Epic Games Store coming to mobile?

Epic Games mobile shop coming soon

The Epic Games Store on mobile should arrive very soon! The American company, founded in 1991, has made it known by its founder, Tim Sweeneythat this was an upcoming goal. A year and a half after launching theEpic Games Store on PC, this is a serious development avenue for the company.

Fortnite the figurehead

Epic Games has developed many games since its creation. But ZTT (1991), Epic Pinball (1993), Unreal Tournament (1999), Gear of War (2006) or Infinity Blade (2010) may not mean much to you. It must be said that the company 's notoriety exploded with the Battle Royal game mode of Fortnite, released in 2017 in early access.

Epic Games: game list
Epic Games has had a life outside of Fortnite.

A real phenomenon, this game quickly went viral. Carried by big streamers (Ninja, Gotaga) and large organized competitions, it is impossible to escape the wave. The mobile version of Fortnite is no exception. It is even very dynamic. This is evidenced by the recent partnership between One Plus and Epic Games to enjoy the game in 90 FPS. In addition, the game is playable on Playstation, Xbox, Mac and Switch platforms.

It is therefore likely that the success of Fortnite is motivating the company's desire to import its Epic Games shop to mobile.

Faster release on Android than on iOs

No official release date has yet been revealed. However, it seems that Android users will be able to access the shop more quickly. Indeed, Android has a more flexible policy towards third-party shops. There is already a special Fortnite client on the platform. In parallel, Apple offers less flexibility and independence. Being able to buy an Epic Game product on the App Store is therefore not yet a possibility.

Fortnite, a free-to-play game that pays

Epic Games skins Fortnite
skins of all colours.

Regarding Fortnite, although the game is free-to-play, it pays big. Indeed, players have the opportunity tobuy many cosmetic contents. skins for players but also skins for various equipment. From parachutes, to pickaxes, to backpacks... There is a lot of choice. The dance emotes, each one wilder than the last, are not to be outdone. In addition, you can buy battle passes that pay for themselves over the course of the game. These offer new objectives with missions to complete. You pass levels to unlock skins and unique emotes.

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