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TFT Set 9 Traits: Our tips on the new classes and origins

TFT Set 9 Traits: Our tips on the new classes and origins

After the attack on the monsters, the Runeterra Reforged universe welcomes the new TFT set 9 traits. Let's take a look at the classes and origins with which we'll have to build the best TFT meta compositions over the next six months to win games and climb the rankings.

TFT set 9 Traits: new origins list

Among the new TFT Set 9 Traits are a number of origins that correspond to the regions offered in the portals at the start of the game. While some origins, such as Ionia or Targon, are reminiscent of old traits from previous sets, others seem very different. Noxus, for example, are already making a name for themselves on the test servers, thanks to their bonuses, which increase with each enemy death.

TFT set 9 Traits: Darius, champion of Noxus

What's more, two new traits are back in this TFT 9 set of our favorite little champions: the Yordles, who can reach 4 stars, and the Void champions, who can summon the powerful Baron Nashor.

OriginsChampionsTFT Set 9 traits effects
Darkin TFT icon
AatroxWhen Aatrox or the Darkin Blade's wearer dies, it is recovered by the nearest ally, who benefits from a bonus of 500 HP and 20% omnivampirism.
Icon Demacia trait TFT set 9
Kayle, Poppy, Galio, Garen, Sona, Jarvan IV and LuxAt the start of each turn, one or more of your Demacian champions becomes Elite and gains a random Radiant item. Elite champions confer a bonus of armor and magic resistance on nearby allies, but this effect is not cumulative.
Freljord icon TFT trait
Ashe, Lissandra and SejuaniAfter 5 seconds of combat, a Freljord storm invades the field and inflicts a percentage of gross damage on enemy units. Freljord units also gain bonuses according to the number in your TFT composition.
Shadow Isles TFT trait icon
Shadow Isles
Maokai, Viego, Kalista, Gwen and SennaAfter inflicting or receiving damage 8 times, Shadow Isles units gain a shield for 8 seconds and transform into specters for the rest of the battle. Specters gain mana every second.
Empress icon TFT trait
Bel'VethWhen Bel'Veth kills an enemy unit, a Void Coral appears. The first gives a 50% max HP bonus, and the next a 20% heal. While Bel'Veth consumes a Void Coral, enemies within a radius of 2 squares lose 10% of their maximum HP.
Ionia TFT set 9 trait icon
Irelia, Jhin, Sett, Zed, Karma, Shen, Yasuo and AhriEvery 4 seconds, the strongest of your Ionian champions lights up, enters spirit form and gains 20 mana. All champions of this origin have bonuses linked to their spell, which is doubled when they light up.
Void TFT trait icon
Cho'Gath, Malzahar, Kassadin, Rek'Sai, Vel'Koz, Kai'Sa, Bel'VethVoid champions summon an egg. When your team has lost 40% of its HP, a creature emerges from the egg. Depending on the number of Void units on the field, the creature grows in power until it becomes Baron Nashor.
Noxus TFT set 9 trait icon
Cassiopeia, Samira, Kled, Swain, Darius, Katarina and SionNoxus units gain a bonus in HP, power and attack damage. This bonus is increased by 10% for each opponent you defeat in combat or who dies.
Piltover TFT trait icon
OriannaVi, Ekko, Jayce and HeimerdingerYou earn a T-Hex. Every time you lose a fight, it gains a charge. When you win a fight, the T-Hex releases its charges, enhancing its power. You can also sell the T-Hex to convert its power into loot.
Shurima TFT trait icon
Cassiopeia, Renekton, Taliyah, Akshan, Azir, Nasus and K'SanteEvery 4 seconds, Shurima champions heal by 7% of their maximum HP. After 8 seconds of combat, units gain 50% attack speed and 20% max HP.
Targon TFT set 9 trait icon
Soraka, Taric, ApheliosYour heals and shields are improved.
Wanderer TFT trait icon
RyzeRyze's spells change according to the portal determined at the start of the game.
Yordle TFT trait icon
Poppy Tristana, Kled, Teemo and HeimerdingerAllied champions gain 10% attack speed per star level. Yordles can become 4 stars and gain a spell upgrade.
Zaun TFT trait icon
Jinx, Warwick, Ekko, Urgot, ZeriZaun champions create chem-mods that only they can use. Each champion can equip only one chem-mod, which can only be removed by selling the champion.

