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Arataki Itto Genshin Impact Guide: Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Arataki Itto Guide Genshin Impact

New to the second part of update 2.3, Arataki Itto is a 5-star Geo hero who doesn't mess around. With his claymore, the leader of the Arataki gang hits hard, but also very fast. Well equipped, he is an excellent main DPS. In this complete guide to Arataki Itto , we reveal Genshin Impact how to play him, with whom and what type of build suits him best. So, with our tips and advice, you'll be able to wreak havoc in the abyss!

Let's start with this video presentation of the character.

How to get Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact ?

Banner to summon Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact : Oni's Baroud

You can only attempt to unlock Arataki Itto temporarily. The Geo Warrior is featured in the Oni's Royale Character Event Wish from 14 December 2021 to 4 January 2022. To summon him again, you will have to wait for a rerun.

Constellation of Arataki Itto

If you have a lot of Primogems and plan to make Arataki Itto your main DPS, having him multiple times will make the character even stronger due to his constellations. The C2 General Rumble! reduces the cooldown of his elemental rampage to 4.5 seconds and restores 6 energy points for each Geo hero in your team.

What is the best equipment for Arataki Itto?

Arataki Itto's damage in Genshin Impact, like many Geo characters, depends on his defence. In order for him to do even more damage, his equipment must also boost his critical rate and energy recharge.

Best Arataki Itto artifacts

Husk of Opulent Dreams Arataki Itto artifacts
Husk of Opulent
Retracing Bolide Arataki Artifact
Retracing Bolide

As for the Artefact, nothing very original: for a build centred on the defence, we can only advise you the set 4 pieces Shell of the opulent dreams. In addition to increasing its defense of 30%, you will benefit from the effect Curiosity. It is possible to accumulate it 4 times. Each stack gives a 6% bonus to DEF and Geo damage.

Alternatively, the 4-piece Reverse Meteor set increases the shield strength by 35% and gives a 40% bonus to normal and charged attacks when the character is under the protection of a shield. To boost Arataki Itto's attacks, you will need to play heroes such as Zhongli, Diona or Noelle, in order to consistently place shields.

For the main stats, we recommend DEF% on the hourglass, Geo damage bonus on the cup and damage or critical rate on the crown. As for the sub stats, focus on DEF %, critical damage and rate, energy recharge andATK %.

The best weapons for Arataki Itto

Best Weapon for Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact : Redhorn Stonethresher (5★)
of red horn (5★)
Free weapon for Arataki Itto: Whiteblind (4★)
Whiteblind (4★)
Battle pass weapon for Arataki Itto: Serpent Spine (4★)

Dragon's backbone (4★)

Redhorn Stonethresher is the best weapon for Arataki Itto. You can get it in the weapon banner Divine Incarnation. The Claymore boosts Itto's defence by 28% and damage by 40% of his total defence at refinement rank 1.

If you don't have it and play free-to-play, equip it with theWhiteblind (4★). You can make it at the blacksmith. With this claymore, normal and charged attacks amplify ATK and DEF when they hit their target.

You can also opt for theSerpent Spine(4★), a two-handed sword offered in the paid version of the battle pass. You will increase the damage dealt by 6% and the damage received by 3% every 4 seconds in battle. The effect can be cumulated 5 times.

Arataki Itto's climbing materials in Genshin Impact

To upgrade your Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact to level 90, you will need to collect :

  • 46 Rift Regalia, 1 shard, 9 fragments, 9 pieces and 6 Prithivia topaz gems. You will get them by fighting the Golden Alpha Wolf ;
  • 18 Blob Slime, 30 Blob Mucus and 36 Blob Essences;
  • 168 Scarabuto: you will find them on the islands of Serai, Narukami and Yashiori in Inazuma. Locate them directly with the interactive map of Teyvat.

How to play Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact ?

Arataki Itto performs his elemental rampage: Evil Oni King: Itto's Coming

Arataki Itto is played as the main DPS. To take advantage of its full potential, we advise you to upgrade all its talents.

The gang leader offers a gameplay that is both simple and enjoyable. First of all, execute his normal attack: Legend of the fight. You will be able to chain 4 sword strikes together. The2nd and4th strike will give him 1 and 2 superlative Megaforce accumulations. After accumulating 5, perform Itto's charged attack. You will perform kesa giri without consuming stamina. Once all the charges have been used, Arataki Itto will inflict a very powerful attack on his opponents. You can follow the progress of the stacks thanks to the Oni aura placed on Itto's back.

You also gain Megaforce charges from the elemental attack: Anti-Demon Zetsugi: Akaushi Catapult. Arataki Itto summons Ushi, a bull that unleashes great damage upon arrival, while drawing enemies to him.

Arataki Itto's skills in Genshin Impact

But Itto's most ferocious ability is without a doubt his elemental rampage: Evil Oni King: Itto's Coming. All his attacks are now impregnated with the Geo element, but also faster. Finally, his ATK is increased according to his DEF. On the other hand, if you change character, unlike Noelle, her elemental rampage will end.

To play Arataki Itto well in Genshin Impact, start by triggering the buffs and burst of your support characters. Then summon Ushi, and use his normal attack so that you have enough superlative Megaforce to perform a charged attack. Continue this until his ultimate attack has been able to charge. It will take a lot of energy to activate it.

In which team should Arataki Itto play?

Best team to play Arataki Itto

Arataki Itto is played as the main DPS, he is only there to hurt and that is already very good, especially in the spiral depths. But you can still increase his damage with his team. The team will mainly be used to boost him and give him the energy particles he desperately needs.

We advise you to play at least 3 Geo characters, including Gorou. The 4-star archer is almost indispensable thanks to the bonuses he provides.

You can also choose Zhongli to apply a shield and decrease the enemy's resistance. Albedo The elemental attack will inflict continuous damage while providing energy.

If you can compose a team of 4 Geo heroes, we recommend you to choose a4th character of another type in order to benefit from elemental reactions. For example, Fischl Fischl and Shogun Raiden will apply Electro damage. Bennett is also possible to boost Itto's assaults and heal your team if Gorou doesn't have his4th constellation.

Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact

Thanks to this guide, you now know how to play Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact. With the right equipment, he's sure to inflict heavy damage on all his enemies. He can easily take down several monsters at the same time, which is quite handy in the abyss! And besides being classy, he's a really fun character to play.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.

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