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Steel Fortress Abyss Hard: F2P and Speed Team on Summoners War

Steel Fortress Abyss Hard

Summoner War 's Steel Fortress Abyssal stages are quite demanding, being more complex than SF10 due to their difficulty. If you're looking for a way to get through them, don't worry: we've got some great team suggestions to help you conquer the Steel Fortress Abyss Hard!

Team F2P for Steel Fortress Abyss Hard on SW

To defeat the Tormentor, it's essential to put together a team of monsters capable of blocking beneficial effects and regeneration . As an example, here's a team composition that's totally farmable and efficient for finishing the SF12 abyssal stage.






This makes the run faster and safer by giving the attack gauge to all the monsters. It is rune in Rage/Combat with ATQ% / DG CRIT% / ATQ%.



Allows you to strike and reduce the boss attack gauge, while also being able to apply an anti-care effect. It is rune in Combat/Willpower with HP%, ATQ% and accuracy %.



Played in Combat and Protection with ATQ%, DCC% and ATQ%. She prevents beneficial effects from being received, while also having the ability to strip.



She systematically scores critical hits when the boss is affected by a harmful effect.

She systematically scores critical hits when the boss is affected by harmful effects.



Inflicts huge damage and applies a break def to the boss. It rune Rage/Combat with ATQ% / DG CRIT% / ATQ%.

Summoners Wars SF12 Speed Team

For summoners who want to build up a fast team to farm without wasting time, we recommend selecting the monsters from the Steel Fortress top list:






Not only does it have a lead critical rate of 23%, it also has skills that can remove effects. What's more, he can inflict massive damage! His rune is Fatal/Combat with ATQ% / DG CRIT% / ATQ%.



She is runeable in the same way as the farmable team in Combat/Will.



She has the ability to strip but also to prevent beneficial effects from being received. She can be used in Combat/Will with ATQ%, DCC% and ATQ%.



Each of its skills prevents beneficial effects from being received, so it is essential for the run. It is played in Will/Combat with Def% / DG CRIT%/DEF%.



His attack increases according to the number of harmful effects on the boss, which is not insignificant. What's more, her skill 1 allows you to break def! se rune Rage/Combat with ATQ% / DG CRIT% / ATQ%.

Every monster in your team needs to have a speed stat between 145 and 180 to beat the Abyss Hard Tormentor quickly. Make sure you follow the speed order: Zinc, Gina, Loren, Bernadotte and Brandia to guarantee your success.

Strategy for the Steel Fortress Abyss Hard

Once you've managed to get past the first normal levels, which was already a difficult task, you'll have to tackle the abyssal levels, which are a completely different level! That's why it's so important to farm SR12 and NB12 to acquire the Rage , Combat, Protection and Will runes that are essential to your team!

Steel Fortress Summoners War SF12

Once you've collected the runes you need to succeed, you can concentrate on devising an effective strategy for defeating the boss on the SF12 floor.

fortress steel summoners war wave 1

The first waves of the abyssal stages consist of four crystals that can inflict enormous damage if you don't master them quickly.

SF SW mini boss

In the second wave of SF12, you'll face a mini-boss as well as two devices that can reduce attack speed and stun your monsters. What's more, it gives you a glimpse of the final boss's skills!

For those of you not in the know, you can target the mini-boss to make it easier to move on to the next stage.

fortress steel abyss hard wave 3

For this third and penultimate wave, you'll once again have to contend with new crystals, which this time are more numerous and slightly higher in level. If you want to move on quickly, your little monsters will have to do their part by inflicting heavy damage.

The SF12 boss from Summoners War

The boss of the Steel Fortress, the Tormentor, is a major challenge for Summoners! He has abilities that not only stun and inflict major damage on your team, but also regenerate and benefit from various beneficial effects.

fortress steel summoners war wave boss

What's more, it comes with devices capable of boosting its attack gauge while weakening your monsters' defences. But before we go any further, let's take a closer look at these abilities:





Steel Fist

Attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Speed for 2 turns.

fortress-steel-Thunder Blow

Thunder Blow

Attacks the enemy target 3 times , reducing their attack gauge by 30% each time. If the target's attack gauge reaches 0, it is stunned for 2 turns.


Thunderbolt (passive)

Every time an enemy's 5th turn ends, attack a random enemy by striking them with lightning bolts to stun them with a 25% chance. Attack up to 4 times in proportion to your own attack power, without the option of glancing. In addition, each time a special lightning bolt strikes, the boss recovers 10% of his HP. (Auto effect)


Steel Will (passive )

At the start of each turn, increases its own attack power and critical rate for 1 turn, and places a shield on itself equivalent to 10% of its own HP, as well as increasing its defence for 1 turn if it receives an attack. In addition, it reduces the damage received from enemies by 20% through a beneficial effect on itself. Auto effect

The rewards of Steel Fortress Abyss Hard

After all these efforts, you'll have access to superb artefacts ranging from rare to legendary, which will greatly increase the stats of your monsters. There are two types of artefact:

  • Attribute artefacts

  • Type artefacts

To give you an idea, here's an example of an artefact after a successful run.

steel fortress summoners war artefact

You will also have the opportunity to obtain various other rewards, including Arcenmon, scrolls, fragments of engraved scroll, as well as conversion stones to improve your artefacts.

Thanks to this strategy, you now have everything you need to farm artefacts and upgrade your monsters. Now it's time to attack the DB12 or NB12 dungeons, if you haven't done them yet! And don't hesitate to check out the other Surmonners War tips!

Sopy_Jo An intrepid explorer of mobile games, I travel through different universes, searching for my next great adventure. These days, it's Cookie Run: Kingdom and Summoners War that occupy a good part of my days.
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