Mobile Games News Recap #100

Recap of the mobile games of the week March 2023 n2 number 100

Discover our weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS issue #100! On the agenda this week: the release date of Peridot, the global release of SW Chronicles, the launch of the RPG Angry Birds Kingdom, the arrival of an Animal Crossing-like game called Utopia No.8 and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

War Thunder Mobile pre-registration opens

The war simulation game War Thunder Mobile goes on pre-registration this week. Whether you're a fan of story quests and explosions or a regular War Thunder player on PC, you're bound to find something to your liking in this phone port.

War Thunder Mobile pre-registration on phone

At the same time as this announcement, the game takes the opportunity to change its name from War Thunder Edge. Get your tanks, planes and warships ready as the release of the game should not be long in coming!

Peridot release date announced

Second big news of this recap: the release date of Peridot, the next Niantic game in augmented reality. Before you get too excited, I'd rather go through a little disclaimer. The game is coming soon on Android and iOS, after several phases of test in Asia and Scandinavia. You might think that this is a guarantee of quality, but the reality is far from the cute, colorful and revolutionary trailers of this virtual tamagotchi in augmented reality.

I'm thinking of adding the term diminished reality to the gaming vocabulary dictionary to describe the visual shame of the gameplay compared to the trailers, but I'll wait for your opinion in the comments. On screen, the creatures glitch, their body deforms weirdly and Niantic adds a lot of useless visual elements on screen to cover the lack of interest of its current technology.

When it's released on May 9th, Peridot will still offer more features than Pikmin Bloom since your Dots will be able to grow up peacefully if you take care of their food, their sleep and their need to play. You will also be able to send them to dig and fetch the ball, even if the visual result is really ugly. I don't know what the devs at Niantic are up to, but the design of the Dots is clearly something to be reviewed. And if you prefer real animals, you can always collect images of natural wildlife with the INPNEspecies app to fill your regional Pokédex with wild animals IRL.

Release of the MMORPG SW Chronicles

Many of you were waiting for the release of Summoners War Chronicles in French and worldwide. On Thursday, you could join the liebli server with a tsunami of players from the French community. This colorful MMORPG invites you to explore the world of Summoners War in 3D like never before.

Summoners War Chronicles released worldwide

Despite some dated mechanics and a million loaded menus for new players, if you know the SW license, you will be drowned by fan service and an interesting adaptation of Sky Arena features. The continents to discover form an effervescent and cute world. Unfortunately, the game quickly becomes automatic and will only require you to occasionally click on a quest or do a dungeon by hand.

The clipping of other players in groups is quite weird visually and the servers are quite limited in terms of player capacity per channel, with a maximum of 50 players. Still, I'm going to give Summoners War Chronicles a chance and enjoy the adventure a bit more, so join us on the liebli server!

Playstation is afraid that Microsoft will give it a deliberately worse version of Call of Duty

The potential buyout of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft, currently being evaluated by several competition regulators, is getting more and more loaded with twists and turns. While the Redmond firm is offering a nice image by proposing a 10-year access deal to Call of Duty to Nintendo and Nvidia, not everyone believes in such goodwill.

According to Sony, Microsoft is just trying to charm the regulators. For its real competitor, Sony and its Playstation, Microsoft could sabotage the Call of Duty port on PS5 and PS4. Is it really possible? We tell you everything in our dedicated article.

Angry Birds Kingdom enters soft launch in the Philippines

Taxes suck. But if taxes take away your children and doom your race to extinction, it's just too much. And the red birds of Angry Birds have decided to rebel. The evil Piggies are stealing the birds' eggs under the guise of a new mandatory egg tax. But the parents of the stolen eggs cross paths with Red, Angry Birds' iconic bird, who decides to take up arms to teach the piggies a lesson. In addition to recovering the eggs, the red birds find the strength to join forces to build a kingdom and defend their future generations.

