The Watcher of Realms RPG enters pre-registration on mobile and PC, a game by MOONTON

Pre-register for The Watcher of Realms, an Android and iOS mobile RPG

Publisher and developer of Mobile Legends, Moonton announced this week the opening of pre-registration for The Watcher of Realms. Among the future RPGs on mobile, this medieval fantasy title clearly emphasizes its hyper-detailed graphics, probably too much for all the overheating phones. For now, The Watcher of Realms trailer is mostly Cinematic, so we'll have to wait for gameplay videos to find out what it's all about.

Access to Moonton's next mobile game

In its announcement, Moonton presents a game that already plans to have a hundred different heroes at its release to face the gods and demons that enslave the different races of the world. Pre-registration for The Watcher of Realms begins alongside the launch of a video introducing the game. According to the video, in-game, you'll need to deploy varied and balanced character teams with warriors, mages, healers and many other combat roles.

In terms of gameplay, fans of tower defense and strategy will surely find their account. In battle, you will have to take care to choose advantageous positions for your units on the battlefield. If you're a good strategist, you can complete The Watcher of Realms campaign and then take part in the endgame raids, alone or with your guild.

And, from there, you will only have to farm a maximum of improvement materials for your heroes. New heroes will be added later but all of them can be unlocked via the gacha system and will decorate your personal base.

Pre-register for The Watcher of Realms on Android and iOS

The release date of the game has not yet been announced. However, pre-registrations for The Watcher of Realms are already available on Android and iOS. If you want to pre-register for Moonton's RPG, it's very simple. Just go to Google Play or App Store and click on Pre-register to join the list of interested players. By the way, if you like quality RPGs and MMORPGs, you should definitely check out Pax Dei and Dragonheir: Silent Gods coming soon to mobile!

Heroes The Watcher of Realms pre-registration
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