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Guide to Steel Fortress B10 from Summoners War

steel fortress guide sb10 summoners war

The Steel Fortress is a new dungeon available in the Cairos Dungeon of Summoners War. The strategy is totally different from other dungeons. Let's take a closer look in this guide to help you defeat the B10 floor of the Steel Fortress ! (also known as SB10)

What is Steel Fortress in Summoners War?

The Steel Fortress was recently released as part of the major update "The Shift " in Summoners War and this dungeon is completely different from what has been explored so far.

Steel Fortress Dungeon Summoners War

The Tormentor (dungeon boss) is quite complicated to understand as it plays according to the beneficial effects received. You will have to play against this to be able to defeat him.

To do this, we will see what his different skills are and which team we can use to defeat him and pass floor 10.

How to pass the Steel Fortress B10?

As mentioned above, the Steel Fortress bossincreases his skills through the beneficial effects that are attributed to him throughout the fight.

This dungeon is divided into four waves in which you will have to face a mini-boss and the final boss.

The first wave

The first wave consists of four crystals that inflict enormous damage if not removed or controlled in time.

The first wave of Summoners War's Steel Fortress

The second wave

This second wave of SB10 consists of a mini-boss and two acceleration and defence weakening devices located alongside it. Let's take a look at the mini-boss' skills:

Load radiusAttacks all enemies and reduces their attack speed for 2 turns.
Electric strike Attacks the enemy target to stun it for 1 turn.

In this wave, it is best to target the mini-boss in order to get through it as quickly as possible.

The Steel Fortress mini-boss from Summoners War

The third wave

This third wave will consist of the same crystals as the first wave and to defeat them you will need to inflict great damage on all the crystals quickly or control them.

The third wave of Summoners War's Steel Fortress

The boss of the Steel Fortress

Here you are facing the biggest challenge of this dungeon, the boss of the Steel Fortress. To defeat him you will need to use a monster capable ofpreventing the beneficial effects like Eirgar or another.

The Boss of the B10 Steel Fortress in Summoners War

Let's look first at its skills and then at the strategy to be applied:

Steel FistAttacks all enemies and reduces their attack speed for 2 turns.
ThunderclapAttacks the enemy target three times to reduce the attack gauge by 30% each time. If the attack gauge reaches 0, the enemy is stunned for 2 turns.
Lightning (passive)As soon as the enemy finishes his fifth turn, attack an enemy at random by striking him with lightning. Attacks up to four times depending on his attack power without glancing. Stuns the enemy with a 25% chance per beneficial effect assigned to him and if he applies a critical hit, stuns the enemy for 2 rounds.
Steel Will (passive)Increases his attack power and critical rate at the beginning of each turn. He also places a shield on himself equivalent to 10% of his HP and increases his defence for 1 turn. Reduces the damage received by 20% according to the beneficial effects attributed to it.

As mentioned above, this boss plays mainly on the beneficial effects received. You will therefore have to remove and prevent his beneficial effects.

To have a good strategy, you will have to play with monsters that reduce the attack gauge and prevent the boss from getting any beneficial effects. In addition, a good nuker will be needed.

Team farmable for SB10 success

To pass the Steel Fortress B10, you'll need to be resourceful and fast. As it plays on beneficial effects, you will have to prevent it from doing so with monsters that have this skill. There is indeed a type of summoners war steel fortress b10 team.

We'll go straight to an example of a farmable team to complete this dungeon.

loren swLorenIt will reduce the attack gauge and defence but also remove the beneficial effects on its skill 2. It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.
raoq swRaoq (2nd awakening)It will allow to inflict heavy damage on the boss and the mini-boss and weaken the defence at the same time. It can also attack with an ally. It is rune as Violent/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%.
kro Summoners WarKro (2nd awakening) Kro is certainly one of the monsters that will inflict the most damage (if he is well run he can take out the mid-life boss in one hit on his skill 3). He can be rune in Rage/Blade or Rage/Combat in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%.
fran swFranThis monster will be the healer of your team. It rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.
eirgar swEirgarThis is the most important, it will prevent the boss from having any beneficial effects. It is rune in Violent/Blade in VIT/PV%/PV%.

Of course, you'll need at least 50% accuracy on Eirgar to ensure every other run, but you'd better go for 90% accuracy to save your runs.

The different rewards of the Steel Fortress of Summoners War

Once the boss is defeated, you will be rewarded with artefacts that increase the stats of your monsters. They are divided into two types:

  • attribute artefacts
  • artefacts of the following types

I invite you to see our guide to SW artefacts to understand how they work.

In this dungeon, you will get attribute artefacts that will be applied according to the attribute given to your monsters.

artefact attribute summoners war

To illustrate, here is an example of an artefact obtained after a successful run on Steel Fortress.

Example of an artefact the Steel Fortress Summoners War

And here it is once it has been upgraded to +12, you can see that the stats have been improved and can correspond to a specific monster.

Artifact at +12 Summoners War the Steel Fortress

This guide to Steel Fortress B10 Summoners War is coming to an end and I hope you will now be able to farm the artefacts and enjoy them as they should be!

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