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Tier List Brawl Stars | Best brawlers by game mode

Tier list Brawl Stars - image one

Brawl Stars is a very complete game! Indeed, whether it is on the level of available fighters or game modes, the depth of Supercell's game is no longer to be proven. As you know, the gameplay is very different from one brawler to another. The gamedesign also knows how to renew itself through the different events. But whether you are a beginner or not in Brawl Stars, it is not at all obvious which brawler is suitable for which game mode. Each brawler has its own skills and each game mode has its own specificities.
So in this article we try to shed some light on the subject! We explain which are the best brawlers for the game mode you choose! Check out our Tier list Brawl Stars by mode without delay. ⤵️

If you're new to the game, pick up all the important info on our Brawl Stars beginner's guide. ⭐️

Tier list Brawl Stars - Razzia of Gems

Gem raid mode is the main game mode in Brawl Stars. Available from your first login to the game, it sees teams of 3 players compete against each other. Amongst the Brawlers, some are more suited to this mode than others. The following tier-list presents the best Brawl Stars fighters for gem raiding.

Tier list Brawl Stars - gem raid
Tier list brawlers for the Gem Razzia

Penny: to control a part of the map

She reloads quickly, can shoot over walls and from an impressive distance. Penny is therefore a character that allows you to easily control a part of the map. If you haven't unlocked her yet, Jessie can play as an alternative.

Nita: for her aggressive role

It hits hard and over a wide area. Moreover, its bear harasses the enemies making them easier to reach. Her role is therefore to be aggressive. Spike can play the same role, but the latter is difficult to unlock.

Pam: for her caring capacity

Thanks to its distance and attack area, it is also perfect for controlling a large area of land. Furthermore, her healing ability is very useful as a support. If you haven't unlocked Pam, don't hesitate to try Poco.

Barley: For his zone attack

His zone attack allows him to be one of the best supporters. He can bring down an entire team. What's more, the opposing turrets won't last long in the face of Barley's attacks. Dynamike can be a good alternative.

Jacky : for his big damage to the cac

She does a lot of damage in close combat. Moreover, her attack has a large area, so she can hit her opponents through a wall. Jacky will be able to eliminate several opponents at once by combining her super with a series of attacks.

Sandy : for its Super that camouflages

Its long-range attacks may annoy your opponents, but that's not the big advantage of Sandy. Indeed, its super creating a zone in which your teammates are camouflaged is very interesting in this mode. It is thus an excellent support for the gem raid.

Tier-list Brawl Stars - Brawlball

The BrawlBall mode is certainly the most original event in the game. We offer you the details of this tier list.

Tier list Brawl Stars - brawlball
Tier list brawlers for Brawlball

Billie: for her murderous attacks

Her attack can repel and damage several opponents at once. Despite this, it is Billie's super that is particularly interesting. Her gum bubble bounces off the walls several times. In this game mode, the ball can therefore hit many opponents gathered around the ball.

Nita: for her scoring ability

Thanks to its bear, it will be very annoying for its opponents. The bear can keep them busy until a goal is scored. In addition, her long-range attack offers great attacking possibilities.

Spike: for his wide attacks

It will be particularly effective in Brawlball due to the small size of the map. Thanks to his spikes, he can easily hit several opponents. Moreover, Spike will be able to block the passage to the latter.

Carl: for his field control

The small size of the cards is also to his advantage. His deck can therefore easily hit opponents on the way in and on the way out. Moreover, his super covers a large part of the field in Brawlball mode.

Tier-list Brawl Stars - Solo Survivor

In single player survivor mode, you have to choose a powerful brawler. The most interesting ones are the following.

Tier list Brawl Stars - single survivor
Tier list brawlers for Solo Survivor mode

Leon: for its range and discretion

Its attack allows to strongly hit an opponent in close combat. On the other hand, its long range also allows you to finish off an opponent from a distance. Moreover, its super to become invisible allows you to get out of a complicated situation.

Pam: for its care and turret

Its attacks are not easy to place but once you have unlocked your turret, you become almost invincible. By staying close, you can then wait for your opponents and finish them off as they get closer.

Darryl: for his damage to the cac

He is the near-perfect combination for survivor mode. Being able to inflicthuge damage in close combat, his super allows you to escape from a dangerous situation. Finally, his super recharges over time, so even without fighting, you'll have quick access to it.

