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Brawl Stars events | Game modes overview

Events Brawl Stars

The Brawl Stars events represent the different game modes available for your brawlers to fight. They are very varied and are played on regularly renewed maps. This variety allows each brawler in the game to be interesting depending on the event and the map in progress. If you are new to Supercell's game, be sure to check out our beginner's guide first ūüėČ

Brawl Stars events in brief

If during particular moments like Christmas, special events are set up, generally speaking, seven events are constant. Some of these events are unlocked on the first launch of the game, while others require trophies to be collected in order to be unlocked.

Brawl Stars Events - Trophy Progression
Brawlball event unlocks after 150 total trophies

We list the events to be unlocked via trophies in the table below:

EventHow to unlock it?
Razzia of gemsUnlocked from the start
Solo/duo survivorUnlocked with 30 total trophies
BrawlballUnlocked with 150 total trophies
Battle of the GiantsUnlocked with 800 total trophies
HeadquartersUnlocked with 350 total trophies
Reserved areaUnlocked with 350 total trophies
Marathon StarUnlocked after obtaining the star power of a brawler.

Brawl Stars events in detail

All Brawl Stars events feature one or two simultaneous maps. These are renewed every 24 hours. While the variety of maps means that each brawler can be interesting at any given time, there are some general details to be aware of about each event.

In the list of events, you can select which game mode you want to participate in. That's not all, on this screen you can get information about the current version of each event.

Brawl Stars Events - List
The information button for each event is very useful

Razzia of gems

The Gem Razzia is the core event of Brawl Stars. It sees teams of three brawlers compete in arenas to collect gems. Gems are generated every five seconds and a brawler loses all gems if killed.

Events Brawl Stars - Gem Razzia
When the event is part of a quest, it is indicated in the event info

Each time a team reaches at least ten gems, a fifteen second countdown starts. If at the end of the countdown, the opposing team has not obtained more gems or has not reduced the number of gems of the first team, the game ends.


In the Survivor event, Brawl Stars comes close to a Battle Royale. Depending on the mode (solo or duo), you are thrown into an arena and the last survivor(s) wins the game.

Events Brawl Stars - Survivor
The surviving event may have surprises like a meteor shower

During this mode, you can collect power cubes from chests or by killing enemies. By collecting them, your brawler will increase its attack power and health points for combat.


The Brawlball mode is similar to a game of Rocket League. You are thrown onto a football pitch where a ball is waiting to hit the opponent's goal. The first team to score two goals wins the match.

Events Brawl Stars - Brawlball

It is important to note that any brawler who gets the ball back cannot attack. So be strategic. Finally, if no team has scored two goals when the time is up, a two-minute overtime is started (with no obstacles on the map).

Battle of the Giants

In Giant Fighting mode, five brawlers team up to defeat a giant brawler. The giant brawler is overpowered and has very high health.

Events Brawl Stars - Battle of the Giants

The five brawlers must work together to eliminate their giant opponent. Depending on your position, adapt your strategy.


The Seat event is one of the most original events in Brawl Stars. Two teams of three brawlers compete against each other. Each team ownsa turret which they must fill with bolts to be found on the map. After a while, your turret turns into an overpowered robot (whose power depends on the number of bolts).

Events Brawl Stars - Headquarters

The goal is to destroy the opponent's turret. Make sure you don't run into your opponent's robot or destroy it quickly if you do. The latter is very powerful and inflicts a lot of damage.

Reserved area

The Reserved Area is one of the newest events in Brawl Stars. It sees two teams of three brawlers compete against each other. In this arena, the goal is to position yourself in the predefined zones for as long as possible.

Brawl Stars Events - Reserved Area

Each time a player of a team is in a zone, a gauge fills up. The team with the fullest gauge at the end of the game wins the match.

As you can see, there are many different events in Brawl Stars. Better still, as the maps for these events change, there are many different ways to approach Brawl Stars. Our Tier List brawlers by event can help you make your choice before you go into battle.

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)


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