Legendary Contest: successful start esport for Million Lords!

Legendary Contest

Millions Lords is not yet part of the top disciplines esport on mobile. But this online multiplayer game, developed by a French studio, could well make a name for itself little by little in the competitive world. Indeed, the studio has drawn a very positive balance from its first competition, Legendary Contest, organised at the end of May. Many players played the game in this open competition which offered a cash-prize of 30 000 dollars! Both on the European and American servers, there were plenty of people to join the battle. The organisers are to be commended for their performance, as they managed everything online, as Covid-19 is obliged to do.

Million Lords does not intend to stop there. The game plans to organize new competitive events soon. So for those interested, it's never too early to download it and start training!

Podium Legendary Contest - Million Lords
Podium Legendary Contest - Million Lords

Legendary Contest: the French in pole position

For obvious logistical reasons, the Legendary Contest was held on several servers. The winning trio in America was composed of aling, Poundmaker and SPARTANXD. In Europe, France was pleased to monopolise the podium. Vinkatsukii, PaTaT3 and GodNightmare showed their skills during the competition. A French MMORTS dominated by French players, what more could you ask for? But our chauvinism should not make us forget the rest of the competitors, as a total of 27 nationalities took part in the competition.

In the words of the winner, winning required a mental toughness and the ability to adapt quickly. Vinkatsukii didn't do everything right from the start, but he quickly learned from his mistakes and implemented the right strategy to win.

Million Lords, a French MMORTS

When is the next competition?

The Legendary Contest and its community format is set to return. After the success of the first edition, players are eager to relive this adrenaline-filled competitive experience. The organisers have promised that they will be back soon, but for the moment there is no official date. Asian players will surely be even more impatient as there has been no competition on the Asian server. But that's just a matter of time.

In the meantime, you can still check out the "Reign of Clans" update which puts team spirit in the spotlight... Could we be heading towards a team competition for the next edition?

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