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Lilias Epic Seven Guide | Build and Stats

Lilias Epic Seven Guide

There is no shortage of heroes in the RPG Epic Seven. With their unique profiles and skills, more than one hero is worth a look. Everyone is free to put together their own team as they see fit, but it's true that some characters are more powerful than others.
Lilias, a member of the Perlutia royal family, certainly gave you a hard time in the second chapter of the adventure. With her complete kit of offensive and defensive assets, she can be part of your team if you are lucky enough to summon her. She is not the strongest hero in the game individually, but she brings a lot of added value to your team.
Among her assets: barrier, provocation, zone debuff or double attack. Very useful in PvP as well as in PvE!
To optimise the power of this proud fire knight, follow our Lilias Epic Seven guide!

Lilias Epic Seven invocation
"I am Lilias, from the Perlutia family. I'm sure you've heard of us."

Lilias, the patroness of her city

Lilias doesn't exactly have a soft heart in Epic Seven. She has an inflexible personality, is not the type to joke around, and gives her enemies and subordinates a hard time. She has one of the most complete profiles in the game, both in terms of her stats and her skills. Very versatile, she offers a lot of strategic possibilities. This Swiss Army knife lacks a bit of specialisation, but its versatility is still very useful to fill the holes in your team.

Basic powerAwakened power
CP11 82417 219
Life4 6206 751
Critical opportunity15 %15 %
Critical damage150 %150 %
Double attack5 %5 %
Effectiveness effects00
Resistance effects00

Lilias ' memory print gives a bonus to attack of 4.3% / 6.4% / 8.6% / 10.7% / 12.9%. This is a welcome boost.

How to awaken the power of Lilias?

In order to benefit from the full power of Lilias, you need to fully awaken this fire knight. To do this, collect the following items:

Fire RunesMajor Fire RunesEpic Fire RunesBlessings of OrbisNightmare mask

To find the runes, go to the appropriate Spirit Shrine first, although some missions may also provide you with some. There is not much choice for catalysts. The Blessings of Orbis can be found in levels 1 / 7 / C2S and the Masks of Nightmare in level HR6 only. They can also be bought in the shops on these levels for AP.

Lilias Epic Seven rune

In order to improve its skills to the maximum you will also need specific resources.

GoldMolaGoraMolaGoraGoNightmare maskPath Power Loops
544 000135730

How to equip Lilias?

This is where this Lilias Epic Seven guide gets a little tricky. There is not only one way to equip the character. The hero can be assigned several roles and must be equipped accordingly.

What build for Lilias?

The advantage of being complete is that this hero has no obvious weakness to fill or hide. Without any particular predisposition, we can imagine Lilias with many different builds. However, some versions seem to be relatively more effective than others.
You can either rely on her speed, in order to multiply double attacks, or on the destruction set to increase the damage of her critical hits.

  • Solution 1 : Speed (x4) and Immunity (x2): the most utilitarian build that allows Lilias to multiply. Can be played with life in secondary set
  • Solution 2 : Destruction (x4) and Life (x2): it is the build which will emphasize most the damage of Lilias. But generally one prefers to make him play a secondary role rather than the principal role.

What artifact for Lilias?

Most players will have Lilias play a utilitarian role. In this case, you should focus on the Aurius artifact, exclusive to knights. This allows you to be even more indispensable to your team, since part of the damage suffered by your other heroes is redirected to Lilias, who increases their defence at the same time. What a model partner! The other solution is to give her the Justice for All artifact. It's a bit RNG but never disappoints.

Lilias Epic Seven artefact
Behind the shield!

This is the end of this Lilias Epic Seven guide ! We hope that despite her unyielding nature, this fiery character will have melted your heart.

For those who still want more, check out our Epic Seven Hero Guide and become unbeatable 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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