Mobile Games News Recap #104 : BUMP Superbrawl, Higan Eruthyll release, HPMA... mobile games news recap April 104

Discover our weekly review of the mobile games news on Android and iOS number #104 which presents you the news of April 2023! On the agenda this week: BUMP! Superbrawl on Android, the arrival of Raji An Ancient Epic via Netflix, the new Marvel Snap season, the launch of Higan Eruthyll and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

Launch of BUMP! Superbrawl on Android

Let's start this recap with the release of BUMP! Superbrawl. Currently available in Poland exclusively on Android, this title from Ubisoft focuses on 1v1 PvP with a graphic style close to Brawl Stars. In 4 game modes, Brawl, VIP, Coins and Zone Capture, face other players from all over the world in a duel between two teams of 3 heroes.

Each turn, you can move a hero and activate his skill. Your goal is to knock out the enemy heroes before the others. You have to beat 3 of them to win, but each knocked out hero is replaced on the next turn so as not to throw the game off balance. BUMP Superbrawl looks nice and cute, but the fact that you can only move one character at a time before moving on to the resolution phase doesn't have the visual power you were hoping for.

By its graphical aspect, the game reminds us of Supercell or Omega Strikers productions which will be launched soon, but with a less dynamic gameplay, so we wait until we have played it several tens of hours to make a complete opinion on BUMP! Superbrawl.

Higan's output: Eruthyll by Bilibili

We continue with the release of the gacha RPG Higan Eruthyll on Android and iOS. Expected by fans of the genre, this Bilibili title in toon shading reveals the contours of its futuristic fantasy world where technology and magic are mixed. Compose your team of heroes from the different character classes: guardian, tank hoplite, DPS, assassin, ranger, caster or adiutrix support.

Carried by its narration, the game alternates between the discovery of the history of the world of Eurthyll and its inhabitants and tactical combat phases. Visually successful and pleasant to handle, Higan: Eruthyll is a gacha that works well but struggles a bit with its resource systems like energy. If you want to immerse yourself in an addictive universe this month, you can give Bilibili's game a shot for free on the stores or learn more about the game in our article description.

Undawn closed beta underway this week, until April 13

The world of Undawn, brought to you by Tencent, is no place to vacation. Populated by zombies, vengeful gangs and other threats of all kinds, the disaster-ridden planet isn't exactly reminiscent of Center Parks. However, on the occasion of Easter weekend, some players have the opportunity to join the closed beta of the game for a week.

undawn beta closed april

Single player as a lone wolf or multiplayer with your friends, build a base that can withstand any danger and bring hope to the human survivors. Fight, hunt, explore and slash your way through this devastated world and create your own safe zone as a team in Undawn's closed beta this week. If you haven't signed up for Undawn yet but are interested in the game, simply visit the official website to join the list of interested players and maybe be one of the next testers.

Pre-register for Eden Eternal

This week also marks the launch of pre-registration for Eden Eternal. For gamers who are starting to get the hang of it, that name probably rings a bell. Launched on PC in 2011, the MMORPG Eden Eternal offered 5 game races, a cute fantasy realm, guilds and hundreds of hours of gameplay on the horizon. After closing in 2021, Eden Eternal is reborn like the Phoenix of the blockchain thanks to X-Legend Entertainment.

Scheduled for release on Android and iOS, the NFT-laden play-to-earn game is now opening its pre-registrations in anticipation of its upcoming launch. Find all the information about these pre-registrations in our full article to enjoy a wave of MMO nostalgia... otherwise you can always wait for Dofus Temporis retro.

Release of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened in Europe

Long-awaited by the Harry Potter community after the latest crash of Wizards Unite and the success of Hogwarts Legacy, the card game Harry Potter: Magic Emerges is finally progressing towards its global launch. This week, the wizarding universe moves a little closer to its global release by opening up to Europe. I've recorded a bit of HPMA gameplay to give you an idea of the game outside the trailers.

The release of Harry Potter: Magic Emerges in Europe this week makes the game available in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland on Android. If you've got a VPN, the complete J.K. Rowling saga in English in your library and an Android phone, you're perfectly equipped to ride your virtual broomstick to Hogwarts... in a Scandinavian country.

Hyper Front to close on April 10

Copying in mobile games is almost a rite of passage. Lost Light doesn't really hide from being a clone of Escape from Tarkov, Mobile Legends follows in the footsteps of League of Legends and I'm not even talking about Stumble Guys, which barely changed the name of the original game. But sometimes things can go too far, and that's what may have happened to Hyper Front.

Shutdown Hyper Front the Valorant mobile clone of NetEase

This Valorant clone powered by NetEase had more or less all the elements of the game from Riot Games : graphics, maps, characters, their skills and all the tactical aspects of the game. In multi-round 5v5 games, you could use this shooting game to perfect your aim and strategies and achieve victory.

