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Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Beginner’s Guide | tips and advice

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Beginner’s Guide

This Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat beginner's guide stands by your side, arming you with every tips and tricks you need to know for getting started. DMC: PoC is here to stay perfect for gamers who have a knack for real-time combat and pulse-pounding combo execution. Watch as you turn your Dante, Virgil, Lady or Nero into fearsome devil hunters who can put down the strongest demon of all with a single slash, shot, and cut. With this guide, you will learn more about DMC: Peak of Combat's basic combat mechanics, character progression, challenges, summoning techniques, team building and more to optimize your account.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat Beginner’s Guide : Gameplay Basics and tips

If you’ve played the Devil May Cry series before, you can easily get the hang of the DMC: PoC. Although simplified, it stays true to Capcom’s original franchise but needs some tips to be well understood.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat gameplay

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is a hack-and-slash game, hence, you can expect tons of actions as you engage in high-octane melee or ranged combat. In this mobile game, you will take the role of Dante and face a wide array of enemies, from the easiest to the toughest. Players will begin by going through the campaign mode and dive into the story. As you carve your way through the demons, different features and game modes will unlock, which could give bountiful rewards and important resources. If this helped, check out the list of DMC: PoC codes that you can claim.

Devil Hunters Lineup

As for the combat, the game requires you to have at most three characters in a team. Here's a quick guide to help you out.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat lineup

Here, you will have the liberty to find synergy among your characters and combine them to make a powerful team. Instead of switching weapons, players have the ability to transition between characters to execute several combos. Take note though that character switching comes with a cooldown, so make sure to think twice before swapping into another. Find out more about the best hunters with our DMC: Peak of Combat Tier List.

Tips for Character's Skills

Each character is equipped with various abilities, both active and passive, capable of inflicting physical and elemental damage and applying debuffs. As a beginner, you must know these skills.

DMC: PoC skills

Basic, style skill and ultimate skills can be cast by simply tapping them. Ultimate skills on the other hand can only be unleashed after filling up the mana bar located just right below your HP.

There are secondary attacks as well that players can use after executing attack combinations. This varies per character, hence it is advisable to learn them one by one.

Evasion/Jump on the other hand mainly use the dash and jump buttons. Beyond simply using it to prevent the enemies from landing a devastating attack on you, evading and jumping can also trigger Extreme Counter/Evasion which could deal massive damage to them. Evasion and Jump has zero cooldown, so feel free to use it to your own advantage and defeat them with style.

QTE or the Quick Time Events on the other hand is a rather interesting addition to Devil May Cry. Upon meeting specific conditions such as paralyzing or knocking up opponents, you can switch to another character and unleash their QTE skill.

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat QTE

Knowing whether a character will unleash their QTE skill involves observing the icons on the right side of the screen. A glowing icon signals that the character is ready to automatically unleash their QTE skill upon tapping it. QTE skills deliver tons of damage due to its high damage multiplier, hence it is also paramount to build a team capable of meeting the conditions to trigger everyone's QTE skill for a smoother rotation.

Stylish Rank Guide

In this real-time combat game, dodging and proper combo execution are everything. They are there for a reason so refrain from spamming basic attacks instead of landing an excellent string of abilities. Doing so not only allows you to mete out destructive damage but also increase your Stylish Rank.

DMC: Peak of Combat stylish rank

Speaking of, Stylish Rank is measured by a gauge. This goes up from Dope, Crazy, Blast, Alright, Sweet, Showtime and Stylish. As a beginner, maintaining this gauge is certainly a struggle. However, being able to reach the highest surely can be satisfying, and even increases the damage you deal with your basic attack.

Controls in DMC: PoC for beginner

DMC: PoC controls

Here is how the controls look like in the game. At the left side of the screen is the joystick button which allows you to control your character's movement. On the other hand, you can see the attack buttons that you can use to cast their skills. This side of the screen also includes the character icons you will tap to swap into different characters.

DMC: Peak of Combat's Devil Hunters Guide

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat devil hunter

Devil Hunters Rank

Every Devil hunter in Devil May Cry is classified into different ranks from B, A, S, S+, SS, SS+, SSS, SSS+ to EX. However, players can use their resources to increase the rank of these characters. You can do so by tapping on this emblem and using a particular number of character fragments to rank them up or ascend them. Doing so also activates new passive skills.

Challenge Level

Challenge Level can be seen right next to the name of your character. This number represents your overall strength and can be increased by upgrading your level, rank, weapon, cards, and book pages. Every dungeon and challenge will indicate a recommended Challenge level prior to entering it. Ideally, you should meet the recommended challenge level to smoothly complete it.

DMC Hunter Specials

Every Devil Hunter in the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat has their own distinct traits or known as the Hunter Specials. Clicking on any of these icons show their element (Fire, Physical, Ice, Electric), role (Damage, Sustain, Support) and specialties (Hard-hitter, Rapid attacker, MP Regen, AOE and more).

