Top 13: Best mobile horror games on Android and iOS in 2024

best mobile horror game android ios

We're back with our Top 13: best mobile horror games on Android and iOS. We're going to take a look at some of the most popular titles from around the world. If you like to get the chills, or even the willies, from behind your screen, then this top list is for you! So let's pluck up our courage and head for the top 13, starting with the best mobile horror game!

The 13 best mobile horror games to try out

Are you a total badass and do you fall asleep to horror stories? Then you've come to the right place. We've rounded up the 13 best mobile horror games on Android and iOS. Whether you're playing on a tablet or a smartphone, you'll be able to enjoy these supernatural experiences to the full, whether they're frightening noises or a hyperstressive camera. All the ingredients are there to give you the fright of your life. So if you're a thrill-seeker, hang on tight, we're starting our Top 13: best mobile horror games on Android and iOS now !


Reporter 2: the best horror game on mobile

Image presentation Reporter II top mobile horror games
Reporter 2
  • Low price on Android and iOS

  • Well-placed jump scares

  • Creepy sound design

You'll be in the mood from the outset with this Reporter II sequel. In1st place in our top 13: best mobile horror games on Android and iOS, we have this very harrowing opus from AGamin+. After a rather strange introduction in which English is spoken with a thick Russian accent, you learn of a number of disappearances. To make matters worse, you're equipped with a night vision camera that reduces your field of vision.

Extrait Reporter II: best mobile horror games ranking

You explore dark and eerie places, populated by statues stopped in mid-motion. Between reality and nightmare, resist the madness of the apparitions and the horrific soundscape. So it's a well-deserved1st place in our ranking of the 13 mobile horror games on Android and iOS.


METEL Horror Escape

Icon presentation HORROR ESCAPE mobile games horror top
METEL Horror Escape
  • Outwit your captor

  • Think fast and hard!

  • Available free on Android and iOS.

Metel Horror Escape takes second place in our top 13: best mobile horror games on Android and iOS. You know 1.2.3 Soleil, the game from our childhood where you had to move while the counter was turned? Here it's the same, except that you have to try to escape from your prison without your kidnapper noticing. And you also risk elimination, but in the final sense of the word.

Metel Horror Escape, one of the best mobile horror games

You'll have 30 seconds to try and make progress with your escape plan and hide all traces of it before your kidnapper comes back to check on you. This mix of horror, puzzle and stealth will test your nerves to the limit.

One of the best mobile horror games, it's available for free to play on your smartphone or tablet via the download platforms above!


The Baby in Yellow

Icon of the Baby in Yellow for best mobile horror games ranking
The Baby in Yellow
  • Graphically successful

  • Do everything you can to calm the monster

  • Available free on Android and iOS

The Baby in Yellow takes 3rd place in this top 13 list of the best mobile horror games. For some people, even babysitting is a nightmare, but you haven't seen anything yet. Melting walls, flying nappies, psychopathic inscriptions and creepy lullabies. It's all there!

he Baby in Yellow for top 13 mobile horror games Android and iOS

You won't have a great deal of freedom in terms of gameplay, but graphically this title shines more than the other games. The illusions are crazy and the creepy visuals are impressive for mobile, whether on a smartphone or a tablet. One of the mobile horror games you really need to try out!


Dead by Daylight Mobile

Icon presentation Dead by Daylight mobile horror games ranking
Dead by Daylight Mobile
  • Choose your team: psychopath or survivor

  • Hide-and-seek revisited

  • Free-to-play on Android and iOS

In4th place among mobile horror games is the excellent Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game in which you consciously choose to play the role of a survivor who will ally with the other 3 to see the light of day, or you opt for the psychopathic team to try and kill off the 4 survivors.

Dead by Daylight, one of the best mobile horror games

Between two well-placed jumpscares, you'll try to get out of this deadly hide-and-seek. Watch out for the traps and rely on your friends to save you. Whether you're on one side or the other, you'll be entitled to great rewards and bonuses to help you survive. Between betrayals and brutal massacres, play as characters emblematic of the most horrific licences. A title that deserves its place in this top 13 of the best mobile horror games on Adnroid and iOS!


Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation presentation icon top 13 mobile horror games
Alien Isolation
  • Survival Horror par excellence

  • Explore and craft your weapon

  • Alien atmosphere at your fingertips

In 5th place in our Top 13 mobile horror games, for fans of the franchise, is the must-have Alien Isolation. When it first came out on mobile, we did a quick review. It hasn't lost any of its superb appeal, but it's still very resource-hungry to run on smartphones and tablets.

