Mobile release of Farlight 84 Battle Royale for 2021

Farlight 84 Battle Royale released

At the beginning, there were 40 competitors, but after many trials and tribulations, there will only be one winner. No, we're not talking about Koh-Lanta and its famous pole event, but about the new mobile BR (Battle Royale) Farlight 84, which will be released in 2021. In recent years, the genre has been explored by many, many games, both on mobile and PC. Fortnite has been a big draw, but there are also games like PUBG and Apex Legend. Even the Call of Duty franchise has not resisted the temptation. However, the studio Lilith Games thinks it can bring added value and a real identity with Farlight 84. The challenge does not look easy, but the studio comes with several serious arguments.

We don't know all the details yet, but this Battle Royale promises to be fun and dynamic. Players will be able to find more OP weapons and use multiple means of locomotion. From a simple jet-pack to riding a giant spider, everything is imaginable.

The trailer announces the colour: this BR will be as chaotic as you like.

Farlight 84: a Battle Royale for fun

BR is a genre that easily lends itself to tryhard play. PUBG or Warzone come to mind, which lack a bit of dynamism and encourage players to play very seriously to survive. But tryhard does not necessarily resemble the identity of Lilith Games. The studio is primarily targeting casual gamers on mobile with games like Rise of Kindgoms or AFK Arena. So it's only logical that BR Farlight 84 should be much more fun than serious.

Players will be able to choose toplay as different heroes in this battle royale, all of whom will have unique and identifiable skills. The loot and combat system is not really punishing and players will be there to have a good time with the 39 other players in the game.

Battle Royale Farlight 84

Playing to expand your refuge

BR is a genre, but each game brings its own specificities to differentiate itself from the others. Farlight 84 will certainly have some innovative content and the integration of "huts" seems particularly interesting to motivate players. These customizable and expandable huts allow players to spend time with their friends between games. But to expand them you will need to find the necessary materials, which can be earned through play.

Lilith Games may have other tricks up its sleeve, but we'll have to wait and see. For those who are interested, we advise you to keep an eye on the Twitter and Facebook pages of BR Farlight 84 on the networks so as not to miss any news!

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