Soft Launch Angry Birds Kingdom Screenshot Gameplay

So begins the soft launch of Angry Birds Kingdom, the RPG from Rovio Entertainment that is being progressively launched in some countries like the Philippines. The game looks as nice as it is pleasant to play, with tactical but short fights and a bonus system per run inspired by roguelites like Archero. We can't wait to discover the game in the rest of the world, and if you're interested in this title, arm yourself with your best VPN or find more ABK gameplay in our dedicated article.

7th anniversary of Clash Royale and Lords Mobile

It's the 100th recap this week, but it's also the 7th anniversary of 2 behemoths of mobile gaming. First Clash Royale celebrates its 7th birthday with the launch of the Birthday Season. The goblins are preparing a big party to help you fully customize your profile.

In addition, Lords Mobile is also celebrating 7 candles and rewarding its players with a leap into reality. On the most famous screens around the world, in New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City and Mexico City, IGG's title has decided to display its 50 best guilds to honor its most assiduous players. A nice gift for 7 years of good and loyal service.

Release of Dead by Daylight Mobile in partnership with Sadako Rising for the launch of its new version on March 15

The popular asymmetric horror game Dead by Daylight Mobile is back with a brand new version of the game scheduled for March 15. Pre-registration will close soon to allow for the launch of the game along with a crossover with Sadako Rising. This DBD x Sadako partnership brings a new Killer and an additional Survivor for an enriched gameplay in addition to being reworked.

Release of Linea: An Innerlight Game

If you prefer chill atmospheres rather than horror games, you can also discover the puzzle game Linea released this week on Android and iOS. This free title that invites you to trace the path of light combines narrative and reflection in a cocktail guaranteed 100% relaxing.

Trace luminous paths to reach the end of the levels and restore the light in varied settings and with more and more puzzling objectives. Linea is a title proposed by Infinity Games not to be missed if you need a little soothing break. I invite you to try their other games when you finish Linea since they all share this simplicity of handling with pleasant challenges of reflection.

The social game Utopia No.8 comes to mobile and PC

A new virtual world for making friends is coming soon. Indeed, inits announcement of Utopia No.8, the Happy Tomato studio reveals an online sandbox world to share with other players around the world. Customize your own personal haven, your avatar and meet other members of the game in the style of Animal Crossing: News Horizon. We tell you all about Utopia No. 8 on phone and PC in our detailed article.

Fortnite leaks show FPS mode in Chapter 4 S2

If you actively play Epic Games' Battle Royale, you never run out of content. The game modes and new additions come and go and no two are alike. In addition to creative mode, Zero Build challenge and Impostors mode, the FPS mode has had players talking a lot.

We learn this week thanks to Fortnite leaks that the FPS mode could land with Chapter 4 Season 2, so get ready for more action soon.

Release of Scary Hospital 2 Horror Escape

Halloween is still far away but that doesn't stop new horror games from being released on the stores. The launch of Scary Hospital 2 Horror Escape is not very impressive visually, but neither is Granny. This title picks up where the first opus left off, reaching over 500,000 downloads on Android.

Between creepy creatures, zombie nurses and inhuman experimentation rooms, Scary Hospital 2 Horror Escape challenges you to get out of a mental asylum with a story that makes no sense, but as long as the jump scares are there, I'm fine with it.

Valentino Rossi launches Moto Island, his virtual racing world

The ultra fast blue hedgehog Sonic has already had his official high speed game mode on Roblox with Sonic Speed Simulator from Sega. But another ultra-fast personality, Valentino Rossi, is following in his tire tracks with Moto island.

In collaboration with Dubit, this multiplayer racing mode featuring the Italian rider's image puts you in control of racing motorcycles in an open-world of diverse environments. Drive through cities, mountains, and seashores at high speeds in Moto Island, available now in Roblox.

The Little Nightmares mobile port, made in France, is postponed

The boarding of the haunted ship of Little Nightmares mobile has just been postponed. Playdigious, a French developer known for its quality ports to Android and iOS, announced this week that it will have to postpone the release of Little Nightmares on phone.

Little Nightmares release delayed on Android and iOS

The slightly creepy horror and puzzle game will still arrive before the end of 2023, but Playdigious needs more time to polish the port. For those in need of a dose of darkness, the horrific adventure game Parnormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo has just been released on iOS. And since it's on Square Enix's account, the game costs 15 euros off for its launch.