Gameplay extract from Alien Isolation mobile horror games

In the familiar atmosphere of the films, you play the role of Helen RIPLEY's daughter, Amanda, who, having never seen her mother return despite her promise, goes to investigate Sebastopol station. There you'll encounter horror, silence and, alas, no solitude. The Xenomorph is there. But you didn't know that, so having inherited your mother's ingenuity, you're going to create your own weapon from the elements you find as you explore.

Only the price and the memory required to function perfectly are obstacles to the immediate purchase of this opus in the Alien saga, which is well worth a look!


Into The Dead

Into the Dead presentation icon mobile horror games ranking
Into The Dead
  • Easy to use

  • Available free on Android and iOS

  • Over 60 levels available

In 6th place in this ranking of the best mobile horror games is Into the Dead 2. The long-awaited sequel to Into the Dead finds you during the zombie apocalypse, a little too far away from your family. You'll need to collect weapons and ammunition as you fight your way through hordes of zombies.

Into the Dead - top 6 best mobile horror games

Accompanied by your pet, you make your way through forests, fields and other hungry zombies, trying to escape the horror that surrounds you and finally discover one of the many endings. One of the best uncontroversial mobile horror games.

If you like zombies and survival, don't miss out on State of Survival, which has everything you need.


Horror Tale 2

Icon presentation Horror Tale 2 mobile games horror
Horror Tale 2
  • Thinking and stress

  • Available for free on Android and iOS

  • A complete true story

In 7th place in the top 13 best mobile horror games is Horror Tale 2. A much-loved sequel to Horror Tale, you're one of Lakewitch's missing children. You escape from your cell and find other victims, alive or dead.

Gameplay Horror tale 2 example for top mobile horror games

Uncover the mystery behind your kidnapper's bloody rabbit mask by solving puzzles and finding answers to questions surrounding your psychopathic jailer.

To make the game even more stressful, you can play hide-and-seek with the kidnapper - that is, if you dare. Available free on Android and iOS, scare yourself without hesitation by trying out this mobile horror game, on tablet or smartphone depending on how brave you are.


Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal

Presentation icon for Oxenfree2 lost signal mobile horror games
Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal
  • Available free with NETFLIX subscription

  • An excellent soundtrack

  • Translated into French

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal takes 8th place in this ranking of the best mobile horror games. In this opus in the narrative series, you find yourself in a town, Camena, where strange signals can be heard through crackling radios that seem to communicate with the dead.

Example gameplay Oxenfree Mobile horror games

The excellent soundtrack fully immerses you in this complete and captivating story, reminiscent of 90s horror films. The story may bring a tear to your eye, but the atmosphere is there to make you shudder. Play with headphones for total immersion!

If you want to try out this mobile horror game, you can do the same with Oxenfree, also available via your classic NETFLIX subscription.


The Ghost

Presentation icon The Ghost mobile horror games
The Ghost
  • Available free on Android and iOs

  • Attractive storyline

  • Multiplayer game

In 9th place in this Top 13 of the best mobile horror games on Android and iOS we have The Ghost. You're an innocent human wandering around a place haunted by a supernatural entity. At first all was (almost) well as you were being treated in a perfectly normal hospital. But on the last morning of your stay, you discover that you are virtually alone, accompanied by a handful of people, and that the place seems to have been abandoned a long time ago.

Extrait gameplay The Ghost mobile horror games

You're going to have to help each other get out of there, any way you can. You're under pressureto find the elements you need to escape, but you're also stressed by the voices of your fellow prisoners. You hear them being flushed out by the screamer before disappearing into dead silence.

With The Ghost, we have one of the most magnificent free-to-play mobile horror games with ultra-solid multiplayer, which you should dare to try out on your tablet or smartphone.


Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate custom night

FNAF presentation icon mobile horror games
Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night
  • All animatronics available

  • Premium price

  • Mashup of all games

You've probably already heard of our 10th place winner in this top 13 of best mobile horror games: Five Nights At Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night. Indeed, FNAF has been making a lot of noise, both in the film world and as a mobile game.

