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How to defeat the DB10 in Summoners War?

db10 summoners war guide

Summoners War DB10 is the second big challenge for a new player. Once the GB10 is defeated, you'll need to be brave enough to take on the most powerful dragon in Summoners War (not even Zaiross can match it).

The Dragon's Lair in Summoners War

As mentioned in our previous article about the Giant's Castel, the Cairos Dungeon allows you to obtain beautiful runes necessary for your progression in the game.

the db10 stages in summoners war

In your quest for these new runes, you will have to face the DB10 (the last of the 10 stages) which is very annoying if the player does not have the right runes and monsters. To be prepared, you will have to farm the GB10 to get the runes you need to win.

Summoners War DB10 strategy

We will now look at the strategy for defeating DB10 in Summoners War. This last floor still contains four vaults, one of which has a mini-boss: Zaiross.

First wave of DB10

In the first wave, you will have to face 4 crystals that will inflict heavy damage on the team. This means that you will have to play quickly to control them.

the first wave of summoners war db10

Second wave of DB10

You will have to face the mini-boss of this dungeon: Zaiross. He is accompanied by two crystals and inflicts heavy damage. Here is the list of his attacks:

  • flash of fire: fires an arrow of fire at the enemy;
  • rain of fire : burns enemies and inflicts continuous damage for 3 turns with a 25% chance ;
  • Fire Breath : Attacks all enemies and increases the pause time of the enemies' skills to the maximum.
the db10 mini-boss from summoners war

Third wave of DB10

Once the mini-boss is killed, you will have to face five crystals again. As with wave one, they must be exterminated quickly so that the team involved does not take heavy damage.

The third wave of the DB10 summoners war

The DB10 Boss in Summoners War

Here, a completely different level awaits the player. You have to be careful with the two crystals next to the boss, but also with the dragon. Although once the crystals are dead and only the dragon is left, it is easier to finish if there is a good support and a nuker left in the team.

Here are the different attacks of the boss:

  • furious roar : attacks all enemies and inflicts continuous damage for 3 turns. In addition, the damage increases according to the number of harmful effects on the enemies;
  • disaster : if a tower is destroyed, the dragon counterattacks the responsible enemy with a deadly attack;
  • Dragon's Fury (passive) : greatly increases the attack when your HP is below 30%.

The two crystals are as follows:

  • Toxic crystal: inflicts continuous damage on all enemies for 3 turns;
  • Immunity Crystal : removes the harmful effect on the boss and grants immunity for 3 turns.
the DB10 boss in summoners war

The strategy is to have monsters that give immunity and remove the beneficial effects on the boss. For this, we will list the monsters that are essential for a first success.

Another little thing, as this is a fire element boss, you'll have to favour water monsters and avoid wind monsters.

Farmable team for the DB10 of Summoners War

There are many teams available to defeat the Dragon, but as a new player, it can be difficult to gather all the necessary monsters. Here is an example of a fully farmable team for DB10 in Summoners War.

team farmable db10 summoners war
  • Verdehile : Increases the attack gauge of all allies by 20% for each critical hit. It is rune as Quick/Blade in VIT/TXCRIT%/PV%. It must be played first;
  • Megan : She increases the ATB and defence of your allies for 2 turns. She can block the reinforcement effects of enemies. She is rune in Fast/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%;
  • Sigmarus : freezes enemies and puts a lot of damage on the boss. It is rune in Blade/Fatal in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%;
  • Belladeon : Allows you to increase the ATB and HP of your allies while putting debuffs on the enemy. It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%;
  • Veromos : It allows, as in GB10, to control enemies and place DoT on enemies. It is rune in Violent/Energy in VIT/PV%/PV%.

Thus, to defeat it, you will have to place immunities on the monsters and prevent the boss from having buffs.

Here is another example of a team that works well for DB10:

example of a team for the DB10 of Summoners War

Overall, you should aim for the same stats as the GB10, but increase the attack speed and HP a little more.

The different rewards of the DB10

Once DB10 is defeated, it will then be possible to obtain 5-6 star runes. Like GB10, these are the strongest in the game and a good sorting will be necessary depending on the player's level. The drop rate for runes in DB10 is 84. 3% for 5-star runes and 15. 7% for 6-star runes.

List of runes to obtain in DB10

  • Violent Runes (4 sets): Increases the chance to have an extra turn by 22%;
  • focus runes (2 sets): increases accuracy by 20%;
  • Guardian Runes (2 sets) : increases defence by 15%;
  • Runes of Endurance (2 sets) : increases resistance by 20%;
  • Protection Runes (2 sets ): confers a shield representing 15% of the monster's HP for 3 turns;
  • Runes of Vengeance (2 sets ): Increases the chance to counterattack by 15%.
example of runes in the DB10 of summoners war

In addition, once the DB10 is finished in automatic, it will be possible to obtain a set of violent runes that will be needed in all circumstances.

challenges for the DB10 of Summoners War

It is also possible toobtain other rewards such as 2 and 3 star Arcenmon, mystical scrolls or symbols of harmony, chaos and transcendence. The player can obtain metamorphosis stones and summoning stones.

Now that you have all the cards in your hand to defeat him, don't wait any longer to defeat DB10 in Summoners War. DB12 is waiting for you right after you've completed this stage!

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