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Find the Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard Chests

Find the Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard Chests

If you have ventured into the long Genshin Impact Aranyaka world quest sequence, you must have come across the Static Views quest. This quest is about finding treasure. But this is just the beginning of a long treasure hunt. The Mysterious Clipboard gives you clues to find 10 chests in the Sumeru area. This guide will help you locate all the Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chests. This will also allow you to unlock hidden achievements.

How to access the Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard?

The Mysterious Clipboard is a tab in the Aranyaka notebook. You get this item in the world quest series Aranyaka 2 - Dream Nursery.

Mysterious Clipboard

We recommend that you start by completing the Dream Nursery quests. These will give you access to all areas in the forest part of Sumeru, the new area in update 3.0. Without them, you won't be able to find all the chests. And to help you, we've written a detailed guide for each of them.

How to start and finish the Static Views quest?

Location of the Static Views quest

In addition to the Aranyaka notebook, you must first complete the quest Static Views. Once in the Aranaras world in Vanarana, you will just have to interact with a mailbox.

Mailbox that allows you to launch the Static Views quest

You can't miss it, since it has an exclamation mark on it. You will find a painting inside. This one represents the Statue of the Seven of Vanarana.

First chest to find from the Mysterious Clipboard

Join the Statue of the Seven in question and dig on its right. Alas, you've come up empty. To find the real treasure, you must leave the world of dreams.

For this purpose, go to the indicated place and play a melody with your ancient lyre in front of the stone with a tree on it. This will bring you back to the real world.

Location of the first Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

Once in the world without aranaras, go and look for the treasure, which is present this time. It is an ordinary chest.

Then, finish the quest Static Views by validating it at the mailbox. You will then get 8 new images showing treasure caches. Each one represents a place in Sumeru where an ordinary chest is hidden. You can click on it to see the image in a larger size.

Find the second Mysterious Clipboard chest

Location of the second Mystery Paperweight chest in Genshin Impact

Teleport to the Apam wood, then glide below. You will then be able to dig up a chest in front of the structure that allows you to change the weather.

Second Mysterious Clipboard chest

Location of the third treasure

Location of the third Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

To find the third Mysterious Clipboard chest, you must have completed the Varuna Gatha quest. If you have, go to the area indicated. You will find the treasure in a tree stump hidden by mushrooms.

Third Mysterious Clipboard chest

Access to the fourth chest

Location of the fourth Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

Teleport to the teleportation point below the Mawtiyima forest, then fly to an abandoned aranara house. You'll find the treasure by digging at the bottom of a tree trunk with a leaf on it.

Fourth chest

On the way, confront the Hilichurl surrounding the house and inspect it. This will trigger the Courage is in the heart quest.

You can take the opportunity to realize it, it will take you only a few minutes. To do this, you must find Arashakun, an aranara hidden in a cave. You can get there by going to the location shown on the map below.

Location of the cave for the Courage is in the heart quest

Once in the cave, defeat the enemies and join the aranara. Then give him a flower.

Continue your exploration by chasing a demon. Just follow a fairy and jump from hook point to hook point until you reach the so-called demon, which is nothing but a Hilichurl.

Courage is in the heart Quest

By killing it, you get the success As the Lion Searched for Courage. You just have to validate the quest to get 30 Primogems.

Dig out the fifth Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

Location of the Fifth Mysterious Clipboard Chest

To access the fifth treasure of the Mysterious Clipboard, you must have completed the Agnihotra Sutra quest.

Then you just have to reach the statue of the Seven of Gandharva. Go down and straight ahead to reach a large underground cavern. You will find the treasure in the center, buried under some roots.

Fifth Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

Locate the sixth chest

Location of the sixth Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

Now go to the heart of the Mawtiyima Forest. The sixth Mysterious Clipboard chest is hidden in front of a trunk covered with a leaf.

Sixth chest

Recover the seventh chest

Location of the seventh Mysterious Clipboard chest

To access the seventh chest indicated by the Mysterious Clipboard, you must have completed the Vimana Agama quest. If you have, teleport to the Vimara Village.

Head to the secret hideout leading to the heart of Devantaka Mountain. The treasure is buried in front of a bouncy mushroom.

Seventh chest

Location of the eighth treasure

Location of the eighth Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest

This time go to the teleportation point placed at the level of the hand of the colossus, go straight ahead and jump from hooking point to hooking point. The treasure is in front of a lantern.

Eighth Mysterious Clipboard chest

The tenth Mysterious Clipboard chest

Now that you have discovered the first 8 chests of the Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard return to the mailbox for the second part of the Static Views quest. This will unlock the last 2 images.

Before you start looking for the ninth Mysterious Clipboard chest, start by looking for the tenth. The image guides you into the Chasm this time. If you already have the Shriveled Seed, you can skip the next paragraph.

Location of the tenth Mysterious Clipboard chest

Once on the place indicated on the map above, you will have to solve a riddle. This one consists in activating 3 locked elemental pillars. Start by using your elemental view until you find a seed, this will unlock a first pillar. You will find a second seed on the roots of the central tree.

The last one is on a tree out of the way. It is surrounded by water lilies. You can now activate all 3 pillars. The chest contains a Shriveled Seed and unlocks the People of the Valley of Life achievement.

The ninth and final treasure

Location of the ninth Mysterious Clipboard chest

Now all you have to do is find the ninth Genshin Impact Mysterious Clipboard chest. To do this, go to the teleportation point indicated above. If you haven't already done so, clear the dry area. Then play The Rhythm that Reveals the Beastly Trail in front of the Claustroflora with your ancient lyre.


This reveals a path that leads you to a room full of treasure chests. However, to open them, you will have to find all the aranaras hidden in Sumeru. There are 76 in all.

Every time you locate one, you have to interact with it to get it back to Vanarana. Most of the time, you will have to save them from enemies or give them some resources. To make it easier, use the interactive map of Teyvat to locate them.

Once you have found all 10 chests, you unlock the A Conversation with the Treasure Chest Owner achievement.

Treasure room of the aranaras

Think you're done with the hunt for the Mysterious Clipboard vaults? Well, you're wrong. After finding the ten chests, you can return to the mailbox in Vanarana every day (real time) to get a new image. But this time the chests will be waiting for you in the desert part of Sumeru. We will detail their location soon.

The image mailbox

That's it for this guide to the hunt for the Genshin Impact Mysterious chests. But Sumeru still holds other secrets and treasures related to the aranaras. For example, if you haven't already done so, you can search for the twelve vasmrti to get new rewards and unlock a hidden achievement.

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