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The Contorted Realm guide AFK Arena: best compo, path and tips

The Contorted Realm Guide AFK Arena

With the help of this The Contorted Realm guide AFK Arena, you'll find it easier to collect all the reward chests along the way. This level of the mobile game AFK Arena isn't one of the easiest, but with the help of our The Contorted Realm solver, it's within your grasp. Let's take a closer look at what this quest is all about. I'll then give you a few suggestions of heroes to choose from to complete the level.

The Contorted Realm guide AFK Arena: the best team composition

Before looking in detail at the best team composition for The Contorted Realm, let's take a closer look at the chapter itself. This will allow you to prepare your teams of heroes to defeat all the mobs blocking your way back to the various chests. Where do you start if you want to win and complete 100% of The Contorted Realm AFK Arena?

The team of heroes you choose to win each battle will be decisive. This Guide to The Contorted Realm AFK Arena will help you maximise your chances in battle.

You'll have several battles to win in order to collect the chests offered by this quest. Here are the details:

  • Number of battles: 26,

  • Minimum level / Maximum level: 219-310,

  • Most common Faction in the level: Light / Graveborn,

  • Recommended minimum level: 250 - 260.

Given these parameters, our The Contorted Realm Guide AFK Arena takes into account the compositions you'll encounter, and offers you one of the best performing compositions.




Efficiency in The Contorted Realm



Area Damage (AoE)

"Tortured Souls" damages enemies and converts the damage inflicted into restored health.




His ultimate can stun enemies. This stun has a fairly large area of effect and can therefore affect more than 3 enemies simultaneously.



Continuous damage

Pippa randomly imitates the basic effects of Nemora, Arden or Tasi's ultimate, which doesn't require continuous casting.




His ultimate, "Fissure", takes control of an enemy, drawing them towards him and disabling their attacks.




Tasi puts all enemy targets to sleep for 4 seconds. Once the enemies are awake, they will take 25% of the damage they received while asleep.

To complete The Contorted Realm on AFK Arena, don't go too fast!

The Contorted Realm AFK Arena is like a maze. It's very easy to get lost by taking the wrong path, or by accidentally taking a teleport. Our guide is there to accompany you every step of the way. Like Tom Thumb, I'll sow seeds along the way to guide you through each battle. The mobs you encounter will get stronger and stronger, so make sure you choose your relics carefully according to the composition of your team.

My first tip for The Contorted Realm? Follow me carefully! You'll notice that certain buttons, tiles and teleports disappear as you go along...

At the start, the first camp of mobs blocks your way. Roll up your sleeves, it's time for your first battle. Behind this camp, you'll find a slightly raised slab with a button. Beat the first group of mobs, activate the button, then take the teleport.

First stage of the Contorted Realm Guide AFK Arena

You will arrive on a platform with 4 enemy camps and a button in the centre. WARNING: Do NOT press this button! Start by fighting the two sides on the left, then go back up to bypass the button to fight the side at the top right, then the one below. Once you've won all 4 battles, head off down the path below. The slab will disappear after you've gone through.

You'll have two new mob camps to fight. The Contorted Realm requires you to manage the health of your heroes and the relics you choose to gain attack and defence. Fight them, then you'll reach a new platform.

Second stage of the Contorted Realm

You'll then have three new battles to fight. Start with the one at the top, then the one at the bottom and finally the one on the right. WARNING: Do NOT step on the central button until you have completed all the battles! When you've won everything, step on it; then go to the right, where a fight and a teleport await you. Complete the battle and take the teleport.

Fighting and teleporting in the Contorted Realm AFK Arena

In this guide to AFK Arena's The Contorted Realm, watch out for collapsing blocks!

You'll arrive in a new area, with two battles separated by a footbridge. First do the battle on the left, then the one on the right. WARNING: Do NOT step on the button on the right near the second battle!

Take the path to the right and you'll come across a button with another mob camp next to it. Beat the enemies, then step on the button.

New zone in The Contorted Realm

Head south, where you'll find a camp and a teleport. Win this new battle in The Contorted Realm AFK Arena, then take the teleport. It will take you back to where No. 19 was.

Back at the previous location, now head right. You'll find two battles and a teleport. Complete both battles, then take the teleport back to no. 19.

Step 5 of the Contorted Realm guide AFK Arena

Now head north and fight the new battle championed by Lucius. WARNING: Do NOT take the teleport once you've won the fight! Go left, defeat the first side you come across, then continue left without touching any buttons.

Last stage of the Contorted Realm on AFK Arena

Continue along the path and you'll see a boss battle(Skreg) blocking access to two chests. Once you've won, head right and fight the last three bosses to access the remaining chests (Ulmus, Baden and Nara). You've now collected all the chests!

Enjoyed this guide to The Contorted Realm in AFK Arena? We've got more tips to help you complete the many quests in AFK Arena!

Hellfire If I were a Pokemon, I would be Jigglypuff. Cute, but slightly annoying! (Actually, I prefer Moltres).
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