Mobile Games News #112: Tower of God, Black Clover M, Floodrush Supercell...

Mobile games news round-up issue 112: Tower of God New World, Black Clover and many other games

The MOBA Heroes Arise is making headway in its market, the gacha Tower of God: New World is going into pre-registration at breakneck speed, there's movement on the Supercell side with the Floodrush beta, and plenty of other news - that's what we'll be looking at together today in this 112 roundup of Android and iOS mobile gaming news.

Heroes Arise MOBA goes into pre-registration

Let's start our review with Heroes Arise, a mobile MOBA that's going through a series of beta phases on Android. With the demise of Autochess MOBA at the start of the year, the multiplayer arena combat market remains dominated by Wild Rift, Mobile Legends and Honor of Kings, which remains in soft launch for the time being. For its part, Heroes Arise doesn't reinvent the 5v5 formula over 3 lanes, with a jungle and skills unique to each character. Marketing screenshots promise matchmaking in 15 seconds for 15-minute competitive games. Developed by Netdragon, the Heroes Arise beta already features a roster of 32 heroes. The title launched its second beta this week for pre-registered players.

Pre-registration opens for Tower of God: New World, the card game from Netmarble

The big Asian manga and manwha licenses have created a golden place for themselves among mobile games. This time it's the opening of pre-registration for Tower of God: New World on Android and iOS that's making the headlines. Netmarble's RPG takes up the original webtoon's journey, in which Bam and Rachel, who live beneath the Tower and want to fulfill their desires by reaching the top of the structure, embark on the climb.

Choose from a roster of over a hundred characters to collect via gacha mechanics, and put together a formidable team of heroes. Chain together battles and narrative scenes in story or adventure mode, and enjoy rewards idle when you're AFK. Tower of God: New World is now pre-registering on mobile for a forthcoming release, so don't miss out on the launch bonuses if you're interested in the game.

Beta of Floodrush, a new Supercell mobile game

Supercell is finally back on track. Despite a glaring lack of successful global releases in recent years, the Finnish publisher is making progress with its Clash Mini patches, continuing its test phases of Squad Busters and has even proposed a regional test phase for its Floodrush game. I wasn't able to access test but I was able to check out some gameplay. Floodrush is a real-time single-player squad game reminiscent of Squad Busters.

In addition to this initial concept, the title draws on a pirate theme rather than the Clash multiverse and other Supercell licenses. As one of 8 seekers landed on an island, you must gain power quickly, summon your units strategically and collect chests to emerge victorious. Colorful and dynamic, Floodrush resembles a playable commercial with all-new lore and islands that sink into the ocean as game time runs out. Until June 7, Floodrush is in beta in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA. And if you don't get a chance to try out this Supercell pirate game with a VPN, we'll tell you all about Floodrush's upcoming test phases in our future reviews.

Square Enix opens pre-registration for Dragon Quest Champions

Square Enix has just opened pre-registration for Dragon Quest Champions in Japan. We hope that the rest of the world will follow soon, but given the Japanese publisher's international efforts in recent months, we'll have to be patient. The new RPG based on the Dragon Quest license reveals its combat mechanics in a brand-new trailer, with a team of three characters facing off against monsters and opposing players. We'll let you know more as soon as a worldwide release has been announced for this title.

Motorsport Rivals racing game divides the mobile community

Playsport Games didn't hit the jackpot this week. With the release of Motorsport Rivals, the developer didn't exactly convince mobile gamers. Imagine if the skilful racing ofAsphalt,Ace Racer or Kart Rider Drift were replaced by an infinite straight line where you simply had to draw cards to overtake the others.

You can imagine that this won't appeal to those who like perfect vehicle control in their virtual motorsports? Of course not. And that's exactly what the community didn't like about Motosport Rivals, a multiplayer racing game with maps available free of charge on Android and iOS.

Netflix announces WrestleQuest, a humorous pixel-art wrestling game

In the tense context of new account-sharing measures and the alleged future French law that would prevent Netflix from punishing French solidarity, the American SVOD giant announces a new mobile game for its catalog. On August 8, 2023, the Netflix Games library will be bolstered by the release of WrestleQuest on Android and iOS. In-game, become Randy Muchacho Man Santos, the breaker of the pampas, stronger than a windshield repaired at Carglass and deadlier than a knee to the genitals.

