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The best compositions on AFK Arena | Beginners and advanced

the best compositions on afk arena

Putting together a team in AFK Arena can be complicated because there are so many heroes with different characteristics. In this article we present some of the best compositions in AFK Arena.

Here are several teams that I was able to test during my game and that allowed me to progress easily. If it is important tohave at least three heroes of the same faction (in order to get bonuses), it is not always essential. So, depending on the situation and your progress in the game, you can choose to compose one of these teams.

So we'll introduce you to nine very powerful teams. We will categorize each one according to its usefulness (PvP or PvE) and, for the compositions ideal for the campaign, when to use them (beginning of the game, mid-game, advanced game).

The best compositions AFK Arena for the campaign

Here are 4 compositions among the best teams to succeed in campaign mode (PvE). A composition to start the game well, 2 compositions ideal for the mid game and 1 composition very viable for the end game.

Start of the game: Nemora - Arden - Lyca - Shemira - Brutus

AFK Arena best composition start of game
Start of the game

This composition is easy to set up at the beginning of the game, but will be blocked by Arden's level limit. Nevertheless, it will be one of the most effectivecompositions to start with in AFK Arena.

Midfield: Nemora - Tasi - Lyca - Shemira - Brutus


Very similar to the previous team, replacing Arden with Tasi. This is an extremely strong lineup that can help you play to the end of the game. This is themain team I used until chapter 24+. You can play it two ways: Brutus and Shemira at the front, or Brutus and Lyca at the front. Once the enemy front line has broken, the entire opposing team will quickly collapse.

Midfield: Nemora - Tasi - Lyca - Lucius - Brutus

composition mid-game: NEMORA TASI LYCA LUCIUS BRUTUS

A much more defensive composition, it allows you to win long battles thanks to the damage inflicted by Brutus. A perfect team to face an opponent's composition that inflicts a lot of damage, you will have to be patient.

Advanced game: Talene - Rowan - Ezizh - Mehira - Elijah&Lailah

AFK Arena best composition
Advanced play

Without a doubt, this is the strongest team to use in the campaign map with Talene as the main attacker. Ezizh will keep the enemy team blocked so that his heroes never use their ultimate. The downside is that the team is complicated to create at the beginning of the game.

The best compositions AFK Arena for PvP

Let's continue this guide of the best compositions AFK Arena with 4 very good teams for PvP. By the way, I wanted to remind you that I now play AFK Arena on a PC for more comfort. It's much more convenient (I save my battery!) and you can play with the mouse and the keyboard!

Team 1: Nemora - Eironn - Tasi - Lyca - Brutus

AFK Arena best composition PVP

This team allows you to get the bonus of presenting 4 characters of the same faction. The main idea of this team is simple. Eironn will attract the enemies that Brutus will take a lot of pleasure in spinning. Eironn will then send his tornado and will already eliminate part of the opposing team.

The location of Eironn is therefore crucial. It must be placed in a central rear position in order to attract at least 3 opponents. Do not hesitate, however, to place it differently depending on the opponents. Eironn should attract the opponents who will disturb you the most.

Team 2: Athalia - Rowan - Elijah&Lailah - Estrilda - Lucius


This team revolves mainly around the synergy between Elijah&Lailah (E&L), Rowan and Lucius. Indeed, the powers of Lucius and Rowan will allow each of the members of this trio to throw their ultimate faster and thus create a quasi-utimate defense.

E&L offer speedy attacks to their colleagues, followed by Rowan who stuns enemies and speeds up the ultimate gauge of your heroes. Finally, Lucius' shield protects your troops. These actions can be repeated until the opponent falls under your blows.

Team 3: Lyca - Eironn - Safiya - Ulmus - Brutus


A team capable of quickly breaking through opposing defences toinflict significant damage, it mainly revolves around the trio Eironn - Safiya - Ulmus.

The synergy between Safiya's Spectral Disruption and Eironn's Vortex is very strong as it halves the speed of 3 enemy team members (assuming Eironn is in the middle of the formation using his Vortex ability).

Safiya's Spectral Disruption not only increases the damage of all allies within the formation, but it also significantly slows the speed of enemies within it. Eironn's Vortex, if positioned correctly, can draw 2 or 3 enemies to the location it is currently in, a perfect synergy for Safiya's Spectral Disruption.

So this team seems perfect to counter a very defensive team.

Team 4: Nemora - Lyca - Ulmus - Gorvo - Estrilda


This team mainly relies on the synergy between Estrilda in the front line and Ulmus in the background. Indeed, Estrilda's ultimate allows her to push back the enemy she is facing, while Ulmus' roots will root an enemy and the enemies close to the target for a determined time.

So if Ulmus is well placed behind Estrelda, the attack will be optimal and will hit as many opposing heroes as possible. Gorvo will be there to upgrade Ulmus' shield to ensure that Ulmus can launch his ultimate when Nemora plays the support role.
This team is one of the best compositions in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena logo

In this article we have presented several very effective AFK Arena team compositions (the best teams). We hope that this will help you to become even better!
Feel free to have a look at our character Tier-List to create your own starting team. Also, all our tips on the game can be useful for you too! 👌

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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