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Crewmate on Among Us: 5 Advanced Tips for Winning

innocent among us tips

Let's face it, the impostor gameplay in Among Us is a lot more fun than crewmate. However, this is no reason to forsake the innocent gameplay in Among Us. Your role is vital in preparing the ship for departure. You must also keep your eyes open for suspicious behaviour and track down the culprits. Remember, there is strength in numbers, so there are several things you need to know to help the crewmates' side. Without the ability to kill or sabotage, innocent people are often thought to be harmless. But by following our tips, you can easily trap the imposters on Among Us and give them a single ticket to space!

Innocent on Among Us, get ready!

However, before you read this guide to the best innocent tricks on Among Us, you should know that this tutorial is for experienced players who already know the game and want to get even stronger.
For those who are new to the game or just want to have fun without trying hard, we suggest you first read our Among Us guide to getting started.

1. Identify common tasks

In Among Us, the innocent must complete several quests that take the form of mini-games. Any good culprit who has read our impostor's guide will know that to go incognito, they will have to pretend to complete tasks. This is where the best innocents need to be vigilant to flush out the impostors. It is therefore very useful to know the common tasks. As the name suggests, these tasks are common to all crewmates. Either everyone has them, or no one has them. This way you can spot impostors who have the misfortune of forgetting to do them and those who instead fake a task that is impossible to get.

  • Wires (The Skeld, Polus, Mira HQ): difficult to exploit this common task as usually everyone has this assignment all the time.
  • Inserting the keys (Polus): Be very careful with this task. As it is located in the spawn, it is important to observe who is doing what. Mistakes are common and the puzzle can be solved very quickly.
  • The ID code (Mira HQ).
  • The QRpassport (Polus).
  • The Skeld, Polus.
Innocent on Among Us: key trick
These keys have betrayed more than one impostor

Beware, this Among Us technique is not always foolproof. There is always a smart guy who forgets to do his task or who pretends to do it himself to trap the imposters. In any case, take advantage of emergency meetings to talk about it so that you can be sure of the intentions of the other players.

2. Identify related tasks

It's the same struggle for the so-called "linked" tasks on Among Us and the trick is to know them well. These are long tasks that must be completed in several parts and the order of the steps is always the same. To win as an innocent, you just have to spot those who don't follow the logical order of completion.

  • The Gas Task (The Skeld, Polus): This mission has 3 successive stages. On The Skeld, an innocent person must first fill the top tank, refill it, then fill the bottom tank. On Polus, a crewmate must first fill the right tank, refill it, then fill the left one. Those who do the opposite are misinformed impostors. This mission also exists on Mira HQ, but there is only one tank to fill.
  • The labyrinth and node tasks (Polus): there are several labyrinths on the map (small antennas). But what they have in common is that the second step of the task is to click on a button (the node) which is located in the laboratory. It is impossible to go directly to the node and a player who has completed the maze must always go to the lab at some point to finish the mission. It's up to you to make the most of this information.
  • Downloads (Polus, The Skeld): extremely difficult to follow.
  • Empty the waste (The Skeld): Phase 1 is in the cafeteria (or O2) and phase 2 in the storage room. The mission has only one stage on Mira HQ and Polus.
Node tips for innocent on Among Us
A 2-step task!

It is difficult to follow everything that happens on a map like Polus, which is very large. But, again, don't hesitate to question the other players during the meetings to detect the liars, even if it means bluffing! 😈

3. Innocent on Among Us: all about the scanner

Good players generally prefer to play without the visual tasks. So it is impossible to use the basic trick of mission animations. However, even with the animations off, the scanner , which is found in MedBay in all maps, can be used to clear someone. Unlike the other missions, innocent people have to queue up to be scanned. When someone is already doing the mission, the next person to arrive will see the message "Waiting for Player...". So that player is innocent. Some may say this is a task abuse, but it's still a good trick to know about Among Us.

Tips Among Us of the scanner
The scanner can still clear some players.

Moreover, if your scanner starts while someone is already on it... You are advised to run! Either the person before you has just finished(unlucky timing), or it's an impostor who was faking it and just wants to zap you. 😅

4. Voting tips on Among Us

The vote is a crucial moment for the innocent in Among Us. It is the only time they can get rid of the impostors. So you have to vote intelligently and don't do anything foolish. When the level of the game is right, every mistake is paid for in cash. There is no official rule to follow when voting. If you have irrefutable evidence or a steely conviction, you are free to take risks. In our Among Us guide to exposing an impostor, we gave the keys to ejecting the guilty, but you also need to know some mathematical rules!

Not following the Among Us tips will lead to ejection
  • 8, 9, 10 players alive: there is no pressure to vote, but there is room for improvement. Eliminating someone or attempting a 50/50% is not prohibitive.
  • 7 players : without irrefutable proof, we prefer to avoid voting, especially if we are certain that there are 2 impostors left. If you make a mistake, you end up in a 2v4 situation and are exposed to a double-kill, synonymous with defeat.
  • 6 players: obligation to vote if there are still 2 impostors. Feel free to force an emergency meeting even if no body is found.
  • 5 players: same situation, must vote if there are still 2 culprits.
  • 4 players: we know that there is only one impostor left. It is risky, but it is not advisable to vote against someone. To survive as an innocent person, one prefers to skip the vote to win the tasks or catch the culprit in the act.
  • 3 players: even if it's 50/50%, you absolutely have to vote! Even if you lose, a 50/50 chance is better than a sure defeat. Also force a vote if you can't agree.

5. Think about the cameras when the lights are off

Among the various sabotages on Among Us, cutting the light is a favourite weapon of the impostors. Sneaky as they are, they take advantage of their vision advantage to cut up innocent people, unseen and unknown. In the dark, crewmates are particularly vulnerable and it is impossible to get a good view. An assassination can even take place in your room, without you seeing the culprit.

So the little astronauts are well advised to fix the lights. But a good advanced trick for the innocent in Among Us is to go directly to the cameras (Polus and The Skeld). It's not known if they have infrared, but the fact is that they can see perfectly well, even when the lights are sabotaged. Impostors have a strong tendency to feel invincible in the dark and to forget about the cameras.
So watch for mistakes and use the information taken wisely!

Cameras allow innocent Among Us to see in the dark
With or without light, the cameras see everything!

Conclusion of these advanced tips for innocent on Among us

We are now coming to the end of this guide to advanced tips for crewmates on Among Us. Some of these tips are not easy to apply and will probably take some practice to implement. Hopefully the learning curve will be smooth rather than bloody and tearful. In any case, you have all the cards in your hand to trap the imposters and win as an innocent on Among Us.

Last little tip for the road and to thank those who will have read this guide to the end 😉 ! Don't forget that you can play Among Us for free on PC!
Have a good game and see you soon for new game tips!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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