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TFT Guide to getting started | Tips & Tricks

guide tft mobile for beginners

Welcome to our TFT tutorial on how to progress quickly through the game and finish top 1! Although the game is easy to learn, it can be difficult to master for beginners. That's why we want to give you as much information and tips as possible to help you.
Teamfight Tactics is an auto-chess game from the League of Legends universe. In this game you have to fight against 7 other players in an FFA (open warfare). The goal of the game? To build your team of champions in order to beat your opponents and finish the last one alive. The rules are simple but the game has many special features. You have to be prepared in the best way possible to hope for good results.
The basic controls are easy: right click to move your little legend, left click to place your champions on the field. And everything can be played with the mouse (on PC) or your touch screen (for mobiles)!
Here is our TFT guide to getting started and understanding all the specifics of the game. As a beginner, these many tips will help you get ahead of the other players and climb the ladder! 💪

Teamfight Tactics logo

TFT Guide: the basics to get started

To begin with, here are some basic tips for beginners of Teamfight Tactics, so that you don't get drowned by all the features.
As a reminder, Teamfight Tactics is produced by Riot Games and is based on the League of Legends universe. You will find many of your favourite champions 😉

Understanding the game interface

First of all, it is necessary to understand all the elements that constitute theTFT interface. So here is a little tutorial:

TFT Interface Getting Started Guide
  • 1 These are the current combat phases. The first fights in TFT start in phase 2-1. Each combat stage consists of 6 phases with a PvE phase and a Carousel.
  • 2 This zone corresponds to the life bar of each player. Each player starts with 100 points of life, the objective being to keep his HP as long as possible.
  • 3 This is the battlefield where you can position your champions.
  • 4 To the left of the battlefield is your economy (see section ' Learning to manage your economy ').
  • 5 This zone informs you about the active synergies of your champions and the potential synergies (see section " Discovering and understanding all the champions in the game and the compositions ". )
  • 6 At the bottom of the battlefield, your bench is made up of the champions who are not fighting (see the section " Managing your bench ").
  • 7 Two buttons give you the possibility to spend your savings to update the shop or to buy experience to advance the levels.
  • 8 Your shop.
  • 9 The map where all the players in the TFT game are located.

Managing and optimising your time

In Teamfight Tactics, games are divided into a succession of rounds during which you alternate between PvP confrontations and battles against neutral monsters to obtain items and bonuses.
Between each round, you have 30 seconds to organise your composition, create items, buy and sell champions and, above all, to think about the next step in the game.

For the first few rounds, 30 seconds is plenty. But in the middle of the game, you will have many factors to deal with and it will become more tense! The less time you have, the more likely you are to make mistakes and make bad decisions under pressure.

Discover and understand all the game's champions and compositions

For the current season, there are 58 champions to choose from. Before you do anything else, take the time to learn about all the champions and become familiar with their skills and synergies. Each champion has at least one class and one origin that allows them to combine and obtain specific bonuses.

To learn more about the heroes, you can choose to read extensively on the Internet at sites such as the Teamfights Tactics wiki, or you can choose to play several normal games without stakes. For League of Legends fans, the Teamfight Tactics game mode is quite different. The characters are the same, but their roles change.

TFT Class reminder
Download this reminder to always have it near you 😉 !

It is impossible to write a good TFT guide without talking about the choice of its composition ! It is often tempting to just jump into a game without thinking about it. However, on TFT, you have to prepare a minimum to avoid being ridiculous in the arena. Preparing your composition on Lolchess, for example, will require a little time, but will prevent you from doing anything and everything once the game has started.

LolChess tool: allows you to create teams in TFT
Overview of the LolChess team creator tool, very useful for testing.

Some TFT champions naturally go well together. Identifying your team members well will ensure that you don't miss the right opportunities. The worst situation is to run out of a game plan and not have a coherent line-up to play with.

Understanding the level and third party system

Also, the champions you can recruit are not unique, there are several versions. They are all divided into tiers, ranging from tier 1 to tier 5. Tier 5 champions are the rarest and most powerful.

However, the level of the champions must also be taken into account. By merging 3 of the same champions, you get a level 2 version. Furthermore, with 3 level 2 versions (i.e. 9 level 1 champions), you get its ultimate version, a level 3 champion.

