DMC: Peak of Combat
Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat
Downloads: +1 000 000

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is the latest instalment in the legendary games licence available on Android and iOS mobiles! Whether you're already a fan of the famous hack-and-slash game or just looking for a thrill, DMC: Peak of Combat is definitely for you. In DMC: PoC, embark on a frantic hunt for demons and rediscover what made the saga so successful: intense combos and close combat, unique skills, edgy gameplay and lots and lots of blood!

The game will appeal to the most competitive players, as Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat features tournaments and PVP matches, as well as several co-op modes. Meet up with Dante, Lady, Vergil and all the other iconic characters from the licence.

Form your teams, find the best weapons and embark on an intense demon hunt to level up and defeat all the scary creatures in your path!

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