Tips and Tricks for DMC: PoC Beginners

Listed down below are all of the tips in this DMC: Peak of Combat beginner's guide that can help you get ahead in the game.

Focus on the main story of DMC: Peak of Combat

DMC: PoC main story

Spending your pizza and your time on the main story is recommended, as this will be your key to unlocking other content.

Enter Dungeons and Challenges daily

As soon as you unlock dungeons rewarding resources such as Perfect Timing, Vine of Greed and more, hop into it and complete it daily so you will never run out of materials. Entering other game modes such as Boss hunt, Coop mode and Bloody Palace also allows you to obtain gems, weapons, skill manual, cards and more.

Additionally, there is a PVP mode in the Sky Arena where you can fight against other devil hunters.

Pizza in DMC: PoC

Pizza or the Stamina plays an important role in progressing through the campaign mode. Without it, you won't be able to progress in the story mode temporarily as you will have to wait for 8 minutes to replenish one pizza. Having that said, make sure to use Pizza wisely, and do not let it overflow.

As a beginner, never stop building your team

As you progress through the campaign mode and increase your level, the enemies will become a lot tankier and they will start to inflict more serious damage on your characters. In some cases, they might even obliterate your lineup with only a few hits. However, this can be avoided by upgrading your characters regularly to help them keep up.

Dodging is everything in DMC: Peak of Combat

Knowing the combos as a beginner will allow you to stomp on your enemies and eliminate them with ease. But, let’s not forget the Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is also all about dodging too. Especially with bosses, your ability to evade their attack is something you should rely on, aside from your utility and damage. Tough enemies and bosses send out a wide range of attacks that if you’re not able to dodge can take a huge chunk of your health. After all, dodge skill has zero cooldown, so feel free to use it anytime you need it.

Know your enemy

Every enemy you will face in the game is rather unique and can come with different difficulties. There are demons that can be dealt quickly without exerting efforts, and there's massive ones that can give you a hard time. For bosses, it is imperative to know them, their attacks and their weakness. There are weak demons that simply can be defeated by brute force. However, bosses especially require more than that.

Bosses tend to become tankier, and sometimes even kill you with a single slam. However, they do have their own weakness. Challenges typically introduce enemies with either a hit-shield or a damage-reduction shield. These can be effectively countered by deploying a rapid attacker or a hard-hitter, respectively. In certain situations, bosses may reveal particular weak spots, such as the tail or back

Practice combo for beginners

As mentioned above, stylish rank and execution of combos are better than spamming buttons. This might be a daunting task at first, but you will improve as you engage in multiple battles in the story mode and other dungeons.

DMC: Peak of Combat training stage

Relying on the Training stage is also a good start as it allows you to know the combos of each hunter and the basic combat mechanics. You can also enter the freestyle training stage, which allows you to deploy your lineup, and practice against a dummy.

Play DMC: PoC on PC

If you own a PC, you can also use a reliable emulator in order to do so. Here's a helpful guide that can aid you in how to play DMC: PoC on PC.

Summoning Strategy for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat beginners

DMC: Peak of Combat has a gacha feature that enables players to get access to a wide range of Devil Hunters such as Dante, Virgil, Lady, Nero and more. In the game, Vault serves as a place for you to spend your hard-earned gems. There will be multiple banners available including the New Player banner, SSS Limited characters banner, Weapon Selection and Permanent Vault.

DMC: PoC summoning strategy

Each pull requires 180 Gems and Vault Breakers, and will give players a small chance to obtain a character or a weapon. For every banner, there is a guaranteed chance to get them within 90 summons. However, you might be able to add them to your lineup earlier than that if you’re lucky enough.

When pulling for characters, it is recommended to opt for characters that suit your personality or playstyle. That way, you can enjoy the game with your favorite hunter as you indulge in adrenaline-pumping battles.

Team in DMC: Peak of Combat: build guide

In a team, deploying two Dantes or any character at the same time is possible, and that is that is because they all arrived in various forms. Having that said, you can have two Virgil with one being the Nomadic Lightning and and the other being the Endless Judgment. However, building a proper team

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat popular lineup

First, the combination of three characters can trigger Resonance if all of them have the same element. This effect provides an additional bonus for your team, which could help your team perform well. Due to this, it is recommended to run a team consisting of characters having the same elements. Aside from this reason, a character can also easily activate the QTE skill of the other provided they're in the same element, ensuring a smoother rotation. A great team can also consist of damage-dealers accompanied by shield-breakers and buffers.

A team involving One-Man Show Dante, Nomadic Lightning Virgil and Swift Arsenal Lady is an excellent example as the team can dish out decent electric damage, apply weakening effect, trigger each other’s QTE skill and provides buff for this Electric team. Additionally, this team also has a hard-hitter and a rapid attacker that is best against enemies with hit and DMG-RED shields.

Our beginner's guide offers everything you need to learn in order to improve and become stronger in DMC: Peak of Combat. Especially if you're new to the game, learning the ins and outs of it can be intimidating. But luckily for you, these DMC: PoC tips are here to guide you.

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