Eversoul Beginner's Guide | 6 Tips and Advice

Eversoul beginner's guide: the best tips

Eversoul is the latest idle RPG by Kakao Games Inc. You're probably wondering what the best tips are for getting started and getting ahead of new players. That's why we've put together a beginner's guide to Eversoul with 6 essential tips to get you started! You'll find out everything you need to know about game modes, currencies, summoning, combat and optimizing your account in the early game.

Eversoul beginner's guide: tips for creating your own courses

There are several game modes for which we will prepare you with this Eversoul beginner's guide. However, the basic concept is the following: you must form a team of 5 characters of different types and classes in order to defeat your opponents. The heart of the game lies in the composition of a good team.

Tailor your training to your composition

Choose a formation that gives your best characters an extra boost. You can select your Eversoul character formation in the deployment phase. In gacha, it's better to build on your strengths than to try to compensate for all your team's weaknesses. This is how compositions with a lot of control, damage and healing usually dominate the meta in mobile games.

Choose the battle formation that suits your best characters or the one that will be the most devastating against your opponent, if you know his weaknesses.

An example of combat training from the Eversoul beginner's guide
The deployment phase is critical to the outcome of a battle

My advice for a good start in Eversoul is to adapt if possible your characters to the type of opponent to have a real advantage in battle. This will be especially useful during your transition to the mid-game. Ideally, use your best souls first, which you will find in our tier list Eversoul. You can even play three or four characters of the same type to gain the attack and HP bonuses that will allow you to easily pass some difficult fights.

Focus on certain starting Souls

As the first tip of this Eversoul beginner's guide is to use the formations as much as possible, I suggest you some characters to focus on in early game. First of all, remember to focus on tanks on the front of your Eversoul formation.

The most effective will be to focus on Claire and Chloe (which you get quickly) from the start since they are tier S characters in the current meta. On the other hand, Linzy is quite efficient and can be obtained right after the tutorial. So don't hesitate to use her and place her at the back of your formation (her skill makes her go behind the enemy lines anyway).

Chloe Eversoul, one of the best character advocates

If you have the opportunity, consider trying to use asoul link. Certain characters, if they get together during your deployment, get bonuses. The easiest way to do this is to activate the "Exquisite Triangle" consisting of Linzy, Rose and Chloe. This gives the soul link characters a bonus to attack, defense and HP.

Invoking the best souls in Eversoul

The Eversoul soul summoning system is arguably the very soul of the game. After all, isn't one of the greatest pleasures in a gacha game to pull? Moreover, creating the best team is essential to progress well in the story. And it will be very efficient to start well in Eversoul.

All types of banners

First of all, whether you are invoking one, two or even ten souls, you must choose a banner. At the time of writing this Eversoul beginner's guide, there are 5 summoning banners:

  • The infinite summoning banner: this banner is a bit special because you can only use it at the beginning of the game. Indeed, it gives you the possibility to summon 10 souls including one epic. Moreover, you can summon infinitely until you are satisfied with the result. How to use this advantage ? How do you know if you've got a satisfactory draw to start with? We explain everything in our Reroll Eversoul Guide!
  • Pick-Up Summoning Banner: The Pick-Up banner features an epic character. This character has a high chance of being summoned when you get a soul of this rarity. In addition, when you reach 40, 80 or 120 summons on this banner, you earn additional rewards such as tickets or soul memories. It's a pretty standard pity system.
Jiho Pick-Up Banner
  • The normal summoning banner: this banner allows you to summon all Eversoul souls except for the limited duration souls. Moreover, it also has a mercy system that guarantees you an epic character every 30 summons.
The common banner allows to get all the Eversoul characters
  • The type summoning banner: you want a specific type of character? A beast or a human? The type banner allows you to summon a single character type. This type changes regularly, but you can also change it manually in exchange for 300 Everstones.
  • The Friendship Invocation Banner: This last banner works like the common banner. However, you need hearts for this banner and not Everstone or tickets. You can get hearts from your in-game friends with daily gifts.

Eversoul Beginner's Guide: Choosing the right invocation banner

How to know which banner to invoke on? Here is a little tip to optimize your invocations when starting on Eversoul. Focus on the Pick-Up banner. Indeed, it contains all the most recent characters of the game.

Also, every time you reach a certain number of summons, you can get 10 Pick-Up tickets, or even 60 soul memories, which automatically get you the featured character. So it's a great investment for your Everstone. I recommend it.

Eversoul Guide: getting currency and invocations

Of course, the progression in Eversoul depends greatly on the use you make of your resources and the souls you summon. This section of our Eversoul beginner's guide presents the different currencies of the game.