Of course, Riot Games had launched a lawsuit against NetEase for this game in December 2022 and this week we learn thatHyper Front will finally close on April 10, 2023. There is no official indication that the two facts are correlated, but we can only assume that the pressure around the game did not help the situation and may have contributed to the decision to end the service.

Remaster of Savant - Ascent Anniversary Edition for the 10th anniversary of the game

If the opening of pre-registration for Eden Eternal wasn't retro enough for you, I'd like to take you back to the announcement of Savant-Ascent Anniversary Edition. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game from the creators of Owl Boy, this edition brings new content, original music from the artist Savant, bosses and even extra levels to explore. Savant Ascent was first released in 2013 and impressed with its design choices combined with its soundtrack.

This time with improved graphics, reworked cutscenes, original skills and a new Survival mode, you must once again climb the tower from which the Philosopher's Stone expelled you. Your movements are limited and despite your magical power, you'll have to time your dodges and jumps precisely to survive the waves of enemies and all the challenges of Savant Ascent Anniversary Edition, which will be released soon on Android and iOS.

Clash Royale S46: Boot Camp, all the info

Even though Supercell hasn't released a global launch game in many years, these successful games continue to run with regular updates. Clash Royale is entering its 46th season called Bootcamp. The archers are in the spotlight for Easter, but still get nerfed, and it's a bit like the rest of this season that hasn't really convinced the Clash Royale community.

PvP battles will take place in the original Training Camp arena, Draft mode is coming to the Path of Legends, and the usual season-changing cosmetic elements are in the mix with two skins towers, 40 banners and 7 emotes. But in addition to all these additions, Supercell takes the opportunity to slip in the Diamond Pass between 2 balance announcements for the furnace, spear goblin buffs and the mega gargoyle. The full Clash Royale S46 Boot Camp patch notes are available in our dedicated article for CR players.

The mobile community has a lot going for it: the Clash Royale Diamond Pass and the Pokémon GO craze

I predicted it last week: the PokéCoins bank on Pokémon GO is causing a crash as fast as Credit Suisse. With Niantic's changes around POGO Remote Raids, Pokémon GO 's monetization and the studio's practices are being brought back into the spotlight as players are seriously starting to freak out.

Events Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO revolt began last week with a strike and then continued into the week with a petition that collected tens of thousands of signatures to make Niantic see reason. Finally, some angry players looking to be heard or abandon ship Pokémon GO have decided to put their accounts up for sale on ebay, at reasonable or completely insane prices to get Niantic's attention.

On Clash Royale, it's not much more glorious since Supercell launches a rather average season and a Diamond Pass at 16 euros to wring even more money from its players. Free-to-play and premium casual players are seriously starting to lose patience with these big studios who always want more during this difficult recession.

Release of Raji: An ancient Epic on Netflix Games

Never mind the money since you've been chosen by the gods in Raji: An Ancient Epic, which comes out this week on Android and iOS as a Netflix game. After the release of the excellent Terra Nil last week which came with a few bugs, Netflix Games continues to add new games to its catalog. In Raji, you try to save humanity in ancient India by fighting a demonic invasion led by the demon lord Mahabalasura.

Once repelled by the power of human alchemy, the demons intend to take their revenge on humanity, which has forgotten all its knowledge in a few millennia. Between the rubble of destroyed cities and ancient ruins, Raji will make you travel and follow the destiny of a young girl in search of her brother between Indian culture and forgotten legends. This title from Nodding Head Games is available via your Netflix subscription on Android and iOS without additional payment.

Release of Anipang Match on Android and iOS

Other releases this week include Anipang Match, a colorful match 3 game filled with cute animals on Android and iOS. Match the little animal heads and create combos and special objects of destruction to accumulate maximum points. As you complete levels, you unlock episodes to watch about the endearing daily lives of the anipangs and rewards puzzle endings.

As the difficulty increases, so do the obstacles on the game board. You can also dress up your Anipangs to affect the game and climb the leaderboard. If you don't like this cute match-3 but you like small animals on mobile, give Cats & Soup a chance instead.

Honor of Kings x DJ Alok and Dragonheir: Silent Gods x Dungeons & Dragons Partnership

Still pending in the rest of the world, the Chinese MOBA Honor of Kings launched in Brazil a short while ago and is already starting a musical collaboration with the Brazilian artist DJ Alok, whom you probably know for the track Hear Me Now. We'd like to enjoy it in French too, but Honor of Kings doesn't have a worldwide release date yet. In any case, since Wild Rift abandoned Europe and Autochess MOBA closed, MOBA players are waiting for something new on the old continent.

Many other partnerships punctuated this week, such as Dragonheir Silent Gods ' partnership with Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons for the game's release later this year. The Nuverse RPG will benefit from numerous references to iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters, locations, enemies and items at launch. This collaboration fits perfectly with Dragonheir's planned tabletop RPG-inspired format.

