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TFT Set 10 Best Comps Tier List

tft set 10 tier list

One thing that makes Teamfight Tactics so fun is the near-endless possibility of Champion combinations. However, not all Champions are created equal and some compositions work better than others - that’s why we’ve created our TFT Set 10 tier list.

Our list shows off some of the best TFT comps in the current meta to give you an idea of what you should go for if you want to secure some wins.

TFT Set 10 Tier List - Best Comps in TFT Patch 13.25

TFT Patch 13.25, along with 13.24, introduced some sweeping changes on December 14, completely shaking up the meta. Popular traits like Country and Jazz were nerfed while poor performing ones, like 8-bit, were buffed, and many Champions saw slight adjustments.

This means if you were playing before the patch, you can expect to see a range of new compositions and units take center stage.

Our list uses a standard lettered ranking system, with the S tier being reserved for the best of the best, followed by A, B, and so on.

TFT Set 10 S-Tier Comps

Sentinel Ahri : the best TFT set 10 comp of our tier list

First up is one of the hottest comps of patch 13.25, Sentinel Ahri. This is a straightforward front-to-back comp that utilizes a Blitzcrank Sentinel headliner to create a strong frontline, while Ahri deals massive damage safely from the back.

tft set 10 tier list sentinel ahri board

  • When to play: If you find good Ahri items - Blue Buff, Hextech Gunblade, Nashor’s Tooth

  • How to play: Aim for a fast level 8, while picking up Sentinels and Spellweavers.

Annie Reroll

Annie Reroll is a powerful TFT composition that somehow survived the wave of nerfs. It’s easy to play and a constant top performer, as long as there isn’t too much competition for Annie.

tft set 10 tier list annie reroll board

  • When to play: Requires Headliner Annie, and lots of Annies.

  • How to play: Don’t level early, roll down for Annie at 3-1. Remember the Superfan trait will give your Annie a Jeweled Gauntlet.


The hottest new comp on the block utilizes Jax as a 2-cost carry, boosted up by the EDM trait. This comp has seen great success, especially once 3-star Jax is online and backed by Lux.

EDM Jax board

  • When to play: Requires Headliner Jax and Jax 3-star.

  • How to play: Roll for Headliner Jax at level 5, then aim to 3-star Jax at level 6. Use EDM Sample on Jax and position Lux on your second row for extra damage.

K/DA Ahri & Akali

Last but not least in S-tier is another fairly straightforward comp - Ahri and & Akali. This comp utilizes the K/DA trait to boost your team’s damage and quickly tear down your opponents.

k/da board

  • When to play: If you find lots of K/DA units and good items for Ahri or Akali.

  • How to play: Buy K/DA units and Superfans, get Ahri or Akali Headliner.

TFT Set 10 A-Tier Comps


Country isn’t dead, but it sure is weaker. The trait has taken a hit with the recent patches and while it is still playable, it’s no longer lighting up the lobby. It can still win you games, although it now just takes a bit more luck with finding the correct Champions.

tft set 10 tier list country board

  • When to play: With a Country opener or good items for Samira/Urgot.

  • How to play: Get to level 7 ASAP and slow roll for Samira and Urgot 3. Requires Country headliner, preferably Samira or Urgot.

True Damage Yasuo

This is a fairly simple comp, utilizing Yasuo as a 1-cost carry that deals mostly True Damage. It can go very well if you hit enough Yasuo’s and good items.

yasuo board

  • When to play: If you find lots of Yasuo’s and Yasuo Headliner.

  • How to play: Don’t level early, roll down for Yasuo at 3-1. Items are fairly flexible in this comp, just make sure to give Yasuo AD and some healing.

Crowd Divers

Crowd Divers is a comp focused on Katarina and the Crowd Divers trait. It’s all about big damage and having your carry do the heavy lifting, so it’s a great pick if you want to see one unit destroy a whole team.

crowd divers board

  • When to play: If you find Katarina Headliner with Crowd Diver.

  • How to play: Slow roll for Katarina 3-star on level 6. Remember the Superfan trait will give your Katarina a Hand of Justice.

Pentakill Akali

This can be a very powerful comp, utilizing the Pentakill trait to give your team massive damage. However, it is very reliant on getting a Pentakill emblem, which makes it inconsistent at best.

tft set 10 tier list pentakill board

  • When to play: With a strong K/DA opener and if you find a Pentakill emblem.

  • How to play: Look for Mordekaiser Headliner, then level to 8.

TFT Set 10 B-Tier Comps


Entering at B-tier, Disco is a comp that utilizes Twisted Fate and other AP Champions to burst with magic damage. It requires a bit of setup and struggles against the faster pace of comps in S and A tier.

disco board

  • When to play: If you start with lots of Disco Champions.

  • How to play: Level to 8 and find Twisted Fate Headliner.

Heartsteel Ezreal

This comp is for all the Heartsteel fans out there. It utilizes Heartsteel to collect a ton of Hearts and use the rewards to ramp up into a powerful lategame.

heartsteel board

  • When to play: With early Heartsteel units.

  • How to play: Utilize the Heartsteel trait to level quickly and look for Ezreal Headliner with Heartsteel.

Riven Reroll

Last but not least is Riven Reroll. This comp aims to combine Riven with a strong frontline to wear down the opposition. At B-tier, this comp can win you games, but it’ll require a lot of luck and even then some of the more powerful comps can still take it down.

riven reroll board

  • When to play: With Riven Headliner and AD items.

  • How to play: Level to 7 and roll for Riven 3-star.

That’s it for our tier list. These are some of the best TFT Set 10 comps - make sure to try out a few and see which suits you best! Make sure to check out our other Teamfight Tactics tips!

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