Albedo Guide Genshin Impact : Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Albedo Guide Genshin Impact

Albedo from Genshin Impact is an often underestimated character. However, the hero Geo is an excellent support for your team. His main asset is his elemental skill, which allows him to inflict area damage. But besides that, the Mondstadt alchemist is easy to handle. You can equip him with 3★ and 4★ weapons and artifacts. With this guide, you can quickly put together the best build for Albedo. We take this opportunity to give you many tips and tricks to play Albedo well in Genshin Impact.

How to unblock Albedo in Genshin Impact ?

In order to have Albedo on your team, you will first have to unlock him. However, he is a 5 star character. The chances of getting him are low; he is only occasionally available in the event banners. Fortunately, the Maj 2.3 allows you to try to summon him from November 24th, for about twenty days. Albedo then faces Eula, another 5-star hero. Are you still hesitating between the two? Then take a look at our detailed guide to Eula from Genshin Impact.

The Albedo constellations

And if you have a lot of gems, this is an opportunity to try to get Albedo several times to improve his constellations. The C2 Opening Phanerozoic boosts the character's damage. But it's still quite playable without it.

What is the best build for Albedo?

Albedo's gameplay revolves mainly around his elemental attack Genesis: Solar Aura. It generates Geo area damage, calculated according to Albedo's defence. So, unlike most characters on Genshin Impact, boosting Albedo requires a stronger defence. Geo damage bonuses and criticality should also be taken into account to optimise his build.

The best artefacts for Albedo

To increase Albedo's defence, you can use the Husk of Opulent Dreams set, released in update 2.3. Its 2-piece effect gives a 30% defence bonus. If 4 pieces are equipped, you can gain up to 24% more defence and 24% more Geo damage.

Best Artifact for Albedo

If this is the best equipment for Albedo, we can also advise a 4★ option. The 2-piece set from the Guardian's Heart set increases his defence by 30%. Combine it with 2 pieces from the Bettor set to increase the damage dealt by the elemental skill by 20%.

You can also choose the 2-piece Ancient Rock set, which offers a 15% geo damage bonus.

To choose the right Albedo artefacts in Genshin Impact, you have to refer to their statistics. Choose the VP on the flower, theATK on the feather, the DEF % on the hourglass, the DMG Geo for the cup and finally the DEF on the crown.

Defender's Will set Genshin Impact

Defender's Will

Gambler Set Genshin Impact


Archaic Petra set Genshin Impact

Archaic Petra

The best weapons for Albedo

Albedo's equipment would not be complete without an effective weapon. The character Geo fights with a one-handed sword. And the good news is that one of the best options is a 3★weapon, so it is very easy to find and refine. So we recommend you equip the Messenger of the Dawn and level it up to the max. This sword boosts the critical rate by 28% when Albedo has more than 90% health. This will often happen if you play him in support.

Weapon for Albedo: Skyward Blade

Skyward Blade 5★

Blade for Albedo: Festering Desire

Festering Desire 4★

Blade for Albedo: Harbinger of Dawn

Harbinger of Dawn 3★

You can also give him the Festering Desire if you have it in your possession. This weapon was available during the Chalk and Dragon event. The Skyward Blade increases Albedo's energy recharge and elemental damage. However, it is a 5★weapon.

Genshin Impact Fuseau de cinabre icône de l'arme

Cinnabar Spindle 4★

Cinnabar spindle is a 4-star sword that performs better than other options. It has a decent amount of defense stats, which further increase as the wielder uses his elemental skill. However, the only downside to this is this weapon is event-exclusive, and only players who have finished the event from the version 2.3 can obtain it.

Albedo's climbing materials in Genshin Impact

Do you want to raise your Albedo to level 90? To achieve this, you will need several resources. First of all, you will have to face theGeo hypostasis a good number of times in order to get 1 shard, 9 fragments, 9 pieces and 6 gems of Prithivia topaz, as well as 46 basalt pillars. Then, you will have to collect no less than 168 Cecilia, flowers growing in Mondstadt. But you must also defeat all the Brutoshamans you come across in order to acquire 18 Divinatory Scrolls, 30 Signed Scrolls and 36 Cursed Scrolls.

How to play Albedo in Genshin Impact ?

Albedo's Elemental Attack: Solar Aura

Albedo is a relatively easy character to play. However, he is most effective as a support or secondary DPS. His elemental ability is great for generating shields, while causing continuous damage to your enemies in a very wide area for 30 seconds. Once the skill has been cast, switch to a stronger DPS character like Diluc.

In addition, this ability creates flowers that act as lifts. When a hero stands on it, the flower rises. If you accidentally land on it, it can be annoying. On the other hand, it's pretty handy for archers and other ranged characters.

Albedo's skills

Albedo Transformation 's ultimate attack : Geo Reflux lacks power. However, it cools down quickly, allowing you to use it regularly. And with the passive Wisdom in a Bottle, it confers a bonus of 125 mastery points to the whole team.

For the improvement of the skills, we advise you to focus on Solar Aura at first, then possibly the elemental unleashing. On the other hand, the normal attack is rather classic. It will be of little use to you if you play Albedo as a support.

Which team should Albedo play in?

Which team to choose for Albedo de Genshin Impact

Albedo fits into many teams. His elemental attack assists other heroes by inflicting damage for 30 seconds. You can make a good Geo team by pairing him with Zhongli or Nigguang to get the elemental resonance Unmovable Rock. The effect brings a bonus to shields.

You can also add characters with interesting liabilities. For example, Fischl summons Oz to the battlefield. The bird deals Electro damage. 

The other option is to choose two Pyro characters. You then get a 25% attack bonus. Bennett can also boost the damage with his ultimate attack.

As you can see, playing Albedo in Genshin Impact is not complicated at all. The character benefits from a simple yet powerful strategy. And if you want to save your resources, you can equip him with 3 and 4 sets ★, which will still be very effective. With our tips and tricks, Albedo can easily join your team to increase its damage. If you were lacking DPS to face some bosses or the spiral depths, this is a good way to perform better.

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