The next Ubisoft game BUMP! Superbrawl releases in Poland

BUMP Superbrawl released by Ubisoft on Android mobile

After skipping E3 and announcing Ubisoft Forward 2023, Ubisoft is releasing BUMP Superbrawl in Europe, starting with Poland. Rather discreet until now, this new 1v1 mobile game with tactical aspects is revealed on Android this week. With your team of 3 heroes, imagine the best synergies, plan your moves and anticipate those of your opponent to reach a power outburst in the arena of BUMP! Superbrawl.

BUMP! Icon Superbrawl

A first step towards the full release date

In terms of gameplay, BUMP Superbrawl focuses on less dynamic battles at turn-based than the usual games. Each character on the screen has unique moves and skills to create a play style that suits you. You can only play one character at a time, and at the end of your turn, if that character doesn't die from your opponent's blows, he enters a sleep round during which you can't use him.

If he is a character that is critical to your tactics, then you will need to do everything you can to protect him or kill your enemy faster than he can kill you. For now, the full release of BUMP! Superbrawl on Android and iOS has not yet been released, but all the core content is already available in-game.

Different game modes: Bump Superbrawl, Brawl, Coins Party, Zone Capture and VIP

Upon its release, BUMP! Superbrawl already reveals a fantastic utopia that multiplies cultural references to myths and legends from all over the world. Several competitive Superbrawl modes are already available:

  • Brawl mode - The player who reaches 3 deaths (1 death per character knocked out) loses the game;
  • Coins Party Mode - Each player must collect coins from the arena and not have them stolen by the opponent.
  • VIP Mode (Sudden Death): The game targets one VIP hero per team and the player who knocks out his opponent's VIP hero wins the game.
  • Zone Capture: Several colored zones appear on the field and you must control them for a while with your characters to win.

I show you several game modes in this gameplay of BUMP! Superbrawl on the account in Poland.

Like Supercell games, this Ubisoft title focuses only on PvP and its leaderboard. So, we hope not to meet too many bots on the servers!

BUMP! Superbrawl with multiple game modes on mobile

In addition to the competitive modes, BUMP! Superbrawl will have a battle system with friends to challenge you from its release on Android. This already allows for small community events in 1v1. Moreover, you can share your exploits or watch those of others with the Bump TV feature.

BUMP Superbrawl released as a mobile game with its Bump TV

In top view with colorful cartoon graphics, this new game is clearly reminiscent of Brawl Stars (especially with its menu interface) and Omega Strikers which will be released at the end of April.

Bump Superbrawl releases on iOS and Android phones

The worldwide release date for BUMP Superbrawl is not yet known. As with games that begin a soft launch, it's hard to know if the game will take weeks or months as Clash Mini to open to the world. We'll have to wait a little longer to play it on iOS. On the other hand, Ubisoft has not hidden its plans for a version available on Appstore so iPhone and iPad players will be able to play it soon.

Lobby screen BUMP! Superbrawl


The monetization of BUMP Superbrawl at release is again inspired by Supercell and the usual free-to-play models. There is a Bump Pass, a boosted Trophy Road that marks your progress on the leaderboard, the purchase of skins and additional cosmetics for added flair. With all this, there is something for everyone, but hopefully the games won't be unbalanced.

Characters game ubisoft mobile Punk Princess

How to play Bump Superbrawl on Android and iOS?

Bump Superbrawl is already available on Android. To access it, you just need to use a VPN or reside in Poland and access the game's Google Play page. Launch your VPN, connect to the Polish server and launch the game installation. Then you can test all the competitive modes of the new Ubisoft game for free directly on your phone.

Gameplay BUMP! Superbrawl at its release on Android

The release date of BUMP Superbrawl on iOS or in the rest of the world is not yet known. However, as soon as Ubisoft releases official information about the game's future, you will hear about it on You can also check the new mobile game releases on our dedicated page.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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