PUBG Mobile Pro League: Team Orange Rock wins the regular season

PUBG Mobile Pro League Team Orange Rock wins the regular season

The regular season of the South Asian PUBG Mobile Pro League has reached its verdict with the Indian team being crowned Orange Rock. With TSM Entity (2nd) and Godlike (3rd), the team has already qualified for the World League East final. This intermediate stage could then take them to the World Championships with the rest of the teams from around the globe.

A victory after two months of competition

The competition, which was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was finally able to go ahead. Team Orange Rock, consisting ofAnto, Daljitsk, VIRU, Vampire and Mavi, showed their consistency to win.
In a competition divided into 3 separate weeks of 16 matches each, the champions were never the highest scorers in an individual week. But in the end, they were the ones who won with a total of 657 points.
Behind them, we find teams that shone over a week. But they were unable to confirm their performance over time. TSM Entity finished 2nd with 631 points and Godlike completed the podium with 595 points.

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PUBG Mobile Pro League: $10,000 for the champions

In addition to qualifying for the South Asian finals and a place in the World League East final, Orange Rock won a cool $10,000 prize money. Second place winners still walked away with $8,000 and third place winners with $6,000. This is a lot of money, but it's still less than what will be at stake in the finals. It will be a battle to win the $138,500 cash prize.

The finals promise to be even more lucrative.

One man's happiness is another man's misfortune

The last 4 teams will not be able to participate in the final stages. This means that JyanMaara, Hype, Instinct Esports and Deadeyes Guy are out. The South Asian league is dominated by Indian teams. The other teams, Bangladeshi or Nepalese, have to be satisfied with the crumbs. The last 7 teams in the ranking are the 6 non-Indian teams in the competition! One can therefore think that with limited means it is much more complicated to obtain good performances. But glass half empty or half full, Nepal will still be represented for the final stages with Team Extreme and Elementrix.

Interested in the competition? The replay is available.
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