Mobile Games News Recap #103 : Terra Nil mobile, Call of Dragons, Ubisoft Forward 2023...

Weekly mobile games news recap number 103

Discover our weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS issue #103 which presents you the latest news of March 2023! On the agenda this week: the release of Call of Dragons, RL Sideswipe season 8, the cancellation of the E3, great mobile games releases and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read it all below. ⬇️

Release of Call of Dragons on Android and iOS

Let's start this recap with the release of Call of Dragons, the new strategy game on mobile from Lilith Games. Built on the success of Rise of Kingdoms, this title takes all the classic codes of the genre with some additional mechanics and a really sublime medieval fantasy universe. Far from the historical generals of RoK, the heroes of Call of Dragons will wage wars for you with dragons, hydras and flying units during your power struggles between alliances. On a huge server, join hundreds of other players and build your city to take on the adventure.

Construct buildings, develop technologies, build your army, explore the different regions of the world and strategically choose your friends and enemies. With a powerful enough coalition of players, you can then hunt down the Behemoths, the legendary creatures that inhabit the world of Tamaris, which you must defeat in order to summon them into your army and surprise your opponents in PvP. Call of Dragons looks a lot like an improved version of Rise of Kingdoms, so if you like farming as much as strategy, it's a great mobile game to discover right now on Android and iOS.

Discover Hover League, the mobile game that makes you drive on one track per day on Android and iOS

Get behind the wheel and get ready for the release of Hover League, a racing game available this week on Android and iOS. On one track per day, drive your hover car and try to set a speed record to enter the daily leaderboard. Follow the tracks of the hover-cars drivers and retrace the curve of their course to grab precious seconds. Without being a beautiful game, Hover League from Wild Spark Games offers you to spend a good 15 minutes every day with a good tryhard spirit.

E3 2023 is cancelled!

Despite a communications boost in 2023, E3 failed to convince video game studios that it was the industry's key meeting place this year. This is the second cancelled edition for E3 since the reopening of IRL events after the containment of the covid-19 pandemic. I explain why E3 is cancelled in an article that looks back at the show's failures in 2023 and the video game industry's transformations to stay in touch with its audience.

Release of Terra Nil in Netflix game, an ecological city builder

The world is in peril and everyone knows it. In Terra Nil, the catastrophe has already happened, but all is not lost. On a barren and devastated land, enjoy this mobile city builder and establish some ecological buildings, develop technologies to revive the environment and help repair the damage done by man.

With your actions, meadows will turn green, rivers will clear, flora will return to the forests and animals will find their place. Entirely hand-painted, this title from Devolver and Netflix offers a soothing atmosphere that will make you want to spend good hours playing in its colorful procedural world. Terra Nil is available via your Netflix subscription on Google Play and Appstore.

Rogue Strike: 200 is a John Wick inspired TPS in early access

The TPS Rogue Strike 200 enters early access this week. With rather limited graphics, this title still manages to integrate 250 different types of skills to its roguelike PvP games. Choose your commander and go to the front line, thinking about your strategy and plan of action. Customize your warlord and ensure your dominance on the field with style and tactical thinking in Rogue Strike 200, now available on Android.

Honestly, I have little hope that this title will become a reference of the genre, but if you have an hour to spare, you'll let me know what you think. In the same genre, the play-to-earn FPS Bullet Chain has just been announced, but we're waiting for better info to tell you about it in detail.

Announcement and date of the Ubisoft Forward 2023

Of course, with the cancellation of E3, we knew that the big players in the video game industry had finally decided to do things their own way rather than join the Los Angeles show. After an edition last September, the Ubisoft Forward stream is back with new revelations about the next Ubi games to be released on June 10, 2023. We are obviously expecting news aboutAssassin's Creed Jade and Rainbow 6 mobile among others but we also hope to come across some news that are not blockchain progress.