Launch of Weapon Master Idle and Immortal Rising in pre-registration, two idle RPGs from mobirix

On the gacha RPG side, you probably weren't very convinced by the recent release of Street Fighter: Duel. To make up for it, you can already pre-register for Weapon Master Idle or Immortal Rising, depending on which art direction you prefer.

These two titles presented by Mobirix have no release date yet. In strategic battles, explore two completely different universes, more colorful in Weapon Master Idle or more contrasted in Immortal Rising.

Release of Doctor Who: Lost in Time on Android and iOS, a new gacha

Enter the TARDIS and try to survive a plot to bring you down in Doctor Who: Lost in Time. Find iconic locations and characters from the series and gather energy to prevent the end of the universe. And if that's too much for you, go back to fighting taxes in Angry Birds Kingdom instead.

Release of Doctor Who: Lost in Time mobile on Android and iOS

Pure fan service, this game doesn't go off the beaten path with its collection of heroes, its drawn narrative passages and its use of the strong markers of the Doctor's license. But if you're a fan of the TARDIS, space time travel or incredible machinations, give Doctor Who: Lost in Time, released this week and available for free on Android and iOS, a chance.

According to leaks, HoYoverse is working on a game called Project R

Rumors of the development of a mysterious Project R have surfaced on social networks. Carried by HoYoverse, this Project R would be, according to some fans, the unfinished Project SH of last year. On Twitter, we find this screenshot that I let you decipher.

If like me you modestly speak all the languages of the world, you have obviously noticed that this is a series of R-Project copyright applications by HoYoverse. We don't really know what this mystery game is about but there is a lot of speculation. And that's normal, we have to keep ourselves busy until Honkai Star: Rail and Zenless Zone Zero are released!

Release of the puzzle game IDEA

If you are looking for an interesting game inspired by the real world, you should try the puzzle game IDEA. On real landscapes with roads, fences and buildings, roll a light bulb with physics and explore the wide world.

As you hurtle down highways, hit cars on traffic circles and bounce around, play with the game's physics to go further and further and share your destination with other players. IDEA is a simple and brilliant idea that has given life to a truly unique 4 euro game on iOS.

Street Fighter: Duel x Monster Hunter & KartRider Collaboration: Drift x Porsche and Maple Story

Despite a somewhat disappointing release last week, Street Fighter: Duel has been achieving high download figures and is looking to boost them even further with a Monster Hunter-related collaboration. This partnership brings exclusive events and rewards in addition to the new fighter Gore Magala Ken.

But on the partnership side, KartRider Drift, the latest in the license, which launches its Season 1 this week, is getting involved with Porsche and Maple Story in more crossovers. Discover new tracks, karts and original vehicles for this special collaboration.

Square Enix CEO to be replaced

By following our stories, you've learned about the closure of mobile games, especially those from Square Enix. You also know that the Japanese publisher has a tendency to offer games that have been seen and seen again, poorly translated or not translated at all, and relatively overpriced compared to the rest of the market. Carrying the flag of disappointment on its shoulders, Square Enix will finally change CEO and get rid of the current president who was a bit too much about NFTs and cryptos rather than making the right decisions.

We are waiting to see if this will change some of Square Enix's direction on mobile, although we doubt it a little. In the industry, another company is born: The Believer Company by former devs of Riot Games. The studios of Riot and Blizzard veterans are multiplying these last months and I hope we will be able to test their games soon, especially Project Skies!

Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road to be released in 2023 on iOS, Android, Switch and PS4

After Captain Tusbasa (Olive and Tom), Inazuma Eleven (and its sequel GO) continued the line of soccer anime. Today, we learn that the mobile game Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road will be released on Android and iOS in 2023 in addition to its console launch. We reveal the trailer of the game and all the information about the release of Victory Road on phones in our dedicated article.

More mobile gaming news this week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous recap #99 was about the release of ArcheAge War on mobile, the announcement of the cloud gaming MMORPG Pax Dei, the 3.5 update Genshin Impact and much more to find in our news.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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