With this opus, which is a mash-up of all the games in the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise, you'll find almost all the animatronics from the seven games in the licence, along with their challenges and associated rooms.

mobile game horror top 13

With French subtitles, Ultimate Custom Night is a compilation of the best of Five Nights At Freddy's with adjustable difficulty. Priced at just £3.30, you can enjoy a terrifying experience on your smartphone or tablet, or even create custom challenges from start to finish.

Tell us in the comments what your favourite game in the series is!


Poppy Playtime

Presentation icon for Poppy Playtime mobile horror games
Poppy Playtime
  • Come and play pinball at the factory with Huggy and his friends

  • Small price for big thrills

  • Retro atmosphere

In 11th place in this top list of mobile horror games on Android and iOS, we find Poppy Playtime. Welcome to PlayTime Company's disused toy factory. Imagine Toy Story gone wrong with a giant monster, Poppy, out to kill you. Puzzles are at the heart of the gameplay and you'll find a little quirkiness, thanks in particular to a portable pack that gives you two extendable arms (sound familiar?) ;)

Top 13 best mobile horror games Poppy Playtime

In this retro atmosphere, find out what happened to the people who worked here and disappeared through audio cassettes and your exploration. Meet the toys from hell, survive chases through levels and ventilation systems.

Poppy Playtime is one of the mobile horror games you can invest in with your eyes shut, for some good, scary fun (€2.60 for thefirst chapter and €5 for the second). Poppy Playtime Story Mode is also in our top Roblox horror games!


Very Little Nightmares

Icon presentation Very Little Nightmares mobile horror games
Very Little Nightmares
  • Put your brain to the test

  • Small Premium Price

  • Horrific and creepy atmosphere

In 12th place in this top 13 of the best mobile horror games is the very good Very Little Nightmares. The famous girl in the yellow raincoat tries to find her way through the creepy isometric scenery. Its horrific, creepy atmosphere is sure to conquer your smartphone or tablet.

The game deploys a mix of reflection and exploration in a gloomy house for a story that takes place before the original episode of the licence.

Extrait view gameplay Very little nightmares games horror

Every element in the setting wants you dead and will do everything in its power to trap you, but your intelligence will help you triumph. Ideal for testing your neurons against a backdrop of foreboding in every room. Very Little Nightmares is available at low prices on our online stores.

Don't miss our review of the first Little Nightmares game to discover the world of one of today's best mobile horror games!


Eyes : Scray Thriller

Game icon Eye Scary Thriller mobile horror games
Eyes : Scary Thriller
  • Run fast to survive

  • Available free on Android and iOS

  • Different game modes available

To round off this Top 13 of the best mobile horror games on Android and iOS, we've got Eyes: Scary Thriller. A cocktail of everything you need to turn up the heat. Lots of darkness, eyes painted on the walls, a creature chasing you and levels worthy of a maze.

Gameplay extract Eyes Scary Thriller Top 13 best horror games

As you explore, you can collect eye paint to give you a temporary view of the monster stalking you. You can see through the monster's eyes to find out where it is. But if you can see your own back, it's already too late.

Try to stay calm and use your special powers wisely to give yourself the best chance of survival. Thrills are guaranteed in this free-to-play game, which also features a multiplayer and pixel art mode, to be unlocked by farming or via a premium purchase. Keep your eyes peeled!

The different types of mobile horror games on Android and iOS

There are 4 main categories of horror games that can be played on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Adventure or runners: You explore worlds, rooms or floors in search of items required by your quest. Your only aim is to survive and get out of the place you're in. In fact, check out our top open-world mobile games!

  • Narrative adventure, psychological horror: more or less the same system as the adventure proper, but each chapter you complete teaches you a little more about your tormentor's past or the events that led to this situation.

  • Survival FPS: usually set in a post-apocalyptic world, you have to fight for your survival and use all your ingenuity, reflexes and flawless aim to at least see the next day dawn.

  • Riddles, puzzles: logically, you have to solve riddles or puzzles to advance the plot and, at the same time, achieve your ultimate goal: get out of this place where you're trapped or get to the extraction point so that help can find you.

However, it's not uncommon for the different types of mobile horror games to intermingle to make the game even more stressful! Trying to solve a puzzle quickly when you hear zombies getting closer and closer is no easy task!

We hope you've enjoyed this top 13 list of the best mobile horror games on Android and iOS, and that it's given you some ideas for your next thrill-seeking evening. We hope the number 13 in this top list brings you luck!

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