Release of Brotato (Premium): potatoes in fury

An overarmed potato in an enemy field, that's what Brotato offers, a title that will inevitably remind you of Vampire Survivors. Available on mobile for just under 4 euros, Brotato Premium, is a roguelite in top view that gives the potato. As a Rambo among potatoes, equip yourself with 6 explosive weapons and repel the alien threat by choosing your regular upgrades well.

With each run, create a unique build from hundreds of weapons and items while adapting your play style to each wave of enemies. Brotato games last less than 30 minutes even if you're the champion of survivors and each wave lasts about 1 minute, so you'll have plenty to keep you busy for sessions on public transportation or on the couch next week while you wait for your favorite recap to come out.

Dumb Ways to Die 4 enters pre-registration on Android and iOS before its release in May

If I tell you that this game first appeared in a Metro commercial to make people aware of the need to be careful around trains, do you have the reference? I'm talking about Dumb Ways to Die, which you may have seen clips of on social media with unforgettable music and many absurd mini-games. This time, it's Dumb Ways to Die 4 that's entering pre-registration.

Chain together games and avoid death for as long as possible. With a good score and by collecting coins, unlock areas and characters while progressing through the crazy mini-games of Dumb Ways to Die 4 on Android and iOS when it is released. In the meantime, you can already pre-register to be among the first testers!

Rocket League Sideswipe launches its Season 8

Drive without fear of virtual accidents in Rocket League Sideswipe season 8. This new season brings new features for your Collection, a new Rocket Pass but also the return of the Ranked Baskets mode, so this is your chance to show what you can do in shooting.

The Rocket Pass no longer resets at the beginning of each season and keeps your progress. On the style side, you'll be able to try to get the Purple Cyclone car, the Holo Data goal explosion and the sky blue Tsunami Beam in this season 8 of Rocket league Sideswipe on Android and iOS.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel closes in September on Android and iOS

Released last September, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game Cross Duel brought a fresh twist to the usual PvP duelist battles. With 3D monster summoning and 4-player crossover battles, Cross Duel brought an extra dose of complexity and fun to the 1v1 duel format.

Unfortunately, the game is quite poorly optimized and suffers from performance problems in multiplayer that strongly affect its concept. That's probably why the game's closure has just been announced for September. You still have a few months to test Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel before the servers are completely shut down, but we regret that this title didn't have better development improvements before being abandoned, just one year after its release.

Global release of Smilegate's Outerplane JRPG at the end of May

Mobile JRPG fans, get your calendar ready because Smilegate's upcoming title Outerplane has just been announced for release in late May worldwide. Arriving in a fantasy world by mistake from Earth, you live the adventure of a lost hero who encounters interesting adjuncts during his unexpected journey.

JRPG par excellence, Outerplane mixes narrative and combat phases to make the story progress in a balanced way with a cartoonish but elegant graphic style and tactical mechanics such as skill chaining. You will be able to discover this game developed by VA Games at the end of May, so get ready!

Cookie Run Kingdom has already convinced the world to give its sweet and savory cookies a chance in a 180°C thermostat 6, pastry position. This week, the Devsisters' gacha gets a big update with its 4.3 version that unlocks 2 new cookies.

The Super Epic Capsaicin spice cookie based on a chili pepper molecule that will find its way to the front of your formation and the Plum juice cookie that in addition to serving as a natural laxative will serve as the central cookie bomber. The Chili Pepper cookie gets a few changes and the game rolls out its Triple Cone Cup event that will see the three cookie schools compete. 10 points for the Hufflepuff foodies!

Exos Heroes closes on May 11, goodbye Exelibur

In May, we'll say goodbye to Exos Heroes, which announced its closure this week. The shutdown epidemic continues with this original gacha RPG. You have a few weeks left to follow the footsteps of the Exelibur sword of the emperor of the continent of Exos. Embark on your ship and discover the different regions, lift curses, complete quests, explore ruins and find ancient treasures in Exos Heroes and its fantasy world available on Android and iOS until May 11 .

