Announcement of the MMO Pax Dei, a cross between Rust and Eve Online

Announcement of Pax Dei, a PC and mobile MMO in cloud gaming

Among the news that marked this week, the announcement of the MMO Pax Dei has caused a lot of ink to flow. For those who are fans of MMORPGs, survival and interactive worlds, it will be a pleasure to discover this European creation based on cloud gaming that will soon launch in pre-alpha.

Introducing Mainframe Studios' next game: a cross-platform MMORPG for PC and mobile

Visually much more beautiful than many other MMOs, the title is inspired by Rust for its survival elements,Eve Online for its political management and New World for some parts of its economy or its modernization of the MMORPG genre.

Announcement of Pax Dei, the MMO from Mainframe Studios

At the heart of the player-created and managed economy, according to this Pax Dei announcement, it's up to you to build a unique hamlet that you can develop and customize. Between your progression from local real estate agent to jeweler to lumberjack, you'll be able to explore the high fantasy world that connects all the hamlets and dungeons together.

By paying attention to the smallest detail, you can find puzzles directly in the game elements like books or an engraving on the inside of a ring to push you to discover the secrets of the lore and the original rewards . The goal of Pax Dei on mobile and PC is to offer a living world, governed by the players and deeper than the classic MMO zones.

Announcement of Pax Dei and discovery of its gameplay

On the combat side, the Pax Dei system presented in its announcement looks like what is already done in PvE with opt-in PvP. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the initial promises of New World before its release. What I like about Pax Dei's philosophy is their deep world work rather than endless expansion.

Gameplay Pax Dei MMORPG in cloud gaming

For example, instead of just focusing on new areas and forgetting about the ones you enjoyed discovering in your first few levels, you'll want to return to them because they've changed. A lake at the bottom of a dungeon will have dried up or you will learn about a secret door much later in a place you have already been, a ruin will have collapsed to reveal other relics and puzzles, etc.

This is a very interesting idea that Pax Dei proposes. Moreover, it could manage to keep the surprise and interest of the players in the whole world to explore. And it would be even more impressive to be able to access it in cloud gaming on all media with a few clicks.

Release date of Pax Dei

The release date of Pax Dei has not been announced yet. However, you can already test the game, and we know how the launch will go on different platforms. Currently, the developers of the game, Mainframe Studios, are focusing on their launch on Steam. However, as we can see in the announcement video of Pax Dei, the game is already running on mobile in their environment of test. The game will soon enter pre-alpha on PC and you can sign up to participate at test on the official Pax Dei website.

While waiting for Pax Dei to be released on mobile, consoles and PC, take a look at our top MMORPGs on Android and iOS to enjoy long gaming sessions on great phone titles.

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