All the news about Mobile Games!

All the news about Mobile Games!

Find all the news about your favourite mobile games! Upcoming releases, pre-registrations, smartphones to play with and all kinds of news!

esport call of duty mobile tournament

A $1 million tournament for Call of Duty Mobile

It's not the first time Call of Duty Mobile has made news with 100 million downloads in its first week of release. Now, COD Mobile is taking oneS...

aura kingdom 2 released on mobile

The MMORPG Aura Kingdom 2 is released on mobile!

After some complications, Taiwanese development studio X-Legend Entertainment has finally succeeded in completing its Android and iOS project. Au...


2 big events for the 6th anniversary of Summoners War

Yes, the Com2uS Summoners War game has been around for 6 years already! Remember, SW has more than 100 million players and more than 1 million ac...

update 1.7.50 easter vent state of survival

Easter Event - State of Survival Update 1.7.50

The State of Survival v1.7.50 update and Easter vent are now available on Android and iOS! Let's take a closer look. Improvements/additions to th...

top of the best mobile games for containment

Top mobile games for containment

Instead of getting bored and sharing the same memes for the hundredth time, play the top mobile games for confinement instead. We've put together...

grey available on android

Gris comes to Android

The independent game Gris, published by Devolver, offers a dreamlike and fabulous experience that is not to be missed. In addition to its presen...

record number of mobile game downloads

Mobile game downloads reach record high

As the rest of the economy crumbles and short-time working becomes the order of the day, video game publishers are rubbing their hands together......

monument valley 2 free on google playstore

Monument Valley 2 free for containment!

Looking for a good puzzle game on your phone to pass the time during this confined period? Well, check out Monument Valley 2 for free, a nugget f...

announcement monument valley 3

Monument Valley 3 in development at UsTwo Games

After the resounding success of the first two games in the Monument Valley series, it would have been a shame for UsTwo Games not to work on a Mo...

News on Diablo Immortal and gameplay trailer

News on Diablo Immortal and gameplay trailer

Theannouncement of Diablo IV was big for the license at BlizzCon. However, we also received news from Diablo Immortal. Diablo Immortal released a...

Pokemon Masters' future plans to improve its content

Pokemon Masters' future plans to improve its content

Pokemon Masters producers Yu Sasaki and the recently appointed Tetsuya Iguchi have apologised for failing to meet the community's expectations an...

Mario Kart Tour: the most downloaded mobile game in September

Mario Kart Tour: the most downloaded mobile game in September

With 86.2 million downloads, Mario Kart Tour was the most popular in the US and Brazil, with 15% and 12% of downloads, respectively. The title th...

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