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How to make a success of your first NB10 in Summoners War?

summoners war guide nb10

Here is a short guide to successfully completing your first NB10 in Summoners War. The Necropolis (NB) is the last dungeon in the Cairos Dungeon in order to obtain all the runes necessary for a new player to progress.

In this dungeon, as in the previous ones, it will be necessary to pass floor 10 in order to complete the journey. Of course, the strategy to apply is not the same as for the Dragon's Lair and the Giant's Castel.

The Necropolis of Summoners War

This is an atypical boss to face. Unlike the last two dungeons, this one has no crystals. He is alone, but you have to be careful with his attacks which are very powerful and can eliminate a team in a short time.

the necropolis of sw

The Necropolis will be very complicated if you don't have the monsters and runes needed to succeed. I advise you to finish GB10 and DB10 in order to have good runes before starting this dungeon.

Summoners War NB10 strategy

For NB10 in Summoners War, you will need to use a strategy that allows you to unite monsters capable of using multi-hits to break the boss's shield.

Of course, as this is a darkness attribute boss, the player is free to choose monsters of different attributes such as water, fire or wind. The light attribute can be used, but it will be null and void against the darkness attribute.

First wave

In the first wave, you will have to deal with two crystals and two golems. As in our guide to Giant's Caster and Dragon's Lair, the golems will be used to control the team being used and the crystals will inflict heavy damage.

the first wave of nb10

Second wave

When you arrive in the second wave, you will have to face the mini-boss of this floor. He will be accompanied by two golems. Here is the list of his attacks:

  • Soul Summoning: Attacks an enemy with the soul of the dead 2 to 3 times with a 40% chance to reduce attack speed for 2 rounds;
  • Lethal Hit: Attacks multiple random enemies and weakens their defenses for 2 turns with a 35% chance;
  • King of the Dead (passive ): Reduces damage dealt and recovery amount by 50%. Attack power increases by 50% if an enemy or ally dies.
the nb10 mini boss

Third wave

In the third wave, you will have to fight three golems and two crystals. Their roles will be the same as in the first wave and in the previous dungeons.

the third wave of the NB10

The Boss

The NB10 boss is the final stage of this dungeon. It has several skills that are disabling for the team involved. Here is the list:

  • Soul Exploitation : Attacks all enemies, recovering 50% of the damage inflicted in HP;
  • imprison the soul: imprisons the soul of the enemy who has inflicted the most damage and controls them;
  • Time of death (passive) : the attack speed of all enemies is suppressed and cannot exceed a certain limit;
  • Barrier of souls: each turn, a barrier cancelling a certain number of attacks is created;
  • Fallen Immortal (passive): Resurrect with 50% of your HP. You will not be able to receive reinforcements during the fight.

As mentioned above, and in view of his skills, a team with multi-hits will be more than necessary.

the boss of the nb10 of Summoners War

Example of a team for the NB10 of Summoners War

The most popular teams often consist of the twins and a support to help coordinate the chosen monsters. Here is an example of a team that will ensure a win:

  • sabrina: She allows you to reduce the enemy's defence and to pose multi-hits. It is rune in Violent/Blade in ATK%/DC%/ATK%;
  • talia : this is Sabrina's twin and allows her to inflict 50% more damage on the enemy when they are at 50% of their maximum HP. It is rune in Rage/Blade in ATK%/DC%/ATK%;
  • shaina : allows you to place breakdefs on all enemies, increasing the attack of other monsters on those enemies. It is rune in Violent/Blade in ATK%/DC%/ATK%;
  • loren : reduces the ATB of enemy monsters and prevents them from regaining HP. It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%;
  • lushen : he is the one who will be able to pass the waves more easily thanks to his skill 3 which inflicts damage while ignoring the defense. In other words, it hurts a lot. He rune in Rage/Blade in ATK%/DC%/ATK%.
example of a team for the NB10 of Summoners War

With this team, it will be possible to make a correct time for a first success. Afterwards, it will be necessary to improve the time to farm faster if necessary and obtain the best runes of the NB10.

team time NB10

You should aim for at least 50% accuracy to ensure breakdefs on the boss.

The rewards of the NB10

The NB10 of Summoners War allows you to obtain runes necessary to progress in the game. Here is the list of runes that can be obtained:

  • Rage Runes ( 4 sets): increases critical damage by 40%;
  • will runes (2 sets) : gives immunity for 1 turn;
  • nemesis runes (2 sets): increases the attack gauge by 4% each time you lose 7% of your HP;
  • Vampire Runes (4 sets ): allows the allied monster to recover 35% of the damage inflicted;
  • Destruction Runes (2 sets ): Enemies' HP are destroyed by 30% in proportion to the damage inflicted.

The drop rate of the runes to be obtained in NB10 is 83. 9% for the runes of 5 stars and 16.1% for the runes of 6 stars.

It is also possible to obtain metamorphosis stones, summoning stones and symbols of transcendence, harmony and chaos. The player can also obtain mystical scrolls .

Of course, once the NB10 is defeated in automatic mode, it will be possible to obtain a set of rage runes.

an example of a reward in the NB10 Summoners War

So, what are you waiting for to annihilate NB10 and get the nice rewards you need to progress in Summoners War? Once you've completed this level, all you have to do is attack NB12!

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