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Genshin Impact Vimana Agama: quest guide

Genshin Impact Vimana Agama

The Vimana Agama quest is part of the quests you need to complete to complete the very long Children of the Forest quest. This quest is itself part of the quest suite of the Aranyaka - 2: Dream Nursery. We detail the solution to the Genshin Impact Vimana Agama quest in this complete guide. With our tips and tricks, you will be able to complete all sub-quests and not miss any rewards.

Unlock the Genshin Impact Vimana Agama quest suite

To unlock the Genshin Impact Vimana Agama quest suite, you must have completed the quest suite Aranyaka - 1: Woodland Encounter and started the quest Arayanka - 2: Dream Nursery.

Start the Vimana Agama quest

You can then start this quest by talking to Ararycan, he is right next to the Devantaka mountain.

Vimana Agama : First chapter

Genshin Impact Vimana Agama: First Chapter

When launching the quest Genshin Impact Vimana Agama: First Chapter, Ararycan asks you to go and examine some huge pieces of gear. For now, just let the game guide you.

Go to the underground area

This will lead you to a strange underground area where many roots and relics are snaking around. During your exploration, you can activate a teleportation point.

Activate the teleportation point

Once in front of the door leading to the golem, you face Jazari, a researcher of the academy. After this meeting, go to the Port D'omos to talk with Royinjan, a jeweler. He will ask you for money in exchange for an object. You will have to give him 450 000 Mora to make him accept to do business.

Vimana Agama: Royinjan's Chapter

You now go on to the quest Vimana Agama: Royinjan's Chapter. Now head to Vimara Village to find a secret base. To get there, play the indicated melody with your Lyre, then knock on the door.

Go to the secret hideout for the quest Vimana Agama : Royinjan's Chapter

Now you can explore the secret base. As a bonus, a Dendroculus is waiting for you at the entrance. Earn the different points indicated as you go along to dig up objects.

Digging up objects

To finish the quest, go and talk to Amadhiah, the village chief. He will give you a dried flower.

Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga

Return to Devantaka Mountain to complete the Royinjan's Chapter: Linga quest.

Lower the water level once

Using the Four-Leaf Sigils in Royinjan's chapter: Linga

Head to the blue spot on the map and use the Four-Leaf Sigils to move forward faster. You will face a submerged area. Follow the fairy back to its base using the Four-Leaf Sigils.

You will find a second fairy by going just below your position. It is located in a small room. Follow her to her base as well. Activate the mechanism in front of you to lower the water level, then go down into the submerged cave.

Recover Dendroculus

You will discover a small tunnel with a Dendroculus in front. Go through it to face a new door. Play the indicated melody with your lyre, then hit the door.

Mechanisms to be activated in the Royinjan's Chapter: Linga

Activate the Dendro target

You are now in a room with 3 locked Dendro pillars. Take some Dendrogranums and shoot the Dendro targets. You have to do it in a precise order. First start with the one in the middle of the room (just to the right of the Dendrogranum tree), then the one on the top, and finally the one on the opposite side (near the mechanism to be unlocked).

Order for the Dendro pillars for the Genshin Impact Vimana Agama quest

Collect Dendrogranums again and repeat the operation in the same order, but targeting the Dendro pillars. This way you will make a precious chest appear.

Activate the mechanism to lower the water level

You can now activate the mechanism, which will lower the water level further. Go to the bright spot to find parts of a mechanism. This concludes Royinjan: Linga, the third part of the Vimana Agama quest in Genshin Impact.

Royinjan's Chapter: Yoni

Accessing the depths with the hook points

To start the Royinjan's Chapter: Yoni, teleport next to the blue dot. Once you are in the indicated area, you will have to find a way to access the depths. To do so, follow the Four-Leaf Sigils.

Clear the way in the Royinjan's Chapter: Yoni quest

They will lead you down the cave, but the access to the tunnel is blocked by a block of stone. Go and take a Dendrogranum just behind it, then perform a charged attack on the rock to free the passage.

Clean the dry zone during the quest Royinjan's Chapter: Yoni

As you continue to advance, you eventually come across a Withering Zone. You know the procedure: collect Dendrogranums, shoot the contaminated stems, defeat the enemies, then go and destroy the miasma. Collect the chest, then examine the indicated area. Then you must return to the secret base to talk to Jazari and Royinjan.

Vimana Agama : Jazari's Chapter

Unlock the seal of the Ruin Golem for the Vimana Agama quest

You will now proceed to the quest Vimana Agama Jazari's Chapter. This one asks you to unlock the seal of the Golem of the Ruins. To do this, go back to the Golem's door with Jazari and open the big door to open a kind of engine room that is quite impressive.

Go down to the lower room to collect energy cores scattered on the floor. You will use them to power the relays around. This way you can power the elevator. Use it to go to the middle floor.

Connect the 4 relays during the quest Vimana Agama : Jazari's Chapter

To connect the 4 relays of this stage, perform the following actions:

  • Take the energy core placed on the relay indicated by a blue dot and go to the right. Place the core in front of a door with orange symbols, which will open it. Collect the core from the relay, but also from the door;
  • Continue left until you find a door that opens this time with two cores, place them on the bases. Open the door, get a third core, then the two used for the door;
  • Now go to the far right to unlock a door with three cores, take the fourth core inside, but this time you can place it in the relay;
  • Return to the two-core door, open it and place a core in the relay;
  • After collecting the 2 cores from the door, go to the one with one core. Open it, put the core in the relay and get the door core.
  • Place the last core in the relay without doors.
Scope to unlock with a core to get another core

Now that the 4 relays are powered, an enemy appears. Fight him, then go back to talk to Jazari on the lower floor. He asks you to connect the power system of the cockpit.

Connecting the power system for the Vimana Agama quest

Start by going to the upper floor with the elevator. Go to the battery already powered, take its core and place it on the door on the right. You will be able to get a core there. Take the one from the door and put it back on the relay.

Then go straight across the central walkway. When you open the door to the right of the relay, you will find a valuable chest. Then, take the core and place it in the relay, which will activate the power system of the cockpit.

Cockpit of the Golem

All you have to do now is activate the Golem.... to do anything and derail the giant so that it breaks the ground.

Vimana Agama : Dev Delver Chapter

Cockpit of the Ruins Golem

To complete the Dev Delver Chapter quest, the last part of the Genshin Impact Vimana Agama quest, get out of the Ruins Golem and go to the area you broke.

Examine the underground ruins

Venture into the hole you created to examine the underground ruins. Use the opportunity to activate a new teleportation point. You'll come across some abyss mages along the way, so beat them to keep exploring.

The luminous roots at the bottom of the underground part

Once you have arrived at the gigantic luminous roots, confront the three groups of Mages of the Abyss. Now reach the core in the heart of the roots to deactivate the device. You will be able to reach it by projecting yourself on the clover insignia (hooking points).

The core of the luminous roots in the Vimana Agama quest

But inevitably, a new enemy stands in your way, this one is tougher, but should nevertheless not pose a problem. Once you have defeated him, go and deactivate the extraction device. All you have to do is go back and talk to Ararycan to complete the Genshin Impact Vimana Agata quest.

Deactivation of the extraction system

That's it for this guide to the Vimana Agama quest suite. But you probably haven't finished with the different quests related to the Children of the Forest quest. We've written complete solutions for the first three and the last one will be available soon:

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