Muchacho Man embarks on an epic quest to take on some of wrestling's greatest legends. This pixel-art title invites you to settle scores in strategic battles with a team of three characters and improbable wrestling holds. Train, improve your tactics and dominate the world of wrestling in the crazy RPG WrestleQuest mobile with your Netflix subscription this summer.

Fromesport on the strategy game Road to Valor

Krafton has unveiled some exciting plans for its esport tournaments in Asia. These include the announcement of the very first Road to Valor: Empires Open Championship with a cash prize of around $12, 000 in India. Krafton believes that India is brimming with strategy gaming talent, and is investing heavily in the country'sesport , going so far as to create new broadcast channels dedicated to the Indian scene, notably on Youtube.

EA launches Tactical Football in early access

Let's be honest for a minute, Electronic Arts deserves a lot of red cards over the past decade. So when you're waiting for its next soccer strategy game, Tactical Football, don't forget to stay on the defensive. Currently in early access in certain regions, this title at the turn-based integrates global soccer stars on your phone in friendly matches, derbies, ranked and more.

Unlock new on-field moves and customization elements to become a true Sun Tzu of the turf. Once again, it's Oceania that benefits from this early access to Tactical Football on mobile, in addition to Indonesia, where the game is available on Android via the Google Play Store for those who are already armed with a VPN and would like to try it out.

The release of League of Angels Pact, the famous MMORPG

The classic MMORPG League of Angels isn't making its mobile debut, but it's getting a new title called Pact this week. The fantasy universe is back, with more angels to summon, upgrade and combine to create a powerful team. Collect loot in single and multiplayer boss fights, PvP battles and rewards idle. Take advantage of a vast collection of weapons and wings for this new dive into the LoA lore that had already conquered the browser world with the release of League of Angels Pact on Android.

Release of Demon Slayer Rage of Demon King, a gacha idle RPG on iOS in certain regions

Demon Slayer comes to mobile with the release of Rage of Demon King on iOS. Relive mythical demon-hunting scenes with all the iconic characters from the story. Reserved for Apple players, the gameplay follows the classic gacha idle RPG formula, with a team of heroes whose assignment, upgrading and elevation you are in charge of to fine-tune your battle strategies. Discover numerous game modes in Rage of Demon King free-to-play on iOS.

New season 48 of Clash Royale and the arrival of level 15 Elite

Clash Royale goes Rock with Season 48. In addition to new skins rounds, emotes and other new elements, get ready for Clash Royale level 15 with no gold cost for all your favorite cards. You'll be able to use your duplicates to take your cards to level 15 in Elite status and forget all about max-level stories.

Roland-Garros eSeries championship results

The Roland-Garros eSeries 2023 championship came to a close this week, with an audience that was stronger than ever. After a hotly contested eTennis final won by British player William Foster on the impressive Philippe-Chatrier court, the championship concluded with a cash prize of 3,500 euros for the winner and a trophy presented by Gilles Simon. In terms of stats, this unconventional championship enjoyed a phenomenal rise this year, with 400,000 participants at the start and 160,000 viewers at the final. We can't wait to see whether other major eTennis championships will follow this initiative in the future, or whether other IRL sports federations will embark on the virtual adventure.

Release of Bumballon, an arcade platform game

The release of Bumballon brings bouncing madness to iOS this week. All color, speed and deadly obstacles, Bumballon is a fairly classic game with 7 retro worlds to explore. Complete the levels to unlock different skins to save the Ballon kingdom and its Princess Moon in style. If you like challenges and cute arcade games, Bumballon is available free on Apple devices for an unpretentious pixel-art adventure.

Play Zelda ToTK on your mobile with a Switch emulator

Nintendo has been a real loose cannon in recent weeks, first to drop the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom leaks before the game's release and then to take down anyone who even remotely touches Nintendo products in ways the brand hasn't planned. The Switch mobile emulator Skyline had to cease development because of a DMCA claim, but that hasn't stopped the Yuzu emulator from inviting itself onto Android to run Zelda Tears of the Kingdom on recent-generation smartphones. Watch out, though, because Nintendo may come down hard on them.