Game currencies

First of all, there are three currencies in Eversoul:

  • Gold: it allows you to improve your souls and to buy resources. Gold can be found on the battlefield or in the dimensional labyrinth. However, progressing in the story of Eversoul and participating in events also allows you to obtain gold.
  • Everstone: This essential resource allows you to summon new souls. You can get it through events, maintenance compensation or daily missions. You can also buy them with real money.
  • Mana Dust: Just like gold, mana dust allows you to improve your characters. Again, mana dust can be obtained by progressing through the story or through events. However, the Battlefield and the Hall of Memories are a good source of mana dust.

How to get Eversoul souls?

Next, you're probably wondering how to get souls in Eversoul? Of course, the Everstone is a good way to summon characters, but it's not the only one! Indeed, you can also get summoning tickets. Eversoul codes and events are the best way to get a ticket to summon a soul.

You can collect soul memories on different occasions. These memories can be exchanged directly for the corresponding souls.

Finally, by making friends in the game, you can also invoke on the friendship banner. Our advice? Make as many friends as possible as soon as possible. This strategy will get you hearts from the beginning of the game and allow you to summon as many souls as possible in each session.

Eversoul Soul Memories to get powerful characters
In exchange for 60 soul memories, you can obtain a soul of corresponding rarity

Master the Eversoul combat system

To progress quickly in Eversoul, you need to know the combat system and its tricks. In reality, combat is just a matter of using the special abilities of the souls when they are charged. On the other hand, several tips in this Eversoul beginner's guide allow you to save time in combat and to progress faster:

  • Use the accelerated mode: this way, the fight will take place twice as fast.
  • Use automatic mode: by activating this option, the computer will play your characters in the most optimized way possible.
  • Skip animations: Rare and epic people have special animations of varying length when they use their ability. You can skip them to save even more time.

Of course, using these tips will not allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game. Nevertheless, if you don't have much time to play or want to get resources quickly in Eversoul, this can be useful for you.

Mastering combat with the Eversoul beginner's guide
The options to speed up the fight are located at the top right of the screen

Improve your souls intelligently

From the beginning of the game, you are offered common souls. It is legitimate to ask if it is worthwhile to improve them. The answer is no. The tip of our guide Eversoul ? Give priority to upgrading epic souls as much as possible. If you've followed our advice on summoning, you should have a dozen or so souls of epic rarity fairly quickly.

In addition, you can find out which souls are the most powerful by referring to our tier list. Once you have determined which souls are the most powerful, quickly upgrade their level and memories and try to summon them several times for their ascension.

Of course, when it comes to souvenirs, it will take you some time to get some that are effective. However, you can quickly get good results as long as you equip the right memories to the right characters. For example, the trick is to give priority to attack for your DPS souls.

Eversoul Guide: Catherine and her stats
Leveling up a character requires many materials

Play regularly for rewards Eversoul

Here is the last tip of this Eversoul guide: play regularly. Just by logging in every day, you will be able to collect a lot of rewards such as gold, Everstone, summoning tickets, soul memories and many other resources.

Then you can do the daily and weekly missions. They can be very simple to complete and allow you to earn a lot of currency.

As you can see, by spending only a few minutes each day on Eversoul, you will already increase your progress considerably.

The rewards free in Eversoul
Every day, every week and every month, you can get a free resource pack

[Bonus] Eversoul Guide: Understanding the basics of the game

The basis of this Eversoul beginner's guide is that you need an optimized and well thought out team. To do this, you need to get powerful souls, upgrade them and combine them well. The best tip we can give you in order to get started in a game is to understand it. In Eversoul, this means knowing the classes and types of souls well. This is even necessary to choose your characters wisely during the deployment phase.

There are a total of 6 character classes. The class of a soul determines how it will act on the field. Defenders, Casters, Strikers... learn to master the behavior and skills of each class to build effective teams.

Then, a soul has a type. Just like the rock-leaf-scissors, each type has strengths and weaknesses against the other types. In addition, depending on the number of souls of each type in your team, your team unlocks advantages. For players of Genshin Impactplayers, this is similar to the elemental resonance system. Again, master the specifics of each of the 6 types of souls, their strengths and weaknesses. You will gain a valuable advantage in battle.

Here we are at the end of this Eversoul beginner's guide. We hope that these few tips will help you optimize your early-game account and get the most out of the game. Even if the amount of information can be impressive, getting started in Eversoul is essential. The tutorial of the game, combined with our advice, is enough to take control of the game very quickly while getting your account off to a good start!

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