TFT Guide: Level 2 and 3 champions
With 3 level 1 champions, you get a level 2 champion.

The power of the champion depends on the tier, but especially on the level. You have to think carefully to balance your team to become a real Teamfight Tactics pro 😉

Learn the combinations of objects

Objects are extremely important in Teamfight Tactics. Certain compositions depend on the objects that are formed. Therefore, we strongly advise you to know the combinations of the objects. This way, there are no mistakes when assembling them and you can choose the best champion to take during the carousel phases.

lolchess item recipe TFT tool
Tool allowing you to make your own object combinations (available on LolChess)

If you don't want to learn them by heart, you can right-click on an object in the middle of the game to see its potential combinations. I also advise you to download the TFTactics app on Overwolf which will give you the combinations.
In addition to knowing the combinations, you will need to know the effects (this is very important). While some champions become excellent with specific items (Infinity Blade on Talon or Guinsoo's Raging Blade on Kayle), other choices are sub-optimal or even useless. For example, avoid giving mana to champions who don't have any (logical).

TFT Guide: how to progress quickly?

Thanks to the first part of this TFT guide, you now know the basics! Now we'll give you some more tips on how to progress and become more efficient. After that and a few practice games, you should be ready to start playing ranked games! 😃

Learning to manage your economy

In TFT, it is necessary to manage your economy well in order to advance in the game and gain in level. A good economy starts with a good understanding of interest: every 10 gold coins you earn 1 gold coin of interest per round, up to a maximum of 5. The more gold you have, the more you get back.

Managing your economy in TFT
A good series is good for your economy.

The other main principle is the law of series. You receive extra gold for winning series. So don't hesitate to preserve your current series to collect as many coins as possible. Gold being the main resource of the game, learn to build your economy.

Find out about the current TFT meta

The Teamfight Tactics game mode is full of possibilities. To progress, there is no shame in taking inspiration from the best. In France, we are lucky enough to have several youtubers who explain the game on video. That's why following Shaunz, Torlk or ImsoFresh can be a good idea. Get inspired by their compositions and follow their tips and guides to become better at TFT.

In addition, some compositions have pronounced styles: aggressive or endgame oriented, thrifty or dependent on re-rolls, flexible or with a very strict game plan. So you need to find a composition that suits you.

For those who like to optimise, do not hesitate to make regular visits to your profile generated by This site, which we have already mentioned above, tracks your game history by analysing your results over time. This allows you to identify the compositions with which you have the most and least success. Everyone has their own preferred playing style.

Knowing how to manage your bench

A good advice for a Teamfight Tactics guide: learn to manage your bench! On the one hand, if the champions on your bench are almost never used in the combat phase, you still need to be a good manager, to know which ones to store and which ones to release.
Each champion on your bench corresponds to invested and unused coins. So think carefully about whether or not it is worth its weight in gold. On the other hand, there are "only" 9 slots on your bench. Make sure you sort them out and avoid being overloaded.

TFT guide: managing your bench
A full bench can quickly become problematic.

It would be a shame to find yourself unable to buy a champion you need due to lack of space. Getting a level 3 champion is expensive in terms of gold and space on your bench. So you need to assess your chances of getting that extra power or not. If it's impossible or unlikely, sell all the excess power and fill your pockets!

Placing your champions wisely

Although basic, placement is still very important. Organise yourself as best you can to protect your most powerful champions behind your front line. A mistake in placement can cost you your life.

Pay attention to the small details: Zephyrs or assassins require a bit of anticipation to avoid unpleasant surprises. Be aware that the Zephyr lifts the opposite champion for 5 seconds. The assassins, on the other hand, jump into the back lines.

TFT Guide: importance of placement
Placement is vital and is the only time you have any influence in a direct confrontation.

So there is no excuse for being surprised now! For most of the other champions, the AI is very basic, they automatically attack the first champion in range.

This is where this guide TFT Mobile ends! These tips will help you get started with the game. TFT is a strategy game that requires a lot of thinking and regular learning. So be warned, to succeed in this game, you will have to do a lot of thinking and sometimes get a bit carried away!
Anyway, there are always the normal games to relax.

If you are really determined, try to climb the leagues(iron league to challenger league) by finishing in the top 4 places in each game to earn points! Feel free to check out our other tips 😉

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