AFK Arena News

AFK Arena Draconis Faction

AFK Arena Draconis Faction: new heroes, dragon island and v1.140 additions

Have you been waiting impatiently for the V1.140 update? Well, here it is, with a whole host of extra content, including the eagerly-awaited AFK...

Awakened Thane, the new AFK Arena hero from patch 1.88

New AFK Arena hero awakened Thane and patch 1.88 content

Still immersed in the events and rewards for AFK Arena's third anniversary, players will soon have the opportunity to test the 1.88 patch. On the...

AFK Arena Anniversary: content and rewardsfor the game's 3rd birthday

Crazy birthday party at rewardsfor the 3-year anniversary of the AFK Arena

Still short of summoning scrolls during your play sessions? What better way to fill up on free rewards, in addition to the usual redemption codes,...

Prince of Persia - AFK Arena

Prince of Persia lands in the mobile game AFK Arena!

AFK Arena often collaborates with video game series. These collaborations work well and the players ask for more. This time, it's Prince of Persi...

AFK Arena second anniversary

AFK Arena celebrates its second anniversary on mobile!

AFK Arena is celebrating its second birthday! Lilith Games has a nice assortment for the occasion, with events, new heroes and much more! We reve...

War of Wits event AFK Arena

War of Wits: a 1v1 event on AFK Arena

The bad tongues will say that the gacha games, which are numerous on mobile, leave more room for the lottery than for skill. Luck does not smile...

Unlocking Joker and Queen AFK Arena

AFK Arena: How to unlock Joker and Queen from Persona 5?

We presented it to you a few weeks ago: the Persona 5 - AFK Arena crossover is available. Indeed, since a few days, Joker and Queen, the heroes o...

new characters AFK Arena x Persona 5

New AFK Arena heroes: crossover with Persona 5

There is no shortage of characters in the game AFK Arena which offers over 100 unique heroes. Two new AFK Arena heroes will soon enter the battle,...

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