MMORPG Wars of Prasia released in South Korea

As expected, the MMORPG Wars of Prasia is released in South Korea this week with a big focus on PvP. This free-to-play open-world from Nexon invites you to discover its PvP-oriented medieval fantasy world. With massive PvP, relentless territory control and large-scale warfare across no less than 21 regions contested by guilds, Wars of Prasia is aimed at a competitive audience that isn't afraid to get up at night to participate in important events.

Develop your character according to his or her class and play style of assassin, ranger, tank or mage and ride incredible mounts on the battlefield. The game's graphics are really nice, but Nexon is known for its rather pay-to-win business models so we hope this won't spoil the game's launch. Wars of Prasia doesn't have a worldwide release yet, but it should happen in the next few months. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Albion Online as a crossplatform MMORPG to try out on mobile as many of you regularly ask us for a good MMO for all play styles.

Nobunaga's Ambition: Shutsujin location-based game announced for Android and iOS

For the 40th anniversary of Nobunaga's Ambition, the series is coming to mobile with Nobunaga's Ambition: Shutsujin. Available soon on Android and iOS, this title will be free-to-play but reserved exclusively for the Japanese market. Based on geolocation, this strategy title should alternate between diplomatic phases and tactical planning as in the original saga. The release date of Shutsujin is not yet known for this Sengoku Walking created by Koei Tecmo, Kou Shibusawa and Midas.

Dunk City Dynasty released in the Philippines

The release of Dunk City Dynasty on mobile brings a bit of novelty among mobile basketball games. Officially licensed by the NBPA, this title which is currently being released in the Philippines as part of a soft launch comes with great graphics, famous sportsmen, dynamic matches and a nice hype behind it. You can discover everything about this title in our dedicated article in which I present you the gameplay and the visuals of the game. We hope that Dunk City Dynasty will come to us in the West to challenge the community on the game!

Update Tower of Fantasy 2.4: Under the Big Sea

The freshly released update 2.4 Under the Great Sea of Tower of Fantasy brings a lot of new features. First, players will be able to discover Chapter 10 of the main story and the Lan simulacrum. Then they will have the opportunity to delve into the depths of the new Great Sea game zone, its puzzles, battles and underwater volcano.

With that, 3 new vehicles appear to facilitate underwater travel, the new World Bosses Scylla and Haboela join the list of targets to kill and many small features enhance the game experience. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check out our top gacha on mobile including Tower of Fantasy .

Spring Event Pokémon GO with Bombydou and Remote Raid changes

Other major updates include Pokémon GO and its spring events. First, two Pokémon are added to the roster of available creatures: Bombydou and Ribombee his evolution. With the rest of the content, you can meet PikachuRaichu or the evolution ofEevee decorated with cherry blossoms.

But Niantic isn't stopping there and has decided to make changes to the Remote Raids. You will now be able to participate in up to 5 Remote Raids per day with an almost doubled price for the tickets: the one-way ticket goes from 100 to 195 PokéCoins and the 3-pack reaches 525 PokéCoins instead of 300. Apparently, the PokéCoins bank is in free fall faster than the Credit Suisse crash, or maybe it's that the arrival of spring is also the time to let go of your Poké wallet.

Netflix could release its games on TV with your phone as a controller to continue conquering the video game market

Netflix has started to take more and more space on our phones after integrating our TV screens. The SVOD service's original promise was to expand its series into mobile games to let you play with your favorite series characters and scenes between seasons. However, most of the games, while quality, have little to do with the Netflix series.

Terra Nil is about repopulating wildlife after a disaster, Into the Breach is an excellent indie strategy game, and Mighty Quest Rogue Palace from the Ubisoft catalog unveiled in our last recap have little to do with the usual series. But Netflix might just bring mobile back to our TVs by using our phones as controllers.

Even if it's a technique already used by other games, this would allow Netflix to impose itself in a new way in gaming to give more presence to its still rather unknown catalog of games. This information follows several spottings of this feature for iPhone in lines of code, so we'll have to wait and see what comes to fruition or not!

More mobile gaming news this week

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! If you missed last week's news, our previous #102 recap was about gameplay of Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, the announcement of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, the release of Mighty Doom and much more to find in our news.

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