 512GB.

I would advise you to start with a MicroSD card of at least 256 GB and ideally 512 GB (especially if, in addition to playing games, you take photos and videos). To give you an idea, a large mobile game can quickly grow to 2 GB and more.

Cheap gaming accessories: discreet and practical

Here are some useful gadgets for smartphones that are as fun as they are practical, to turn your phone into a real portable console. Saving space and ensuring discretion, it's ideal for playing on public transport (among other things)!

phone holder for playingAll-in-one controller/phone holder
- ideal for FPS and Battle Royale (PUBG, Fortnite)
- integrated triggers
- cooling fan
- 2,000 mAh external battery
Triggers to play on your phoneTriggers for phone gaming
- easy to use with index fingers
- great accuracy when shooting
- do not block the view of the game
- stay firmly attached to the screen
Joystick for playing on the phoneJoystick for smartphone
- ergonomic, finger-friendly
- easy to install thanks to small suction cups
- more immersive gaming experience
- compatible with all games, instant response

Finally, just a word about the Bluetooth gaming headsets that are not included in this buying guide. This is deliberate. Firstly because wireless headsets are not specifically gaming accessories for phones, they can obviously be used on multiple platforms. Secondly, because there are far too many of them to give them just a little space in an already comprehensive article.

We hope you find these tips useful and that you can quickly enjoy an optimized gaming experience ! Enjoy the game 😉

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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