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How to play Brawl Stars with a controller?

Playing Brawl Stars with a controller

If you prefer to play with a controller and you like Brawl Stars, then this little tutorial might please you. Indeed, we propose you to discover how to play with a controller on Brawl Stars. Two ways will be explained step by step. The first one is very simple, but it requires an Android emulator. The second one is more complex, as we will use a KeyMapper application on your phone.

On the software and hardware side, we will use BlueStacks 5 for the emulator, Mantis for the KeyMapper method, and finally an Xbox controller. Without further ado, let's start this tutorial with the easiest and fastest method. You will only need a few minutes with this option. Follow the guide!

Method 1: Play Brawl Stars with a controller on an Android emulator

First of all, you need an emulator. Whether it's LDPlayer or BlueStacks 5, the choice doesn't matter and the method remains the same. However, for the sake of this tutorial, BlueStacks will be our companion. Download BlueStacks 5 on PC

Start by installing BlueStacks. Then log in with your Google account on the emulator and search for Brawl Stars through the Play Store. If you want more explanations and details on all these steps, we invite you to consult our guide to download and play Brawl Stars on PC. Please note that BlueStacks is compatible with both Windows and Mac PC versions.

Activate your controller and modify your KeyMapping on BlueStacks

To activate your controller, simply plug it in. BlueStacks should then automatically detect it and display a message to indicate that it has been recognised and is functional.

bluestacks emulator controller

Now that your controller is running on the emulator, you can start the game. Your objective will be to configure the keys.

To do this, I suggest you go to the Brawl Stars menu, then to the settings. From there, click on "Change controls" and the game will send you to a training arena. This will allow you to be both in a combat situation and in a quiet place to set up and adjust the keys to your preference.

Brawl Stars key settings

Once in the training arena, click on the keyboard icon in the sidebar of the BlueStacks menu. You should see the small menu below.

Game control

To set up the buttons, click on "Open Advanced Editor". From here, BlueStacks offers you several types of buttons. All you have to do is choose the ones you want and position them. To assign a button to a key, simply select it and then press the button on your controller to which you want to link it. Then simply save these settings so that the emulator remembers your preferences for Brawl Stars. Take advantage of the fact that you are on the training ground to test your new controls and adjust them if necessary.

Brawl Stars controller configuration on BlueStacks

Optimize the KeyMapping of your Joysticks on BlueStacks

You can further optimise the KeyMapping configuration . To do this, simply click on one of the Joysticks and right-click to access a wider range of parameters. You can change the speed or the sensitivity. Other options can also be adjusted according to your preferences.

Brawl Stars controller speed

That concludes the first method to play Brawl Stars with a controller from an emulator. You have to admit that the latter was pretty fast and accessible, wasn't it?

Method 2: Using a controller KeyMapper for Brawl Stars

Here is the second method to play Brawl Stars with a controller. It will take a little time and preparation to get this one to work. However, this way you can play from your mobile or tablet and you don't need to root your Android. To start, we will need the application Mantis Gamepad.

To get this software, nothing could be easier! Go to the Play Store to find and download Mantis Gamepad. Then launch the application, which will inevitably be in English. Then click on "Add Game".

Add a game on Mantis

Mantis Gamepad will propose a list of all your applications, including your mobile games. Find Brawl Stars among the suggestions and select the application by clicking on the small "+" in the box on the same line. Feel free to include more games if you want to use this software to play with a controller for other games on your phone.

Link Brawl Stars account to Mantis

Now click on the Brawl Stars icon that has just appeared in the Mantis menu so that a pop-up about permissions appears.

Permissions on Mantis

The first permission "Floating Widgets" allows your phone to allow Mantis to create an overlay over the selected software. This is going to be essential to be able to run and set up Joysticks on Brawl Stars.

As for the second authorization, it will propose several methods to authorize KeyMapping on your mobile. You will use the third method, namely : Connect Mantis Buddy via Windows/Mac which, as the name suggests, requires a computer. From there, the manipulation will become more complex, but don't worry, we'll go through the steps together!

Mantis Buddy

Enable USB Debugging mode

You will need to have the USB Debugging mode enabled on your mobile. For this to be the case, you must be in developer mode. To enable this mode, go to your phone settings and select "About Phone" or "About" (depending on the model).

Then find the version/build number (or MIUI Version) and tap on it several times. A rather discreet message should appear at the bottom of your screen telling you that you are now (or already) a developer.

activate Android developer mode

Go back through the menus and go to "System" or "Additional Settings" to find the "Developer Options". Again, this will depend on your phone model. Amongst these options, you will have the option to check "USB debugging".

Enable USB debugging

Now you can connect your phone with your computer using a USB cable. Accept theUSB Debugging mode when the connection is made. You can now proceed to the computer part.

Installing MantisBuddy Connection

You need to go to the official MantisBuddy website to get this software in its Windows or Mac OS version depending on the operating system of your machine. Unzip the file you have just obtained to reveal the 5 files below. Run the one called "ActivateBuddy.bat".

script MantisBuddy

A command window will appear and scroll lines of text. This is normal. All you have to do is wait. If everything works well, you should see "Mantis Buddy Connected. You're all set" after a while. If this is the case, you can close the control window and disconnect your phone.

installation of MantisBuddy

If the message "Android Device not found" is displayed, try again. Before doing so, make sure that the USB debugging mode is activated and that the cable used to connect the mobile to the PC is not defective.

If everything works, then congratulations: this was the most difficult step! Now we just need to look at the KeyMapping configuration in game!

Setting up KeyMapping on your controller for Brawl Stars

Now launch Brawl Stars via Mantis and check that the Mantis icon is in the overlay at the top left of your screen. As with the emulator method, we advise you to go to the training ground so that you can make the settings for your controller in peace. Then press the Mantis logo and the small "+".

Keymapping Brawl Stars

Now all you have to do is grab and hold the desired controls and place them on the screen where you want them. "Key" allows you to add buttons from your controller to the screen.

In this way, it is possible to configure its keys. For example, here is the interface we used for Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars controller setup

Note that some controllers are a bit more temperamental andtheir bottom triggers and D-Pad have some minor problems. We therefore encourage you to use other buttons than those mentioned above.

Optimize KeyMapping on Mantis Gamepad

Now we come to the last step of this guide. As with the emulator, this part allows you to further optimise your KeyMapping. To do this, you can click on the small cogwheel located on the areas representing the different Sticks in order to adjust the sensitivity of the latter, particularly the X and Y axes.

Joystick speed on Mantis

This tutorial explaining how to play Brawl Stars with a controller is now coming to an end. We hope it will help you enjoy your favourite game in better conditions with a controller.

Feel free to share your comments, any difficulties you've encountered or simply a word of thanks. And if your controller is starting to act up or is getting too old, why not take a look at our top gaming phone accessories?

Ateziel Freelance writer, rabbit fan, manga and novel devourer, video games have always had a big place in my life. Curious, I enjoy many genres (rpg, rogue-like, card games, management, survival, monster hunting...). My favourite games are Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy XIV and Epic Seven.

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