Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to be released on 27 August

Final Fantasy Crystal Chonicles release date

Square Enix has announced the remastered edition of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, its release date will finally be August 27, 2020. In its announcement we learn from the publisher that the game will be available on several platforms: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, IOS and Android. Note that the game was originally scheduled for release on January 23.

The official trailer of the remastered game.

Players will have to wait a little longer before rediscovering this classic RPG. Remember that the original version dates back to 2003 and was on GameCube... Which doesn't make us any younger!

A multiplayer game mode

One of the key features of this new version is the multiplayer mode. The adventure can be played in co-op with up to 4 people. But don't worry, even if your friends don't have the same console as you, Square Enix has announced that the game will allow cross-play!

All players will be able to join together, whether they are mobile or console players. In 2003, it was already possible to play multiplayer, but the conditions were much stricter. Players had to be connected to a local network together.

Nowadays, with the magic of the Internet, there is no need to be in the same room and risk a complex tangle of cables. And if you're the only one among your friends who wants to try the adventure, there's always the option of doing the quest solo!

Improved performance

In addition to a more modern multiplayer mode, the remastered version will offer improved performance. The visuals are updated and the voices have been reworked with new actors. The aim is to make the experience even more enjoyable without distorting the game and upsetting nostalgic fans.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles also adds new elements. On the cosmetic side, you have the possibility to customize your appearance but also that of the NPCs you meet in the game. As for the gameplay itself, brand new dungeons have been added to the new version. Expect new difficulties in the quest for myrrh.

Other details will surely be added to the final render. Square Enix has not yet revealed everything and wants to keep some surprises up its sleeve. The game should cost around 40 euros on console and 24 euros on mobile. All we have to do is wait until the release date of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, on August 27th!

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