Warhammer 40k card game Warpforge goes into pre-registration

The Warhammer 40,000 universe will soon be enriched by the Warpforge card game, scheduled for release in 2023. This game from Everguild, announced last year, is now open for pre-registration on iOS. Embark on single-player campaigns or fight fiercely in competitive PvP modes as one of the warring factions.

Each faction has its own style of play, and will feature various famous characters from the Warhammer 40K universe. Even before its release on mobile and PC, Warhamer 40K Warpforge already promises expansions that will enrich the number of factions and characters. While pre-registrations have just opened on iOS and could indicate a forthcoming release, we have no information yet on the game's potential arrival on Android.

Release of Magic Stone Knights, a match-3 RPG

With a mixed reception from the mobile community, Magic Stone Knights was released this week on the Android and iOS stores. Available free-to-play, this match-3 RPG published by Neowiz mixes hero gacha and colorful element associations.

Create your team composition and have your heroes attack with on-screen stone combinations. This allows you to progress through the campaign and other game modes such as Guild Raid and Arena PvP. Take advantage of equipment buffs and the companion system to help you get through the difficult stages of this match-3 with its rather classic puzzles.

Anniversaries and closures of the week: 7DS Grand Cross and Evangelion Battlefield

The week was marked by a number of new releases and announcements, but I'd like to take a closer look at the games that are already in place and that have also been in the news. On the anniversary front, it 's Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross that's in the spotlight, with Netmarble announcing a huge virtual party crowned by a shower of gifts and in-game events. This game, always adored by mobile gamers, is celebrating its anniversary in two parts. The first part, Gift, currently runs until June 13, while the second part, Snatch, starts the same day and runs until June 27.

As far as the 2023 mobile gaming graveyard is concerned, a page is being turned with the closure of Evangelion Battlefields. The title will bid its final farewell on July 27 after more than 3 years in service. It has to be said that Evangelion Battlefields had won over the Japanese public but failed to appeal to its international target audience, as the developers pointed out in the official announcement of this decision.

Release of Antivine, a Valley-like Monument

Discover the mobile release of Antivine, a puzzle game from Asia reminiscent of Monument Valley. Graphically sublime and intriguing, Antivine invites you to change your point of view on the level to be solved, and to manipulate the verticality of the environments to progress. Discover a small world of poetic puzzles in the palm of your phone, premium on iOS and available free on Android.

Grand Cross Age of Titans to be released in August on Android and iOS

In addition to the 4-year anniversary of Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross, Netmarble has unveiled new information about Grand Cross: Age of Titans, due for release in August 2023. Netmarble's strategic MMORPG presented nothing new apart from its release date, and is expected to return to the classic formula of collecting warrior characters, organizing armies and using large-scale maps for in-server PvP.

We'll be back in August to see what happens to Grand Cross Age of Titans, but it's worth noting that there's already a great deal of competition between well-established games like Rise of Kingdoms or Call of Dragons and even new titles like Moonton's Watcher of Realms.

Pre-register for Black Clover M Rise of the Wizard King

Open your app store and pre-register for Black Clover M Rise of Wizard King. This strategic gacha RPG at turn-based invites you to summon your favorite characters in 3D and have them fight in several game modes: normal, boss or PvP combat. Create or join a guild to assist you on your way to Mage Emperor status.

As well as upgrading your characters and customizing their builds, take part in cooking and fishing activities outside the main adventure. Gather ingredients and explore ancillary elements to enjoy the full depth of this iconic adventure. The campaign and characters are enhanced by the anime's Japanese dubbing for VO fans, so get ready for the forthcoming release of Black Clover M Rise of the Wizard King on Android and iOS.

Game Boy-inspired shooter Roto Force to be released on July 17

Following on from Game Boy Jam 5, the Roto Force game has not stopped evolving. After years in development, the game has finally announced a release date of July 17 for PC, Android and iOS. The general public will finally be able to try out this fast-paced shooter featuring levels that turn on themselves. Learn to dash across the level to dodge projectile salvos and reposition yourself.

In-game, you'll find 9 levels and weapons to test, plus boss battles. Initially designed for the game boy, then perfected for the mobile format, Roto Force will offer a free demo level on release, followed by purchase of the full version for players won over by its concept.

And that's the end of review number 112. See you next week for even more mobile gaming news.

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