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Luna Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

Luna Epic Seven Guide

The RPG Epic Seven is home to many heroes who all have unique profiles and skills. Everyone is free to put together their own team as they see fit, but it is true that some heroes are more powerful than others. For example, Luna, the half-dragon, is a highly coveted character. Keep her carefully if you have the chance to summon her. She has one of the best DPS single-target in the game, so avoid using her as a promotional tool. To maximize the power of this warrior, follow our Luna Epic Seven guide!

Luna Epic Seven invocation
"My destiny, my loyalty, my horns... I offer you everything"

Luna the ice warrior who should not be overheated

Luna is a very popular character in Epic Seven. She can be obtained via classic summons but, like all 5-star characters, she is not easy to obtain. This ice warrior is of the astrological sign of the scales. She has a very complete profile which allows her to be effective in most modes. Indeed, her huge DPS single-target is just as useful in PvE against bosses as in PvP against players. If you follow our Epic Seven Guide, Luna can quickly become the queen of one-shots.

Basic powerAwakened power
CP11 18917 097
Attack7131 119
Life4 2676 266
Critical opportunity15 %15 %
Critical damage150 %150 %
Double attack5 %5 %
Effectiveness effects00
Resistance effects00

The Luna memory imprint gives bonuses in critical hit chance: 4.8% / 7.2% / 9.6% / 12% and 14.4%. However, we don't have any specific advice or guide on how to improve your Luna chances! 😅

How to awaken the power of Luna?

As we all know, a hero in Epic Seven needs to be fully awake in order to unfold his full power. For Luna, the following resources are needed:

Runes of frostMajor Frost RunesEpic Frost RunesReignar student cardsDreamtime tours

There is no secret to finding the different frost runes. Go to the dedicated spirit shrine. This is the most direct way, even if some missions or events can also give you some runes. For the catalysts, , you will have to work hard. Dreamtime Circuits can be picked up in levels 6-9 / 7-4 / 7-5 / C4-9 or purchased in the PA 26 / 7 / C4 Shop. For Reignar Student Cards, go to levels HR2-2 / HR2-3 / HR2-6 / HR2-9 or buy them in the PA HR2 Shop.

Luna Epic Seven frost runes

In order to improve its skills to the maximum you will also need specific resources.

GoldMolaGoraMolaGoraGoMysterious FlashReignar student cards
528 000330366

How to equip Luna?

Luna is a damage-oriented ice warrior. She is a bit fragile and not very fast, but she makes up for it with her big DPS single-target. There's no need to try and negate her weaknesses with equipment, just try to make her strengths even stronger.

What build for Luna?

There are naturally two main choices for building Luna. But there is a common denominator: critical luck in secondary set. This stat is very important, but as Luna gains it with her skills, there is no need to put it in the main set.

  • Solution 1: Attack (x4) + Critical chance (x2): for maximum damage and increased one-shot chance
  • Solution 2: Life theft (x4) + Critical chance (x2): the choice of regeneration allows Luna to be more solid in the adventure against the bosses. However, she loses a little bit of damage which is a pity in PvP
  • Solution 3: Speed (x4) + Critical chance (x2): an alternative choice that makes up for Luna's lack of speed.

What artifact for Luna?

For the artifact, the Draconic Plate is surely the most sensible and effective choice. The item gives the little critical luck the character lacks and also allows him to tank better. Nevertheless, it is a 5-star item, which can be hard to obtain and to improve. The 4-star Ironcutter artifact may be a viable fallback, especially if you don't equip Luna with speed.

Luna Epic Seven artefact
An artefact that fits him like a glove.

This is the end of the Luna Epic Seven guide. For the lucky ones who managed to get it, we hope you'll find it useful. For the rest of us, we hope it didn't make you salivate with envy!

For those who want to go even further in mastering characters, check out our other Epic Seven Hero Guides ! 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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