The excellent Battle Royale Farlight 84 has just been released on mobile after 2 years of beta!

Farlight 84 battle royale mobile Android iOS release

Some betas have no end. The one of the battle royale Farlight 84 finally ends with the release of the game after long months of waiting. Players didn't believe in it anymore, but this title will finally show its full potential with a full international launch on Android and iOS. If you don't know yet this 3rd person shooter with colorful graphics, I present you its gameplay!

The release of Farlight 84 on Android and iOS has finally happened

Announced in 2020, the mobile battle royale Farlight 84 has often seen its release date postponed since. Launched in 2021, it then entered beta for an indefinite period of time and, 2 years later, we almost thought that it would end up being released in 2084 since it is the age of its virtual world (hence its name). However, the patience of the players is finally rewarded! The release of Farlight 84 worldwide, in version 1.0, took place on April 24, 2023, to the great pleasure of its community. I let you discover its trailer Cinematic.

Fortunately, in 2 years of beta, Farlight 84 has built a solid foundation ahead of its mobile release. It's time to enter its post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of PUBG mobile New State, and make a killing in multiplayer! On the battlefield, you don't play as an avatar with no personality, but as one of the game's 14 iconic characters with your own skin. Equipped with your best jetpack, race against your opponents and dodge their shots from the air. Fight with unique weapons and highly original war vehicles like the crab or the war spider.

Vehicles release Farlight 84 mobile game

Like in Fortnite and most other BR on mobile, you loot upgrades and stuff during the game. Your goal is to be the last shooter alive, regardless of the game mode. In fact, when it was released, Farlight 84 had several game modes in addition to the battle royale. These include deathmatch and even group rally!

One of the best multiplayer shooter games on mobile

Lilith Games ' expertise in mobile games is well known. In strategy, Rise of Kingdoms and Call of Dragons dominate the market, and when it comes to gacha, Dislyte has won over players looking for something new and AFK Arena has been at its peak for several years.

Therefore, we hope that the release of Farlight 84, although late, will honor the other achievements of the publisher. If you are interested in Farlight 84, you can find out more on the game's official website or test it directly by downloading it on Android or iOS via Google Play and Appstore.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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