New TFT Set 9 origins list

We continue our presentation of the new TFT Set 9 Traits with the classes. There are fewer upheavals than in the original set, with the return of the Gunners, Bruisers and Sorcerers.

TFT set 9 Traits: Aphelios, the Deadeye champion

The classes that currently stand out the most among the new TFT traits in Set 9 are the Slayers and their omnivampirism, and the Deadeyes, who are capable of attacking rear lines even if opposing tanks are still alive.

ClassesChampionsTFT Set 9 traits effects
Bastion TFT set 9 trait icon
Maokai, Poppy, Kassadin, Taric, Shen, K'SanteBastion champions gain armor and magic resist. This bonus is increased by 100% during the first 10 seconds of combat.
Slayer TFT trait icon
Kayle, Kled, Zed, Gwen and AatroxExecutioner units gain 15% omnivampirism, as well as a damage bonus that is doubled against units with less than 75% of their maximum HP.
Gunner TFT icon
Tristana Jinx, , Zeri and Senna JayceWhen Gunners attack, they get a cumulative damage bonus of 8 times.
Challenger TFT icon
Irelia, Samira, Warwick, Kalista, Kai'Sa and YasuoChallengers gain a bonus to their attack speed. When their target dies, Challengers attack a new target. Their attack speed bonus is then increased by 50% for 2.5 seconds.
Juggernaut TFT trait icon
Sett, Warwick, Darius, Garen, Nasus and AatroxJuggernauts champions take less damage when their HP drops.
Bruiser TFT set 9 trait icon
Cho'Gath, Renekton, Vi, Rek'Sai, Sejuani, SionAll your units gain 100 VP. Bruisers champions gain more.
Technogenius TFT icon
HeimerdingerYou win a Turret, which can be upgraded in the store for 6 gold coins. You can buy a maximum of 3 upgrades.
Invoker TFT trait icon
Cassiopeia, Galio, Soraka, Lissandra, Shen and RyzeAllied units recover mana every 3 seconds.
Multicaster TFT trait icon
Taliyah, Teemo, Sona and Vel'KozMulticasters cast their spells several times. Bonus spells are 50% more effective.
Rogue TFT set 9 trait icon
Viego, Zed, Ekko and KatarinaThe first time Rogues champions drop below 50% of their max HP, they become impossible to target and charge towards an enemy up to 4 squares away. With the 4 Rogues, attacks get damage bonuses and cause bleeding.
Redeemer TFT trait icon
SennaWhen allies obtain a shield, they gain an 8% attack speed bonus, cumulative until the end of the fight.
Sorcerer TFT set 9 trait icon
Malzahar Orianna, , , Vel'Koz, and Ahri Swain Taric LuxWhen Sorcerers help to kill an enemy, they trigger an arcane shock that inflicts damage based on maximum HP. Sorcerers also gain a power bonus.
Strategist TFT trait icon
SwainTeemo, Azir, Jarvan IVAt the start of combat, units in the front two lines receive a shield for 8 seconds, while units in the rear two lines receive a power bonus.
Deadeye TFT trait icon
JhinAshe, Akshan, Aphelios and UrgotThe range of Deadeye units is increased by 1. Every three seconds, Deadeyes attack the enemy with the highest percentage of HP and gain a damage bonus.

So much for our TFT set 9 traits guide. You now have all the information you need to create the best compositions TFT. To find out more about the other new features in this new TFT set 9, such as augments, legends and portals, I invite you to consult our tips section regularly over the coming days.

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