Call of Dragons
Call of Dragons
Downloads: + 1 000 000

Developed by Lilith Games under the Farlight Games label, the creators of Rise of Kingdoms, Dislyte or AFK Arena, the strategy MMO Call of Dragons is based on solid foundations in mobile gaming. Far from the historical heroes of RoK, Call of Dragons invites you to discover and conquer its medieval fantasy world populated by legendary Behemoths through various battles and missions.

Build your city, place new buildings, upgrade them, summon heroes, and build your power while protecting your city and its war treasure. In PvE, you can battle increasingly powerful creatures for resources and loot, or ally with other warlords to hunt down Behemoths like Hydra and then integrate them into your powerful army. Of course, competition remains the core of the game on the servers so use your exploration and alliances to occupy as much territory as possible and control the different biomes of the map in PvP with your allies.

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