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Genshin Impact Mona Guide: Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Genshin Impact Mona Guide

Mona is a regular feature on the best characters list of Genshin Impact. And it's easy to see why: well optimised, this 5-star Hydro character is an excellent support for your team. She can considerably increase the damage of the composition while distracting her enemies. This makes her an asset not to be overlooked when it comes to defeating the abyss. But in order to play Mona well in Genshin Impact, you need to optimize her build. This complete guide will help you to choose your weapons and artifacts, but also to master all the specificities of her gameplay. We take this opportunity to give you many tips and advice.

How to get Mona in Genshin Impact?

Standard Wish Wanderlust Invocation to summon Mona

You can try to unlock Mona by making wishes on Standard Wish : Wishing for Travel. You have about a 0.6% chance of getting a 5-star character or weapon.

She can also fall out of summoning with the permanent banner when you lose the 50%. If you regularly attempt banner events, you may have already had the 'misfortune' of having Mona join your character library.

Constellation of Mona in Genshin Impact

Mona can improve your team's DPS without you needing to increase her constellations. However, her C2 Lunar Chain is crucial if you want to play Mona as your main DPS.

What is the best build for Mona?

Mona performs mostly as a burst support. With a weak normal attack, she can hardly be used as a main attacker. However, she supports her teammates very well by attracting enemies and increasing the damage they take. To make her even stronger, you should choose equipment that enhances her attack, CRIT and energy recharge. The latter is particularly important with her Waterborne Destiny passive. It gives a bonus to Mona's Hydro damage of 20% of her total energy recharge. Let's take a closer look at the best build for Mona in Genshin Impact.

The best artefacts for Mona

Artifact for Mona: Emblem of Severed Fate

In order to increase energy recharge, the 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set is the optimal choice. It increases the energy recharge by 25% and the elemental burst DMGs by 25% of the energy recharge.

You can also opt for the 4-piece Noblesse oblige set, which increases the damage dealt and the attack of the entire team by 20% after an elemental rampage.

Artifact for Mona: Noblesse oblige
Artifact for Mona: Heart of Depth

But it is also possible to equip Mona with the 2-piece Noblesse Oblige set and 2 pieces of the Heart of Depth set, which gives a 15% bonus to Hydro DMG.

In order to allocate the best artefacts for Mona in Genshin Impact, you are advised to useATK for the feather, PV for the flower, ATK% for the hourglass, the DMG Hydro bonus for the hourglass and the CRIT DMG or CRIT rate on the crown.

The best weapons for Mona

Catalyst for Mona: Skyward Atlas

Atlas of the Vault of Heaven [5★]

Catalyst for Mona: The Widsith

Widsith [4★]

Catalyst for Mona: Solar pearl

Solar pearl [4★]

In order for your Mona to get the best possible equipment, she will also need a good catalyst. The Widsith is the best weapon for her. It triggers a random melody that can increase ATK by 60%, elemental damage by 48% or elemental mastery by 240 points for 10 seconds when you play Mona.

If you don't have it, give it the Skyward Atlas or the Solar Pearl. You can get it with the paid version of the Battle Pass.

Mona's Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Do you want to raise Mona to level 90? To do so, you will need to collect several resources:

  • 18 Whopperflower Nectars, 30 Shimmering Nectars and 36 Elemental Nectars;
  • 1 Sliver, 9 Fragments, 9 Chunks and 6 Gemstones of Varunada Lazurite as well as 46 Cleansing heart, which you obtain on theOceanid.
  • 168 Philanemo Mushrooms, which are harvested on the houses of the Mondstadt, Deauclaire and Domaine de l'Aurore. You can locate them more easily with the interactive map of Teyvat.

How to play Mona in Genshin Impact?

Gameplay of Mona in Genshin Impact

Contrary to what the long texts describing Mona's talents might lead you to believe, her gameplay is relatively simple. She mainly allows you to intensify the damage that your team will inflict thanks to her elemental rampage Stellaris Phantasm. All enemies hit by this attack will suffer more damage afterwards. This will make it easier for you to deal with monsters in the spiral depths.

Mona's talents

Her elemental attack is also very interesting: Mirror Reflection of Doom keeps enemies at a distance by provoking them, while applying the hydro element to them. This ability makes elemental reactions much easier.

In addition, with her special skill Illusory Torrent, Mona transforms into a stream of water to sprint faster, a bit like in Splatoon. It's pretty handy for dodging enemy assaults.

In short, to play Mona well in Genshin Impact, you are advised to increase as much as possible Stellaris Phantasm and then Mirror Reflection of Doom. It is not necessary to improve her normal attack; you will rarely use it.

In which team to play Mona

Mona fits in very well with several teams, especially when it comes to tackling the abyss. You can create a good electrocution team by choosing Electro characters such as Raiden Shogun Beidou or Fischl to apply the Electro and Hydro elements permanently.

Best team for Mona in Genshin Impact

The Hydro effect is also very useful for freezing enemies when combined with Cryo attacks. For these purposes, a team with two Cryo characters can do a lot of damage. We recommend the Ayaka team / Mona / Diona / Venti (if you don't have it, you can replace it with Sucrose).

You can also combine Mona with Pyro characters to generate a lot of damage with the evaporation effect. The Mona composition / Diluc / Ganyu and Bennett composition is very effective.

In this team, you can cause chain reactions by first triggering the Hydro effect with Aqueous Mirage, then Cryo damage with Ganyu. All you have to do is finish off your enemies with Pyro attacks. Bennett's and Mona's ultimate attacks will greatly increase the damage inflicted.

Playing Mona in Genshin Impact

The mysterious astromancer has a really fun gameplay that can quickly cause a lot of damage. Playing as Mona in Genshin Impact, your team will have no trouble defeating the bosses on the various floors of the abyss. If she is still lacking in DPS, review her build by following the tips in this guide. With the right artefacts, a suitable catalyst, and her talents set, Mona will become a real asset.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.

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