Legends of Runeterra: the next season is coming

Legends of Runeterra: the new season is coming

The American company Riot Games has been developing a number of games lately to diversify its offering. Riot is best known for its behemoth League of Legends, but its card game, Legends of Runeterra, is also doing quite well.
The current competitive season, "Loot Season", will end on June 23. A new season will start the next day and will be released under the sign of luck! With its share of updates and new features, we recap it all for you.

Legends of Runeterra : mobile game Riot Games
A card game made in Riot Games available on mobile.

A new cycle to rank

We all know that, Riot Games is particularly fond of the ranked mode in its various games. As with every new season, the counters are reset. Legends of Runeterra is no exception to the rule. So it's time for your final rush! To aim higher, and get the best rewards, it's now or never.

Rest assured, for the next season, the "season of luck", it is only a soft reset. Indeed, the players will keep their elo hidden. This elo will be taken into account for the next season and will allow to not be classified anyhow.

Legends of Runeterra: ranking
What about you? What is your current ranking?
  • Master players will lose 800 points;
  • Diamond and Platinum players will lose 750 points;
  • Gold and Silver players will lose 675 points;
  • Bronze and Iron players will fall into Iron IV.

For the best players, the Masters points system will also receive a small adjustment. Details will follow with the update.

Changes for several archetypes

At the moment, it seems that there are no specific balancing changes to the maps. There are, however, some expedition archetypes that are receiving changes. These include:

  • boarding;
  • looting galore ;
  • location ;
  • tactical engineering ;
  • spellcasters ;
  • horrors of the abyss ;
  • at death's door;
  • discipline ;
  • first for the draw ;
  • highlights ;
  • mega barrel ;
  • revenge ;
  • reminder in spades.

You can find the patch notes on the official website with the changes explained in detail.

Finally, Riot Games has also changed the date for opening the safe. It is now open from Tuesday to Thursday at 8 am. This is to better coincide with the rhythm of the patches.

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