Crow: for its science of placement

Its fast movements allow it to ensureoptimal placement at all times. At the same time, its long-range, poison-inflicting attacks allow it to quickly kill an opponent.

Brock: to eliminate his opponents quickly

Depending on the map chosen, he is simply the best fighter in survivor mode. With just a few boosts, he can take out an opponent in one hit. Even better, on a suitable map, his super can take out several fighters in one go. If you haven't unlocked him yet, Colt can be an interesting alternative.

Tier-list Brawl Stars - Survivor duo

A good team is essential in duo survivor mode. However, some brawlers are particularly well suited.

Tier list Brawl Stars - survivor duo
Tier list brawlers for the Survivor Duo mode

Crow: for its high speed

Its speed and attack range make it a perfect Brawler for the survivor mode. Combined with effective support, his poison attacks do enormous damage.

Leon: for its range

As in the single player mode, he is very interesting. Being able to hit opponents from afar, Leon can also save the team from a dangerous situation with his super.

Barley: for his zone capture

You haven't heard the last of him in this article. Aided by a heavyweight, his attack and super can take out several opponents at once and quickly become powerful with a few boosts.

Pam: to care for her teammate

The same goes for the healer, she is often used. In duo survivor mode, she can place her turret to ensure a safe zone for her team.

Brock: because he's the best! 🙂

As explained earlier, he can quickly become formidable in duo survivor mode. With his attacks being able to kill an opponent quickly, a support such as Pam or Leon can make Brock quickly almost invincible!

Tier-list Brawl Stars - Prime

The last mode to be added, the bonus mode, promises intense battles. Some brawlers are more suited than others, however.

Tier list Brawl Stars - Prime
Tier list brawlers for Prime mode

Piper: for her discretion

With her sniper, she is not represented in many game modes, but you will often see her in bonus mode. Her super destroys walls, allowing you toattack a hidden enemy or escape from a risky situation. If automatic attack is out of the question with Piper, she quickly becomes the number 1 fighter in bonus mode.

Brock: for his ranged attacks

And yes, him again! 🙂 his attack distance is lower than Piper's but still great. Its use is similar, hitting opponents from a distance to destroy them quickly.

Penny: for its mortar

Thanks to her mortar, Penny quickly becomes a nightmare for her opponents. While they are occupied by the turret, you can wreak havoc among your opponents. Combine Penny with Brock and Piper to become virtually invincible!

Bo: for its star power

His ranged attacks and his super make him very interesting. Despite this, Bo will only be extremely powerful in prime mode after unlocking his star power. At this point, Bo is able to detect enemy opponents and becomes an indispensable part of the bonus mode.

Dynamike: for its lack of risk

It can inflict heavy damage without taking too much risk. Since in Prime mode it is more important not to die than to kill, Dynamike is perfectly suited. In addition, his attacks will dislodge potential hidden opponents.

Tier-list Brawl Stars - Brawl

In the robbery mode, you will have to protect your trunk while trying to destroy your opponents'. Some brawlers are particularly powerful for this mode.

Tier list Brawl Stars - Brawl
Tier list brawlers for the Robbery

Brock: still going strong

He will be able to play the role of a defender thanks to his super which allows him to control a large area. Furthermore, thanks to his long range, he can be a great help when it comes to attacking. Again, Brock requires practice as his missiles require precision. Once you get the hang of it, you'll understand just how powerful Brock is!

Bull: for its fast kills

Easy to get, easy to play, it is certainly the best brawler in brawler mode. His strategy is not complicated: stay on defense and eliminate the opponents approaching until you get the super. Afterwards, his super allows him to break through walls and rush to the opponent's safe and empty his magazine into it.

It is important to note that depending on the card chosen, a top-tier brawler may be more effective than another in a given mode. Thanks to all these tier list Brawl Stars, you have all the cards in hand to become a pro-gamer of the game.
Don't hesitate to take a look at our tips page on the game to learn even more! ⭐️

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)


I play during season 5, it surprised me to find Brock so many times! Normally I would have put Amber in first position...

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So as time goes on, Brawlers get better and better. In terms of time, Tick is very strong in modes where it's about killing the opponent, as the Brawler we know with the least amount of life covers a lot of ground and in close combat, with the ultimate, can quickly put opponents away. With Edgar, it is now extremely easy to defeat Brock on multiple levels in close combat. My favourite, however, is Spike as he is extremely strong in close combat and at long range!

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