Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has arrived on mobile!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is out on mobile

Thelong-announced remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has finally arrived on mobile. Available on iOS and Android , fans will also be able to choose to play on console. This online cooperative multiplayer game should therefore bring together a maximum number of players from different backgrounds. As promised, Square Enix has opened up cross-play for the game!

Crystal Chronicles still costs about 30 euros, which is a lot of money for a mobile game. For those who are not yet convinced, the game offers a free demo which allows you to experience the beginning of the adventure (3 dungeons) without having to pay.

The trailer with the new features.

Start exploring in a rich universe

As we have seen in the various gameplay videos, Crystal Chronicles offers a very rich universe for a mobile game. Alone or with friends, you have the opportunity to travel through a vast world and dungeon after dungeon. Build the most suitable team, improve your characters and equip yourself with the best equipment to survive the various dangers that will stand in your way.

If the recipe is not new, the original game, dating from 2003, is still very pleasant. Especially since the game is not only a banal rehashed version, but many details have been reworked to improve thegameplay experience (music, graphics, menu features, etc.). There are even new dungeons that will surprise new and old players alike.

Characters of the mobile game Crystal Chronicles.
Build your team for the adventure!

First reviews of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

Crystal Chronicles remains a good mobile game faithful to the Final Fantasy saga. There are, however, already some criticisms from the community. If the mobile version is largely similar to the console version, Crystal Chronicles on smartphone still suffers from the lack of power of its support. The (numerous) loading times are quite long and can make the game experience a bit frustrating. Especially since you can't put your device to sleep during these times. Finally, the game does not really adapt to the size of your screen. So there are big stripes on both sides of the screen that sting the eyes a bit. 😅

The Crystal Chronicles mobile game strips
The stripes on the sides are quite annoying.

These are only small details, but the community has the right to be critical considering the price of the game... This one increases even more if you fall for the Crystal Chronicles DLC (additional characters and weapon packs). We therefore advise you to test the demo before buying it 😉

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