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DLC is coming to Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy fans must be in the starting blocks as the release of the latest game is imminent. While the game is not a new release per se but a remastered version, the community is still impatient. Especially since the game was revealed in an in-depth gameplay video! Square Enix also announced the price and content of the DLC for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

With or without DLC, the game has received an impressive facelift. The original version dates back to 2003 but the audio tracks and graphics have been given a good facelift. The gameplay also promises to be richer with new exclusive dungeons to discover.

The game has already revealed itself well through its trailer.

The DLC list

The game will offer a free trial version to allow hesitant buyers to get a clear idea of the content. But for those who are already convinced by Crystal Chronicles, Square Enix offers DLC (downloadable content). These allow you todeepen the game experience and customise it with exclusive characters and weapon packs.

Exclusive characters:

  • Ring of Fates : Yuri and Chelinka;
  • My Life as a King : King Leo and Chancellor Chemistry ;
  • Echoes of Time: Sherlotta ;
  • My Life as a Dark Lord: Mira and Bal Dat ;
  • The Crystal Bearers: Layle.

The studio is making full use of the richness of the saga and the other Final Fantasy games to appeal to nostalgic gamers in this Crystal Chronicles DLC.

Weapon packs:

  • Mog's weapons: Mogcalibur (Clavat), Mogungnir (Lilty), Kupo Kupo Hammer (Yuke) and Kupo Kupo Batôn (Selkie).
  • Reliquary weapons: Apocalypse (Clavat), Catastrophe (Lilty), Executor (Yuke), Condemnation (Selkie).

Taking into account the exchange rate, each character would cost €3.99 and weapons would be purchased as a pack at €4.99.

Characters without Crystal Chronicles DLC
DLC allows for variety.

No other Crystal Chronicles DLC at the moment

For the time being, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles does not have any additional DLC in the pipeline. As the additional content to be purchased is mostly cosmetic, it is not mandatory. With or without DLC, the gameplay experience will remain excellent.

The game studio would do well to stick to this if they don't want to offend their players. DLC policies can quickly turn out to be greedy and very frustrating for players, who are sometimes forced to pay several times to play a single game. Square Enix is rather used to this(Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts). For the moment, it remains rather wise!

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