Squad Busters (Supercell) gameplay discovery and first positive feedback in beta test

Squad Buster gameplay from Supercell studio in beta

As we told you in our weekly mobile games news recaps, the beta of Squad Busters, a Supercell game, was held for 10 days in Canada. This beta ended on February 16 with very positive feedback from players. We could also discover exclusive gameplay of Squad Busters on Android and iOS before the end! I reveal you everything in this article.

Very positive feedback for this first phase of test

On Twitter, the mobile community has confirmed its support for Squad Busters, which they found fun and quite original in its gameplay. As you can see, the feedback from the players seems to be mostly very positive, especially for a phase of test. In some videos, we can see that the in-game performance was sometimes bad but the fun of the game was preserved.

The gameplay of Squad Busters is original and offers a truly unique experience compared to what is available in the multiplayer market. During the beta, Squad Busters revealed a bit more about its competitive aspect with a victory by score in PvP matches. We take a look at what was tested during this closed phase of test .

Squad Busters gameplay on mobile in beta

Let me introduce you to the gameplay of Squad Busters, from the magic potions to the flow of a game, the use of chests, gems, the different game modes available and even the characters planned for the game's release. Get ready for a wild cocktail of all things Supercell.

How a Squad Busters game is played

Let's start this dive into the gameplay of Squad Busters by looking at how a full game was played. You started with a character armed to hit mobs and collect gold. To boost your score, the goal was to collect other characters by paying via chests scattered on the map. The gold needed to unlock the chests had to be looted by defeating PvE enemies, scenery or other player squads.

With these new Squad Busters characters, you could grow your squad of heroes and reach the best score as you fight on maps always very colorful and inspired by all Supercell universes.

Compared to the first trailer which was more of a single player game, this Squad Busters beta revealed some multiplayer gameplay, so keep following our news to make sure you don't miss any new Supercell content.

Characters available or to be unlocked

At launch, Squad Busters will contain at least 156 non-player characters and 43 playable characters. Of course, all of these characters are from Supercell licenses like Clash of Clans or Brawl Stars.

By accumulating experience and loot, it is also possible to unlock other common characters like Colt from Brawl Stars, then the Chicken from Hay Day and the Goblin from Clash. Then you will get access to the rare characters of world 1 and then to world 2 and all the following worlds, with new challenges and items.

Colt Squad Busters character unlocked during the beta

And, when you're not playing with them, you can find your unlocked Squad Busters characters on the home screen. In fact, they're walking around in the central square, just like the Mii's of the Wii or the cookies in your CRK kingdom.

Spells to boost your team instantly

In addition to characters, you can add other items to your arsenal. During your Squad Busters games, you'll have the opportunity to use various spells to strengthen your squad and take full advantage of the depth of gameplay with turnarounds. During the beta, only the Heal, Rage and Freeze spells were available at first.

These spells were used to boost the performance of your initial characters: Barbarian, Greg and El Primo. However, you will have many more spells when Squad Busters is released.

Squad Busters spells available during the test

The rage spell was particularly powerful for eliminating other players. The freeze spell, on the other hand, allowed you to stall and steal objectives and resources. Using these spells well could completely turn the tide of the game depending on which Squad Busters game mode was active.

Squad Busters game modes

To complete this presentation of the Squad Busters gameplay, I have to talk about the available game modes. In multiplayer, Supercell's game offers to join solo or duo games.

For solo players, you should head to the Gem Hunt mode. Here, 9 players compete by eliminating creatures and scenery in PvE for gold and gems. To steal gems from other players, they can also eliminate each other. By the way, death is final in Gem Hunt mode, and the squad with the most gems wins the game.

For those who prefer to play Squad Busters with a friend, the Mine Rush duo mode offers a solution. In-game, you are facing 3 other teams in duo and you have to accumulate a maximum of stones to win. In the Mine Rush mode, death is not final. So you can resurrect your squad after being busted.

That's all we know about Squad Busters' gameplay after this beta, but we'll tell you more in the coming weeks!

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