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Brawlers Guide Brawl Stars | Presentation

Brawlers Brawl stars guide

Brawl Stars is an extremely complete game. Whether it's in terms of its game modes or the fighters available, Supercell 's game is very strong. In order to help you find your way around the 41 characters currently available in the game, we've put together a guide to Brawl Stars' brawlers. ⭐️

How to unlock the different brawlers?

In Brawl Stars, brawlers are more or less difficult to unlock. Seven of these fighters are unlockable via your trophy progress - the list can be found in our guide to getting started in the game. For the other fighters, you'll have to be patient as they are only unlockable via the Brawl Box. Depending on the category of the brawler, you will have more or less chance of unlocking them.

Brawlers Brawl stars guide - Mythical Mortis
Yes, I screamed with joy when I unlocked Mortis 🙂

To unlock Brawl Stars brawlers via Brawl Boxes, you have approximately :

  • 2.5% for a rare brawler
  • 1% For a super rare brawler
  • 0.5% for an epic brawler
  • 0.25% for a mythical brawler
  • 0.12% for a legendary brawler

How statistics work in Brawl Stars

Each brawler in the game is determined by its statistics. As these are numerous, we will list each of them here as well as how they work. First of all, it is important to note that these statistics evolve according to the level of power of each brawler.

Brawlers Brawl stars guide - Colt statistics
The statistics available on the character screen are not necessarily very telling

Different statistics are therefore presented for each Brawler in Brawl Stars :

  • Attack : Combining damage, range and reload speed. You can see the details of these stats by clicking on the information button on the brawler's stats panel.
  • Defence : The defence statistic combines the level of health points and the movement speed of the brawler.
  • Advantage: The advantage statistic is somewhat abstract. It increases according to the ability of the brawler to have abilities to help the team. Thus, an attack that allows to manage the position on the map well, will increase this statistic.
  • Super : As the name suggests, this stat determines the power of the brawler's super. It takes into account the damage and the attack distance of the super.

The different types of brawlers

If 41 brawlers are available to date, they can be classified according to their abilities. Indeed, like many games of the genre, we find in Brawl Stars, fighters more or less adapted to each situation. This is one of the strong points of the game, no brawler or almost no brawler is to be forgotten. The game renews itself so much through its different maps and game modes, that each Brawler will find his moment to shine in Brawl Stars.

Classic fighters

Their stats are balanced and can handle most situations. These brawlers are generally quite classic in their use and attacks. Bo, Jessie, Nita and Shelly fall into this category.

Heavy goods vehicles

Usually called "tanks" because they are very resistant and inflict heavy damage at close range. They will therefore have to attack on the front line to protect their teammates. Bull, Darryl, El Primo and Frank are the heavyweights of the game.


They're brawlers with low health points, but with a long attack range. It can therefore be dangerous to be too reckless with them, but combined with good heavyweights, they can hurt a lot! Brock, Colt, Penny, Piper, Ricochet and Spike are the snipers of the Brawl Stars.

Brawlers Brawl Satrs

Supporters (or carers)

There is nothing like a fighter who can heal his teammates in the middle of a fight. This is the case of Brawlers, categorised as healers. Although they do little damage, their healing abilities make them very powerful. Pam and Poco are the healers in Brawl Stars.

The pitchers

They're very particular Brawlers even though they can be close to snipers. Their main difference with the snipers is that the launchers can hit their targets over a wall. This makes them all the more effective especially on certain maps. Barleyand Dynamike are the launchers in Brawl Stars.

The murderers

If these brawlers are generally hard to unlock, there's a good reason. They are the fastest fighters in the game. If used wisely, they can inflict a lot of damage. They don't have much health, so be careful! Corbac, Leon and Mortis are the assassins of the game.

Individual guide to brawlers

With all this information, you know more about the Brawl Stars brawlers. Feel free to visit our custom guides for each brawler to find out exactly how to use your favourite fighter:

From now on, you have no excuse not to become a great Brawl Stars player. Visit our game tips page to improve your skills even more 😉

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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