Dragon Trail: Hunter World release

Dragon Trail: Hunter World release

Go in search of giant dragons with the Dragon Trail: Hunter World release on Android, iOS. We reveal our first impressions of this gacha RPG with automatic combat developed by Watt Games, the studio of the creators of Dragon Hunters and Yong Heroes.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World released on iOS and Android

Dragon Trail: Hunter World release plunges us into the world of Star Island, with its colorful magical creatures. Visually, the Japanese animation graphics are of good quality and the charadesign, although similar to many games, is effective.

When creating your character, you can choose between four classes: Warrior, Priestess, Assassin and Hunter. Upgrade your character with equipment and complete quests to gain experience and rewards of all kinds.

During your adventure, you are accompanied by a chimera. These creatures have their own characteristics, affected by one of the four seasons, and can even evolve. To get them, you will have to buy summonses, as in all gacha. If some are offered for free, the game invites you to use diamonds that can be bought with real money to get a 5 star chimera.

Almost no gameplay

If there is one flaw that stands out from Dragon Trail: Hunter World release, it is the lack of depth in the gameplay, which is limited to a few clicks to increase the levels of your character and your chimeras

The automatic mode is a feature that is increasingly present in mobile games. It makes sense in some games, such as Summoners War, where the repetition of battles does not require your intervention. However, this trend is becoming more and more widespread and is starting to spoil the game experience, as we saw recently with the release of Noah's Heart.

Dragon Trail Hunter World release : Heroes

Unfortunately, we find ourselves confronted with the same situation, if not worse. As soon as the game starts, the auto mode is activated by default. First of all, I find this choice disrespectful to the developers, who have worked hard to write a scenario whose dialogues will only be read by a minority.

The same is true for the enjoyment of the game, since you can simply run the game for an hour and find yourself on level 50 without ever looking at your screen. And since the game was designed with this feature in mind, disabling it only highlights the poverty of the basic gameplay.

That's it for our first impressions of Dragon Trail: Hunter World release on Android, iOS. The title is planned for PC, but the release date has not yet been announced. To keep up with the news of your favorite games, go to our section dedicated to mobile news.

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