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Beginner's Guide to Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice Beginner's Guide

With this new video game adaptation of the Knights of the Zodiac, you're looking for the best way to get started in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice? Here are all the tips that will help you boost your account in the first hours of play.

In this beginner's guide, we'll talk about reroll, strategy, team composition, the right knights to choose and rewards for free to easily progress in Saint Seiya LOJ.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice reroll guide after account creation

Luck is an important factor in progressing through gacha, especially when starting out, in the first few hours of your game. Your first Saint Seiya knights unlocked at the Observatory are essential to get off to a good start. Let's see how to get started in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice with some essential tips.

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice beginner's guide

First of all, the reroll must be done shortly after creating an account. As a new player, you receive free draws with guaranteed golden knights. Complete the tutorial and get a free draw at the Observatory after completing a few battles. Then complete the first set of missions and chapter 1 to get your first draw of 10 Zodiac Knights.

That's where luck comes in and this Saint Seiya LOJ reroll guide will get you started again. Ideally, you should try to get the best knights from tier list Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice for your team composition.

List all the gold knights for Saint Seiya LOJ beginner's guide

Even though other Saint Seiya LOJ beginner's guides tell you about the different banners available, you will only be able to spend your diamonds on the main banner, so you don't have a choice of draw when you start!

If these first draws do not work for you, you will have to reroll. That is, you will have to recreate an account and repeat the above steps to have another chance to get good Knights of the Zodiac.

Adjusting your knight composition strategically as a beginner Saint Seiya Legend of Justice

With this reroll guide, you have the opportunity to get a good start in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice and get the right knights from the early game. But getting them is not enough to form a powerful team. You won't always have the best knights of the Zodiac at hand and there are several aspects to consider when creating a balanced team.

Statistics golden knight of the zodiac SS LOJ beginner

Strengths and weaknesses of Saint Seiya LOJ knights

Adjusting your Saint Seiya knight team composition at the beginning of the game is essential but becomes even more critical as you progress. In this guide to getting started in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice, I had to mention the main synergies and the basics of team composition.

Team composition Saint Seiya Legend of Justice best knights

With more than 90 knights available at the time of writing this beginner's guide, Saint Seiya LOJ has an already extensive roster of characters. These characters are divided by element, type and rarity. Between them, the elements work like a boost: the more knights of the same element you have, the more powerful they will be together. But you also have to take into account the shi-fu-mi system of superiority of the elements to avoid beginner's mistakes.

  • Water Knights > Fire Knights > Wind Knights > Earth Knights > Water Knights
  • Light and darkness inflict more damage on each other but have no strength or weakness against the other elements.
Best Saint Seiya LOJ zodiac knight equipment, Camus

When you have resources to spend on upgrading your zodiac knights, focus on golden knights and concentrate on a minimum number of characters to get a good start in Saint Seiya Legend of Justice. In addition, remember to respect the equipment sets in order to optimize the stuff of your knights. And for a perfect composition, you should also take into account the meta of the game as it is updated!

Don't do everything in automatic mode

Even if the levels are very easy at the beginning, you should avoid progressing 100% in automatic mode. Take the time to read your characters' skills, equip them properly and place them in your team. If you don't do this when you start, you'll have a hard time catching up on information and making the right strategic decisions.

Most of the placements and equipment can be done automatically, but you will have to look deeper to get through the difficult levels.

Automatic strategic mod fights for beginners Saint Seiya LOJ

Use the tips from our Saint Seiya Legend of Justice beginner's guide on the strengths and weaknesses of the knights to create basic synergies in your composition. In addition, you can intelligently adapt your composition to that of the opposing team:

  • If the fight is too short and you die quickly, you need a tank boost and healing while your DPS sets up;
  • If instead the fight is long and soft and you don't keep your team alive long enough, increase your team's DPS, raise the heroes with control to take some enemies out of play temporarily.

This way you can start easily and get the dynamics of your Zodiac Knights composition under control.

Save resources for your free draws in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

While there is some joy in winning quickly, spending your diamonds every time you get enough to draw a knight is not really the best strategy, nor is it the one we recommend in this beginner's guide. Instead of spending 300 diamonds on single draws, try to be patient. Instead, save up to 2700 diamonds to draw 10 Saint Seiya Legend of Justice knights with a free draw!

Drawing 10 knights reroll guide to start Saint Seiya Legend of Justice

And what applies to free knight casting also applies to hero raising. Don't rush to raise all your knights by spending your magic stones. Concentrate on your strongest knights, which you are almost sure to keep in your team for a long time. This is what will make the best medium and long term investment for your Saint Seiya LOJ account as a beginner.

Get free daily rewards and Saint Seiya LOJ codes

What will make you a very good gacha RPG player is your regularity. If you don't log in every day, you'll miss out on free rewards opportunities to build up your Saint Seiya LOJ account.

And if you're short on resources when you start out, take a look at your quest list to focus on completing the one you want to. You can also scan the Memory Time several times once you've completed the first level. For more details on the game modes, check out our test of Saint Seiya LOJ.

That's it for this Saint Seiya Legend of Justice beginner's guide. You know everything about the best knights, their synergies, their equipment, how to get them for free and even boost your account at the beginning of the game. Good luck with the draw! Otherwise, good luck.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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