Closing of Gundam breaker mobile

What would be a recap of the news of the week in 2023 without 2 or 3 mobile game shutdowns? After Hyper Front, it's the turn of Gundam Breaker mobile shutdown. Effective on June 5th 2023, this shutdown has been announced without any particular reason by Bandai Namco who simply declares they regret to have to take this decision. Until the fateful date, you can still enjoy all the in-game content with your custom Gunpla and PvP.

Closing of Gundam Breaker mobile

Among the big companies, Electronic Arts is also taking advantage of this week to fire 6% of its total workforce or more than 700 people after having fired 200 QA testers recently. The whole industry is tightening up to save money and increase profits for its investors.

Closing of Civilization: Reign of Power by Nexon

Launched in Asia just 5 months ago, Civilization: Reign of Power will also close its doors next June, on June 8 to be precise. In this MMO strategy game, you had to achieve victory by conquering the world by force, culture or science, exactly like in Civilization.

You could find the wonders of the world, the historical leader system, the technology tree, diplomatic relations and all the classic systems of the genre. Nexon has not succeeded in making its game inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization license live and prefers to withdraw it from the stores to focus on other games like the MMORPG Wars of Prasia which made its debut in South Korea a few days ago. And if you like MMORTS, check out our top strategy games or the recent game Call of Dragons.

NetEase's next gacha RPG Trinity Gears released in Japan

Released in early access this week, the gacha RPG Trinity Gears launches in Japan. NetEase is rolling out its strategic RPG to the Japanese market on April 6 with humanoid versions of war equipment. Those who are used to shipgirls won't be too confused, but here tanks and warplanes also turn into anime girls for tactical gacha. Trinity Gears bases its campaign and gameplay on historical events with an anime twist that may well reach the West given the international success of games like Azur Lane.

New season Marvel Snap Animals Assemble

Nuverse's TCG gets a new season called Animals Assemble. Marvel Snap cards feature adorable variations of superheroes as little dogs, cats and other cute animals. The famous gun-toting Hit-Monkey is coming to the Marvel universe on mobile and the new Series 5 card set is scheduled for release soon with Nirmod available now. Captain America, Nick Fury and Thor are on the list of heroes to cuddle this month as little animal companions on Marvel Snap.

The point esport : Arena of Valor Premier League 2023

On the esport side, the Arena of Valor Premiere League 2023 reveals all its details. The headline news is the $500,000 cashprize for this season and the end of the collaboration with TiMi Studios for Garena, who will produce this solo edition with Arena of Valor. The tournament will be held from June 1 to July 1 in Thailand and will bring together the best teams from Arena of Valor for some fierce matches. April's Brawl Stars Championship Challenge also reveals its maps, compositions teams and top builds this week.

War of Gama released with Asian servers

Very badly rated for the moment, the MMORPG War of Gama has just launched in beta. You can play it from anywhere but the title has only three servers, all in Asia. In this MMORPG with a very classic experience, join an alliance by blood, fight bosses as a team and dive into the depths of difficult dungeons with your allies by your side in all types of scenarios.

This dangerous and immense world is to be conquered by the alliances of the servers with the system of capture of territory. But even offline you will continue to accumulate rewards thanks to the AFK mechanics that will allow you to unlock Morphs, those hundreds of shapes to take to change your body and your skills on Android.

Heroes Evolved, Marvel Future Fight, and more

There were several anniversary announcements this week. To mention just two, the Heroes Evolved MOBA is celebrating its 6th birthday this year and is planning a full month of carnival for its players with a new hero and many giveaways during the whole month of April.

On top of that, Netmarble's Marvel Future Fight RPG gacha is celebrating its eight year anniversary. To celebrate, the game is getting an 8-year Homecoming Event with a countdown to April 25 and lots of rewards to get in between. On April 26, for the actual start of the anniversary, the loot will be even more interesting and exclusive, so don't miss it. You can pre-register for the Marvel Future Fight 8 Year Anniversary Event and pick up as many bonus gifts as possible to boost your account.

Technology: Asus ROG Ally and Nearby Share in beta

We rarely talk about technology on the channel, but two big news have made the news recently. As far as portable gaming is concerned, the ROG Ally console claims to exceed the performance of the Steam Deck and runs on Windows which would allow compatibility with all launchers, not just Steam. This could make the Asus ROG Ally an ultra-versatile portable PC and mobile gaming console with a variety of gaming sessions, but with a higher price tag than the Steam Deck.

On the pure mobile side, we discovered the launch of Air Drop for Android and Windows. This feature, which is very popular among iOS users, is finally coming to the Android audience as Nearby Share. The Nearby Share beta allows you to transfer photos, documents, videos and audio files effortlessly between your phone and PC with a maximum distance of 5 meters. For now, the beta is not available in France, but it bodes well for the future.

More mobile gaming news this week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous #103 recap was about the arrival of Netflix games on TV, the closure of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel, the announcement of Dumb Ways to Die 4, the release of Call of Dragons and much more to be found in our news.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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