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Tier list AFK Arena 2024: The best heroes

Tier list AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a game that offers so many heroes with different characteristics that it can be difficult to choose the best members for your team. Depending on your progress in the game, this or that hero will be more interesting. In order to summarize these tips, we propose you a AFK Arena tier list according to your level.

As mentioned above, the importance of heroes varies according to your progress in the game and the activity of your heroes. Thus, we propose four different Afk Arena hero tier lists:

  • End - Tier list of heroes at the end of the game (levels 241 and above);
  • Advanced - Tier list heroes at advanced level (levels 161 to 241);
  • Middle - Tier list heroes in the middle of the game (levels 101 to 160);
  • Start - Tier list of the heroes at the beginning of the game (levels 1 to 100).

In addition, we will determine the abilities of each hero on seven different levels. This way you will understand that there is no particular favourite team, but that you will have to adapt your team to the opponent thanks to the information on this AFK Arena heroes tier list. The different levels are :

  • Tier S+: Truly Overpowered Hero;
  • Tier S: Well above average heroes;
  • Tier A: Average heroes;
  • Tier B: Slightly below average heroes;
  • Tier C: Below average heroes;
  • Tier D: Heroes far below average.

Editor's tip: we highly recommend playing AFK Arena on a PC for more comfortable play and to save your tel's battery! đź‘Ś

AFK Arena general Tier list of the best heroes

The tier list was updated on July 18, 2024. Please note that the heroes are sorted by level at the end, middle and beginning of the game (then in alphabetical order):

AFK Arena tier-list - Talene
AFK Arena tier-list - Rowan

AFK Arena tier-list - Elijah & Laila


AFK Arena tier-list - Tasi

AFK Arena tier-list - Athalia


Detailed features of the best heroes

While some heroes are more useful than others depending on the situation, it is important to be familiar with their abilities. In the following paragraphs, we summarise the specific characteristics and powers of the highest ranked heroes.


Used as a support or healer, Talene has the advantage of also being able to inflict heavy damage with these special abilities:

AFK Arena tier-list: presentation of the characters - Talene
  • Born of Flames: Transformed into a phoenix until her death, Talene converts 90% of her current HP into a permanent shield. Her attacks then become short and deal 150% damage.
  • Rebirth of the Phoenix: Upon death, Talene transforms into a fireball and regains 7% of her HP per second. If her HP reaches 50%, Talene is reborn, dealing 200% damage around her.
  • Meteor Rain: A flaming meteor deals 200% damage to a single target.
  • Inner Fire (passive): For every 10% loss of max HP, Talene offers his 2 weakest allies to recover HP equivalent to 150% of Talene's strike force.


Being able to heal, stun, inflict damage and even banish his enemies, Tasi is the most complete hero. Very complicated to control thanks to his teleportation, Tasi is an indispensable support of this AFK Arena tier list.

Presentation of AFK Arena characters for tier-list - Tasi
  • Sleep : All enemies fall asleep for 4 seconds. When they wake up, they take 25% of the damage they received while sleeping.
  • Banishment : The enemy with the highest attack rate is banished for 4 seconds. This enemy can then no longer attack.
  • Spirit of Dreams: Tasi summons a magical fairy for 10 seconds. The fairy randomly chooses to deal 55% damage to an enemy or heal an ally by 55%.
  • Teleportation (passive): When Tasi has taken damage, negates control skills affecting her and teleports behind a random target. At this point, Tasi deals 140% damage to nearby enemies.


Not Gripsou at all, Rowan fights by throwing gold coins that will give bonuses to his allies and malus to enemies. Moreover, the duck on his head allows him to inflict heavy damage.

AFK Arena characters presentation for tier-list - Rowan
  • Dazzle : Rowan randomly throws coins offering 50 energy points and a 30% increase in attack rate to allies or will stun enemies for 4 seconds.
  • Health Supply: Rowan creates a potion stand that his allies can use when their HP drops below 50% to recover 30%.
  • Avian Assault: Rowan's trusty duck attacks the nearest enemy, dealing 60% damage and reducing its accuracy for 10 seconds.
  • Damage Control: If Rowan suffers damage greater than 1% of his maximum HP, he will lose a maximum of 80 energy points.


Mehira is a dangerous heroine to use but can become very powerful. Her whiplash can hit her teammates and thus offer them a non-negligible buff .

AFK Arena characters presentation for tier-list - Mehira
  • Hypnosis : Enemies will attack each other (normal attacks only) for 4 seconds.
  • Attraction : selects a target and deals 60% damage to it, then reduces the damage of that target.
  • Whiplash : Deals 120% damage to all heroes in front of her. If this hits allies, they will regain 65 energy points and their speed will increase by 40% for 8 seconds.
  • Engeries of Hell (passive): Mehira sacrifices 60% of her health to summon 3 minions that will deal 6% damage to enemies.

Elijah & Lailah

The heavenly twins support the team with their care and buff, while preventing negative effects. Their passive ability can bring you back from the brink in complicated situations.

AFK Arena characters presentation for tier-list - Elijah&Laila
  • Hope : The twins dance and then give their teammates a speed of 75 for 8 seconds.
  • Purification : Cancels all negative effects and provides a 280% shield to the duo.
  • Grace : restores 130% of the health of its weakest ally and 40 energy points to the ally with the most energy.
  • Unity (passive): Team members affected by the duo's grace absorb 30% of the damage inflicted.


Whether it's her attacks, stuns or damage mitigation buff ,Athalia 's advantages are many and make her an important member of the AFK Arena tier list. Her abilities can also become very powerful:

Presentation of AFK Arena characters for tier-list - Athalia
  • Divine Fury : Athalia strikes her enemies three times for 160% damage.
  • Frenzied Purge : Attacks the nearest enemy, dealing 150% damage and stunning them for 2 seconds.
  • Judgement : 280% damage to the enemy in front of her.
  • Protection (passive): Each ally on the field gains an 8% damage mitigation bonus.

We hope you find all this information useful! You now have all the cards in hand to compose the best possible team from this Afk Arena hero tier list. So enjoy the game!

If you want to get more out of AFK Arena, take a look at our other tips on the game!

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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